Katie Lee passes away at 98

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Katie Lee passes away at 98

Post by azbackpackr »

Katie Lee, writer, singer, actress, the heart of Glen Canyon, has passed away this morning at her home in Jerome, at the age of 98. It has been announced on river runner social media, but probably isn't in the news yet.

She was long a champion of Glen Canyon, and always a strong advocate of removing the dam.

My friend, Richard Martin, retired river runner, of Jerome, wrote this:

"Sorry to announce to the river running community, many who knew and loved Katie personally, that she took leave of our beautiful planet in her sleep this morning in her home in Jerome, AZ
I will share with you that several days ago Katie, the day after her 98th birthday, called me, she was in fine spirits and we talked and laughed about our various foibles, loves, passions, boats, canyons, sand stone, damn dams, being naked, the future and all the things she loved and we shared. At the end of the conversation I thanked her for remembering me and calling, and we said goodbye - we both knew it was the last time. I am honored.
So now, at last Katie is free, her spirit enchanting the canyons and rivers she and we love so much. Lucky will be the younger folks who read her books and catch the feeling of a quiet evening beside a river, red rocks around, the scent of the slowly moving water passing by, the fragrance of a campfire, the quiet of the stars glowing softly overhead, sleep sneaking in on the gentle rhythms of a bobbing boat - nobody could conjure those feelings better than Katie. Those moments pass us by now in this slap-dash, time deprived age - but forever captured in her writings and musings.
So, thank you Katie for all that you lived - a guiding spirit.
And thank you for being a friend.
Love ya forever!
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Re: Katie Lee passes away at 98

Post by RedRoxx44 »

I was just thinking I should drop in for a visit. What a unique and interesting person. The old saying "they broke the mold when they made her" is so true. RIP, although the peace part didn't apply to her. She was a rebel. From what she shared with me, she had a full, exciting, purposeful life.
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Re: Katie Lee passes away at 98

Post by flagscott »

That's sad news. I've read just about every book ever written about Glen Canyon. Her book "All my rivers are gone" is the best one, hands down.
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