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The Onion

Post by RedRoxx44 »

I won't post any links, for those of you familiar with the subject, you might find interesting that the lawyers for the onion have legit filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court. From what little I have read it has some interesting statements in it in true onion style. It is in support of a man's lawsuit regarding a parody post involving a local police dept for which he got arrested then his case thrown out. Good for a laugh I think, with perhaps serious undertones.
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Re: The Onion

Post by chumley »

America's finest news source has written some classic hiker stories over the years and I support their right to do so!
Here's a classic that could have just as easily been written about PFD folks choosing not to risk a rescue in the city on a summer day. :lol: ... 1819577267
two scoops!
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Re: The Onion

Post by ShatteredArm »

As one of the Onion's 3.4 trillion readers, I found the brief to be a highly entertaining read.
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