Seeking hiking companions for Sedona and Escalante (Utah)

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Seeking hiking companions for Sedona and Escalante (Utah)

Post by hikerfirst »

Hi fellow hikers,
I will be hiking in the Sedona area beginning April 10th or so and continuing on to the Escalante, Utah area after that. Any tales of favorite trails or cautions or offers of hiking companionship will be appreciated. Caution: I don't rush through a hike!
P.S. Is there any way around the 'Red Rock Pass'?
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Red Rock Pass

Post by montezumawell »

We've lived in the Sedona area for well over 20 years. We've followed the Red Rock Pass process since it was a gleam in a few USFS staffers' eyes. We know of all the local resentment about the pass. However, we are purchasers of the annual pass and would highly recommend you, too, purchase the pass. Sure, there are plenty of disgruntled outlaws who refuse to buy the pass and have figured all sorts of ways to park here and there to avoid paying the piper. We've done our share of non-permit pirate river trips so we know that mentality well. However, in this case, some of the money actually DOES go to the trail system. In the past few years, the Sedona area has become the beneficiary of the beginnings of a potentially very excellent trail 'system.' It's a long way from being finished, especially in terms of signage, tread maintenance and arcane technical issues, but it IS making progress. Granted, we wish a higher percentage of the fee went directly to the trails but getting some is better than getting none. So, our bottom line is: 'Pay Up' and Happy Trails!

J&S in RR
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