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Post by Metalrunner » Nov 23 2018 9:04 am

For several years I have been carrying a SPOT 2 device on my hikes. Many times it's just my dog and me and the SPOT is used to let people know where I parked, my location at any given time (when button is pressed) and when I have returned to the trail head. If ever I was in need of immediate help I have the option of pressing the SOS button and supposedly I will be rescued. Yearly subscription to use the above mentioned features is now $200 and seems every time I go to renew, there is a price increase. I have looked at other options but find there is no, less expensive, way to carry this peace of mind and promise of rescue that SPOT delivers. I am curious as to what others are using and why. Also open to any suggestions, comments, advice...etc related to this subject.

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Re: SPOT 2

Post by chumley » Nov 23 2018 9:11 am

Technology has changed since this post and hopefully some current users will add new information to the discussion, but there were some posts you might find helpful in a previous thread:
[ Emergency Transmitters / Locators - 2015 ]
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Re: SPOT 2

Post by Tough_Boots » Nov 23 2018 12:30 pm

I use the ACR ResQlink. You can find it for under $300. No subscription, 10x's stronger than a Spot, and the battery is good for 7 years. It's only an SOS beacon so it won't send out messages to your loved ones. I'd rather have signal strength than messaging.

If you want the messaging capabilities, the InReach is 5x's stronger than the Spot but also has a subscription fee.

I haven't been able to find any signal strength info about the SpotX so chances are they haven't improved it enough to brag in any ways other than user friendliness and frills.
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Re: SPOT 2

Post by cactuscat » Dec 08 2018 5:33 pm

I just ordered a Garmin Inreach Mini - super excited to get my hands on it! :)
Will report back ...
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Re: SPOT 2

Post by lindaagm » Dec 08 2018 7:29 pm

@cactuscat I got one a few months ago—I like it.
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Re: SPOT 2

Post by Pivo » Dec 09 2018 4:42 am

lindaagm wrote: I got one a few months ago—I like it.
I did too. I order a protective case for it on Amazon, that included screen protectors too. ... ikearizona

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