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Trans-Mazatzal hike this Spring

Posted: Feb 18 2019 3:28 pm
by toddak
Looking for anyone interested in doing a car swap to set up a full crossing of the Mazatzal Mountains between the Barnhardt #43 trailhead on the east and Horseshoe Dam on the west. Stats are approximately 28 miles and 5000' (west-to-east) / 3000' (east-to-west) AEG. I'm planning to do this as a day hike but with pre-staged shuttle vehicles, anyone going in the opposite direction could do it as a backpack as well. The plan would be to meet in Phoenix somewhere the day before, swap cars and an extra set of keys, then drive to the respective trailheads the next morning and leave the car. I can hike either direction.

A large group of HAZ hardcores did this route on 3-4-15, although they started/ended on the east side of the Verde River; their triplogs are a good source of what to expect. With all the rain this year Horseshoe Lake may be spilling over the dam (currently 80% full and rising fast), so I'm expecting to need to walk the few extra miles and cross the Verde on foot via the dam pedestrian crossing.

The proposed date is just a suggestion, I'm available most of March and April, and anytime during that period should be good for water and hiking conditions this year.

Re: Trans-Mazatzal hike this Spring

Posted: Mar 01 2019 4:57 pm
by BiFrost
The section between Club Spring and South Fork Deadman Creek has sketchy trail to no trail with thick bushwhacking in some areas. So if people are expecting trail the whole way they will be surprised when it disappears. Just wanted to through out that disclaimer :)
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Re: Trans-Mazatzal hike this Spring

Posted: Mar 04 2019 9:24 am
by toddak
Thanks Karl. Your triplogs are a great source of info for this route.

I'm going to move the proposed date back one weekend. It's looking like early April works best for my schedule, but I'm still flexible for late March and most of April. If anyone has specific dates they'd prefer (including weekdays) let me know.