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AZT Maintenance in the Mazatzals

Posted: Oct 08 2019 10:06 pm
by Merianne
Here is an opportunity to give back to the trails we love so much. If you have never participated in a trail maintenance event before, now would be a great time to discover how much fun it can be. You will have time to work as hard as you want or to explore and relax as much as you wish. This is a no-pressure event. I joined my first AZT event from a post on HAZ last year and never regretted it. This is not an easy access event and requires that you backpack in your own supplies, other than tools and water, as water is readily available at Bear Springs near our campsite. We will be working on Section 23b located in the Mazatzals. Check out the opportunity on the AZT webpage at ... _id=451443 Give it try, you will never judge a trail the same after volunteering your own time and energy to enhancing the outdoor experience of others. If you can only attend some of the days that is OK with us, Sandy and Merianne, your AZT 23b trail stewards :y: RAZ the HAZ on the MAZ!

Re: AZT Maintenance in the Mazatzals

Posted: Oct 09 2019 2:44 pm
by writelots
Gonna be awesome fun on the AZT!
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