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Ellison Creek @ Highline water avail?

Posted: Apr 22 2022 9:01 am
by xsproutx
Hiking the highline shortly and the only spot I have a question about on water is the stretch between the hatchery and Bonita. It'd be nice to not have to carry the 11-12 miles worth of water and Ellison is about halfway. Water reports are a little sporadic on that one and my guess is that it's flowing but has anyone been on that stretch recently that could confirm/deny?

Re: Ellison Creek @ Highline water avail?

Posted: May 01 2022 5:10 pm
by ljcygnet
Should be fine.

There's also usually a small amount of water in Fir Creek where the Highline crosses it -- that's the local name of the drainage to the east of La Cienaga. (Not sure if it's an official name.) No guarantees.

If you're coming from the east and running short on water, just after you cross Fir Creek, you can pop up and over the ridge, drop down to FS430, and usually find water flowing over a low water crossing on the road. There is a spot of forest service land right there between La Cienaga (the big ranch) and the Ellison Creek Summer homes. You can see from the top of the ridge if there's water there. I've never personally seen that spot dry.

Source: Am local. With the drought and the very very dry winds we've been having, I am simply hesitant to declare any source reliable, but Ellison should be fine. It was flowing all the way down to the Control Road a few weeks ago.

When are you going?

BTW, fill your water at Dick Williams and not Tonto Creek if you can. Tonto Creek gets outflow from the fish hatchery and also gets a ton of people playing in the water and the usual water contamination associated with that. Dick Williams is small, but always reliable.

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