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Southern Utah High Elevation Hikes

Posted: Jun 27 2022 10:28 pm
by JakeG
Good Evening,
The wife and I have some time off next week and were hoping to get away to some cooler temperatures at higher elevation with less chance of rain. We're looking into places within about 6 hours of Flagstaff. It looks like the White Mountains will be getting rain and thunderstorms everyday. We're considering the North Kaibab as well. We're also interested in some of the higher elevation areas of southern Utah such as the Abajo or Tushar Mountains. We'd be looking for something possibly in the 10-20 mile range preferably with some streams or lakes. One possibility that looked promising was hiking the South Fork of North Creek up to Blue Lake in the Tushars. Do you think these mountains would have running water? From looking at the US Drought Monitor it looks like Utah has been doing even worse than AZ?
To sum it up we're looking for some high elevation hikes in southern Utah, with decent weather, about 10-20 miles of hiking, and maybe some streams or lakes. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I don't have much knowledge or experience in Utah. We're also open to other areas within a similar distance of Flagstaff.
Thanks again.

Re: Southern Utah High Elevation Hikes

Posted: Jun 28 2022 12:28 pm
by LindaAnn
Tushar Mountains have gorgeous hiking (I’ll actually be up there in a couple of weeks) and there is some water. Those mountains seemed to hold snow pretty late this year, so I’m sure you can find some water. They will likely get afternoon storms this time of year, so be aware of that potential.

Rattlesnake Creek on the north side of Cedar Breaks will have some water and is around 14 miles roundtrip. Again, be aware of afternoon storms. There are also several trails around Navajo Lake to the east side of Cedar Breaks—you could combine some trails to your desired mileage.
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Re: Southern Utah High Elevation Hikes

Posted: Jun 29 2022 10:01 am
by AugustWest
I was just up in the La Sal's. Pretty country and I remember seeing some lakes on the maps I was looking at. There weren't too many people either.

Re: Southern Utah High Elevation Hikes

Posted: Jun 29 2022 6:27 pm
by ShatteredArm
Shouldn't be too hard to find water in the Tushars, Blue Lake is pretty (especially the view if you're coming down from Mud Lake), I'd also recommend Bullion Pasture and Copper Belt Peak, there's a social trail from just north of the Bullion Pasture TH that follows the ridge to Copper Belt. My favorite views in the area, although you don't want to be up there in a thunderstorm.