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Posted: Apr 29 2002 11:56 pm
by decarlo
Hi all. I'm thinking about going this weekend (May 3rd) for a one- or two-nighter somewhere relatively nearby Fountain Hills, where I live. Was considering the Mazatal mountain area, or possibly the superstitions. I am not familiar with either of these areas, so someone who knows where they are going is preferred. But I can navigate my way around pretty well, so knowledge of the trails is not absolutely necessary. Not sure if there are any backpackers out there... so far everyone seems to be dayhikers. Thanks. Neil

Deer Creek North and South, Gold Ridge

Posted: Apr 30 2002 7:32 am
by Snick33
I highly recommend both of these trails, they are both listed in the TrailDEX. The North Fork is listed as simply Deer Creek and the South Fork is listed as the South Fork of Deer Creek. Try and arrange your day so that you can spend the night at either the Stone Cabin on the South Fork, or at the Mount Peeley Trailhead. I've done the trip many times and it's always a wonder to me how under utilized the area is. Take lot's of water, I doubt that Deer Creek have any water in it at all this year.