Lower San Pedro River Valley Wet/Dry Mapping (6/15-16)

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Start Date 2012-06-16
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Lower San Pedro River Valley Wet/Dry Mapping (6/15-16)

Post by kingsnake »

Every June, the Nature Conservancy does a survey of the Lower San Pedro river. (I think, the only river in North America which flows northwards, in this case out of Mexico.) Basically volunteers spread out along the length of the river, where access is allowed, or land owners give permission, to check if any / how much water is flowing through the San Pedro and its many tributaries (of which Aravaipa is one). Molly Hanson is the program director, and I asked her if she minded if I posted this here, figuring the more the merrier! :)

Here's a boring academic article about it: http://azconservation.org/downloads/wet ... rface_flow ;)

Easier to digest map that was generated: http://www.prestonm.com/San_Pedro_wet-d ... _whole.jpg

Here's Molly's information if you want to volunteer to be one of this year's surveyors:

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Molly Hanson
Lower San Pedro River Program Manager

(520) 468-8113 (Mobile) 
(520) 620-1799 (Fax) 

     	The Nature Conservancy
Tucson Field Office 
1510 E. Fort Lowell Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85719
So, the 2012 survey will take place on Saturday, June 16. The day prior, Friday the 15th, at the TNC preserve in Aravaipa (near the TH), there will be a training session on how to conduct the survey. Depending on which section you get, and how many people volunteer, total distance travelled is about 3-6 miles.
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Re: Lower San Pedro River Valley Wet/Dry Mapping (6/15-16)

Post by chulavista »

Yeah, I checked too. That fire is still burning, but the road is still open. I have to work tomorrow at the mine, you enjoy yourself! I'm envious, I would love to participate! Maybe some day.... :)
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Re: Lower San Pedro River Valley Wet/Dry Mapping (6/15-16)

Post by chumley »

The AZGS published an informative presentation of the geology of the San Pedro from the international border to its confluence with the Gila. I wish some of the slides could be enlarged to view more detail, but it's still an interesting look at this natural Arizona gem.

https://uagis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapT ... cf361f0fc4
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