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Brown Widow0 locationsInsect/Spider
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FamilyTheridiidae - tangled-web spiders
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Latrodectus geometricus

Brown widow spiders are indigneous to Africa and were first seen in the United States in 1935. Recent studies found that their numbers are growing in Southern California and may outnumber their cousin, black widows, in the southern California area. They love to live on cheap patio furniture and thrive in ereic landscapes. Unlike black widow, they tend not to hide in in dark areas as much. Their venom is not as potent as a black widows and they rarely bite humans; when they do bite, they don’t inject all their venom, so the widespread fear of a bite from this spider is unwarranted. This spider is also commonly known as the grey widow, brown button, and geometric button spider.

The brown widow has a very distinctive hourglass marking on the underside of its abdomen. This marking, unlike the black widow spiders, is yellowish to bright orange. It can grow to 1.4 inches and eats small insects and other spiders. They are found in the south-eastern, south, and south-western parts of the United States, in Australia, in South Africa, and Cyprus.

Brown widows do not make good pets.
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