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Dolomite Google Images1 locationMineral
.: RedRoxx44 :.
Aug 17 2013
Apache Peaks/Richmond Basin
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Dec 20 2013
Reavis Ranch via 109 North
Category: A Carbonate mineral;

Color: White, gray to pink with abular crystals, often with curved faces, also columnar, stalactitic, granular, massive;

Properties: The mineral dolomite crystallizes in the trigonal-rhombohedral system. It forms white, gray to pink, commonly curved (saddle shape) crystals, although it is usually massive;

Formation: Vast deposits of dolomite are present in the geological record, but the mineral is relatively rare in modern environments;

Uses: Dolomite is used as an ornamental stone, a concrete aggregate, a source of magnesium oxide and in the Pidgeon process for the production of magnesium; It is an important petroleum reservoir rock, and serves as the host rock for large strata-bound Mississippi Valley-Type (MVT) ore deposits of base metals such as lead, zinc, and copper; Where calcite limestone is uncommon or too costly, dolomite is sometimes used in its place as a flux for the smelting of iron and steel; Large quantities of processed dolomite are used in the production of float glass;

In horticulture, dolomite and dolomitic limestone are added to soils and soilless potting mixes as a pH buffer and as a magnesium source; Home and container gardening are common examples of this use;

Dolomite is also used as the substrate in marine (saltwater) aquariums to help buffer changes in pH of the water;

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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