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Cable Car (USGS Cableway) Google Images17 locationsOther
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Jan 12 2014
Needle Rock rec center to Riverside
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Feb 4 2006
West Clear Creek Trail #17
A cableway crosses a stream or river and allows USGS hydrographers to take water-quality samples and flow readings from a small cable car suspended directly above the water rather than from the shore.

There are two kinds of cable cars that attach to USGS cableways: a stand-up model that allows the hydrographer to stand during the measurement process, and a sit-down model, which limits the flexibility and movement of the hydrographer during the measurement exercises.

Most cableways that are still present are active and used regularly. The USGS inspects them annually for safety. Decommissioned cableways are clearly marked as "Removed from Service", and are generally removed completely shortly thereafter.

Therefore, if you encounter a locked cable car upon a cableway, please do not vandalize or attempt to gain access to it. It is USGS property and in active use.

(Information in this description was derived from websites)

*This label should not be used for aerial tramways, ski lifts, or other similar cableways.
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