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Old Rusty Stuff 39 locationsPioneer
.: johnlp :.
Mar 22 2015
Big Horn Peak
.: trekkin_gecko :.
Mar 22 2015
Big Horn Peak
Dates1850 - 1975
Pioneers in the American West were a nasty bunch of litterers. Their trash can be found all over the place, but is usually located near former dwellings, structures, mines, and water sources. The historical figures we revere for their discoveries, trail-building, and homesteading often left items that we might now consider interesting, perplexing, or even a relic of days gone by.

Despite the label, these items are not exclusively rusty. Pristine metals, old glass or other materials that have survived the test of time may also be labeled.

Labels exist for automobile and truck parts as well as mining equipment, so this should be used for smaller items: hand tools, cans and bottles, or random unidentified items.
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