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Navajo Hogan (Male) 5 locationsOther
.: tibber :.
Oct 4 2009
Sandal Trail - Betatakin Overlook
FamilyNavajo Structures
Dates1500 - 2300
Description: A Navajo Hogan (which means home or house) comes in two basic styles - roughly rounded, octagonal, with an east facing door and gently sloping roof, and a smaller, narrower structure with a peaked roof and small door, also facing east. The first kind is known as a Female Hogan, and traditionally only had one room with a hearth (later a wood-burning stove) directly in the middle and a smoke hole in the top. This was the primary residence historically, and was constructed out of logs or stones if logs were not available, and had a cribbed log roof. Now you can find hogans built out of plywood and frame construction, like most modern houses, some even with interior rooms. Some are now two stories or have extensions built onto them. For many families these hogans no longer serve as a primary residence.

The second type, the smaller hogan is called a Male Hogan (sometimes called a forked-stick hogan), and was primarily used in ceremonial functions. This differs from a sweat lodge both in function (as Male Hogans generally aren't used to steam anything to say the least) and construction. Male Hogans have a peaked roof and are made of logs leaning around a central axis with an east-facing door and low entry way. Often these hogans are plastered with mud. Not too many Navajo families maintain a Male Hogan anymore.

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