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Frequently Asked Questions
All content such as text and images posted on or to is a contribution to the community.
Look for +Add at the top of any page to contribute to the community.
All content such as text and images posted on or to is a contribution to the community. Content is subject to approval, removal, and reduced distribution.

Guides, photos and triplogs are the core content of the site.  When adding these consider it as an archive like an old printed newspaper.  The material is typically indexed on and off-site and referenced by many.  Time limits are imposed on deleting the core content to preserve the integrity of the site.  Please refrain from adding material you do not want accessible forever.  ie: while photos that include your boyfriend/girlfriend are acceptable you might think twice...
Members looking for company should use Partner Match, the Events forum or date a Wish (see Wish List).
The webmaster may be reached at
The entire United States is welcome. States surrounding Arizona are gaining in popularity on site. If you wish to add outside the United States, Canada or Mexico simply add as a generic triplog under the WW (World Wide) state setting. Several other modes of recreation are supported including climbing, canyoneering & mountain biking to name a few.
Use Find (upper left corner of the page) to find hikes. If you know what you are looking for use the A to Z index or the search at the top of the home page.
Deep Search
On the Home Page is the most robust search to drill down to data on site.

HAZ Forum Search
Forum topic with granular options.
90+° 8am - 6pm kills
Avoid Heat Illness - stay cool
11.5 inch Teflon Coated Umbrella
Super Wide Brim Sun Hat for Men or Women
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