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Topographic map, waypoints, mileage, elevation, speed, time, moving average, breaks. Audio options for splits, nearby waypoints and off trail alerts.

Direct GPX import. Last imported route auto sets to "Follow". Offline topo maps specific to the route load for navigation.

Contributing members may import/save from HAZ & Route Cloud™ with Route Editor™ to review, edit, share, post, plan, download & archive. Route Editor™ is an online tool to create, edit & store gps route files ( tracks & waypoints / poi )
ie: gpx, gdb, kml, tcx, fit, etc...

Link to get Route Scout
Draft ( before final post )

Import Posted GPS Routes on HAZ into RS

List of routes on HAZ profile "Routes" tab or any list of routes on HAZ
- tap the blue download icon in the listing
- tap Send to Route Scout App**

Viewing a route on the HAZ Map
- tap the route on the map desired
- if the left pane info window is closed tap the orange ">" tab on the left of screen to open

- tap the blue download icon
- tap Send to Route Scout App**
** For best results - Route Scout on the home screen, screen on with strong internet
Alternative Import Otions

Import by ID
RS > Import > Search or ID > type in ID number of route desired
Look for type of links on HAZ
( 12356 is the ID in the above example )

Download as .gpx then on RS... RS > Import > Select .gpx
If using a laptop or desktop, getting the .gpx file to your phone is a hassle beyond the scope of this helper. Instead download from a browser on your phone that RS is installed.
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