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Frequently Asked Questions
Water Source Types
Bay, Waterfall, Geyser, Glacier, Harbor, Lake, Rapids, Reservoir, Sea, Spring, Creek, Swamp, Well, Canyon, Windmill

For the sake of uniformity: Creeks and canyons are mapped where they terminate.
Streams and rivers: use creek
Tank: use reservoir

The majority of named sources are on HAZ.
pecific creek crossings hikers typically encounter are welcome.
ie: Whatever River @ Whatever Trail Crossing

How to Add
Plan > Map > zoom to location* > Options > create new (select type)
* center of map at the 
red crosshair, satellite layer, level 20

Video Tutorial
  • The video is on Firefox desktop
    • Should work similarly on Chrome/Safari (all devices).
  • There are over a half-million water sources on HAZ
    • ​Check that it does not already exist
    • Zoom to vicinity > Options > Find in View Water
Approval may take up to 16 hours. Perhaps days, but as of late 2021 admin has not been out of internet range for over a half-day in eons.
1) Plan > Map
2) Zoom red crosshair in the center of the map to the area of interest
3) Options > historical weather

When the Historical Weather @ Crosshair popup is displayed, dragging* the map updates the reading.
*physical map movement by a user (ie: tap map & drag) not dynamic map movement (ie: tapping/hovering elevation profiles)

  • No red crosshair in the center of the map? ⟶ tap map
  • Popup may be dragged to the desired position via the drag icon in the upper-left of the popup
Video Tutorial

Expect variances as the data is based on the nearest weather station. Checking the current NWS forecast via Options > point forecast is recommended.
Search is the orange-bordered white-inset at the top-center of the map. If it is not displayed, tap the map to display.

The default category is named. This is notably the name of guide pages on HAZ but is also lots of other results.

Categories on MapDEX include: named, trails, routes, areas, places

Search begins finding results on two letters per word.
Recommended: Three letters per word PLUS the two-letter state abbreviation.
ie: camelback echaz
The above example may be found easier. Understanding of the recommended procedure is key.

advanced examples
tonto forest perimeter az [1]
willow firaz [2]
charlebois spring az [3]
1) forest and wilderness are typical used perimeters

2) zoom to area > Options > find perimeter is a better alternative. You will go crazy looking for Chediski Fire because it is really Rodeo Chediski Fire and it was entered on HAZ as a single word Rodeo-Chediski without spaces around the hyphen. Search starts at the beginning of each word. Not all fire perimeters are in the database. If a specific fire perimeter seems missing, you may request via the help button in the lower-right corner of the map. Requests are not guaranteed but maybe.

3) Charlebois is one of the top misspelled words on HAZ. The bigger issue is that the example returns a lot of results. Results sort by distance to the red crosshair. Getting in the habit of zooming to the general area before using search is best.

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