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Numbered or signed trails should be one-way unless a loop. "Official Routes" may be replaced if the course has changed. In the notes section adding "follows designated route" on un-authored guide pages will help the admin team recognize your route as a candidate for an "Official Route".
This is specifically for a Garmin Oregon, however it should work on all 2010 or newer Garmin Units.
No programs needed, just save directly to the unit. Think of it as a hard drive.

Setup > System > Interface ( be sure it is set to "Garmin Spanner" )

Start of hike: Setup > Reset ( now you need to reset 2 things )
- Reset Trip Data
- Clear Current Track

End of hike: Track Manager > Current Track > Save Track

Plug in USB
1)When you plug it in... a file browser of the unit pops up to a folder called "Garmin". This isn't it look to the left and select "Garmin Oregon". Then you should see "Garmin" & "Wherigo"

or perhaps...
You may get a popup dialog in Vista. Deny to scan the device. Then you get a list of choices. Select the yellow folder "Open folder to view files". Then you should see "Garmin" & "Wherigo"

2) Click and open the "Garmin" folder, then click and open the "GPX" folder.
Here is where you save GPX files from HAZ and can also upload to HAZ.

HAZ to GPS Unit
1) Save the .gpx file to the GPX folder in your device ( step by step directions )
1.5) MAC users
2) Navigate to "Track Manger"
3) Select Track, then you can "View Map", "Set Color" etc.

1) When you start your hike navigate to "Setup", select "Reset", reset trip data & clear current track
2) Hike
3) When you finish or between hikes navigate on your gps device to "Track Manager", select "Current Track" then "Save Track", then back to step #1 and reset

GPS Unit to HAZ - Windows
1) Plug gps receiver into USB
2) In GPS Upload click "Upload" then select "my device"
3) now you should see your file system of folders
4) open a folder called Garmin ( in Windows you may need to click on "Computer" to see attached USB drives )
4) open a folder called GPX
5) you should see your tracks, click one to upload
6) click Submit in the upper right and follow through...

GPS Unit to HAZ - MAC
1) Plug gps receiver into USB & MAC
2) Wait until you see Garmin show up on desktop ( minimize all programs to see desktop )
3) In GPS Upload click "Upload" then select "my device"
4) now you should see your file system of folders
5) in the left column under DEVICES select GARMIN
6) open a folder called Garmin then a folder called GPX
7) you should see your tracks, click one to upload ( if you did not save it, it will be in a folder called Current )
View Magellan MapSend Help on the HAZ Forum
Fear not! Attach the file to an E-Mail. Include which unit and software you are using. The webmaster will figure it out and get back to you.

HAZ to 60/76/eTrex
1) Download .gpx TRACK from HAZ to computer (or just OPEN .gdb if MapSource is open).
2) Connect the GPS Unit to the computer, turn it on, set it to "use with gps OFF" AND turn "TRACK LOGGING OFF"
3) Open the file just downloaded in MapSource (if .gpx)
4) Transfer it to the receiver.
5) Ensure that the TRACK is listed on the receiver and that is shows up on the map.
6) Turn the receiver off and disconnect.

500 Data Point Limit Work Around
4a) In MapSource, open the file, open the TRACK, then open Properties.
4b) Rename the TRACK as "ACTIVE LOG" without the "" of course.
5a) Rename the TRACK on the receiver, using the pop up key board (or whatever your device allows) if you want it renamed.

1) Drive to the TH. Turn the receiver on and clear anything showing in the statistics page. It is important that the correct "Trip Computer" page menu options are noted with a check mark prior-to "Trip Computer" page reset: Reset Trip Data, Reset Odometer, Reset Max Speed, Reset Elevation Data, Reset Max Elevation
2) Open the TRACK you loaded at home. Be sure TRACK logging is ON.
3) Start hiking. You should be laying a track in on top of or very near the track showing on the unit.
4) Return to TH. Turn tracking off.

60/76/eTrex to HAZ
1) Connect unit to computer, open MapSource, and transfer TRACKS to the computer.
2) It will likely download all the tracks on the unit. You may want to delete the one you downloaded from HAZ so you are working only with the one you created on the trail. Clean up any miscellaneous data points from lunch breaks, potty stops, getting lost, etc.
3) If it's a nice clean route better than what is on HAZ, upload it with witty comments and observations.

Additional 500 Point Notes
  • If the track being downloaded to the receiver is equal to or less than 500 points then it will download to the saved tracks memory file section on your receiver, then you can apply step 5a; IF the track being downloaded to the receiver is 501 points or larger then it will download to the receiver active log (having previously applied steps 4a & 4b)
  • When the downloaded track resides in the active log you cannot change the track color to be a different color from this same hike track you plan to later follow (ie, it is easier to follow a different color track on your screen). Use one of the two following options:
    • Save the file from the active log to the saved tracks file and understand that doing this will reduce the total file data points to a 500 point max limit in the saved tracks file but now you can change the file name and change the color of the track; Also, now that you have saved it in the saved tracks file, you can now go up to the active log file and clear it out
    • In the tools section of MapSource (at top of page), learn how to use the "Track Divide" tool. This way you learn how to take a 964 data point track (as an example) and make two track of it, both tracks being less than 500 data points. So when you download these from MapSource to your gps receiver both tracks go into the saved tracks section of your GPS. Now you can rename them and change the track color, but most importantly you retain the total number of 964 data points in the two tracks.
+Add at the top of any page, then select GPS Route.

For reference: list of needed routes
  • select options to narrow the list
  • 750 and fewer results may be mapped via tapping the pin marker in the list header upper-right.
An Official Route follows a guide, matching the intended route. Once a route has been set as an "Official Route" it gains attention with a purple background on the guide page. The route is featured on the guide with springs near it's perimeter. The springs are then included in the print versions of the page.
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