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see Change GPS Route Name
On step #5 you will either see the option you need as either Switch to Generic or Switch to Non-Generic
1 - go to the Routes tab on your profile
2 - click the information ( circle "i" ) icon on the route desired
3 - route information should popup
4 - click the settings icon to the right of the name
5 - change name as desired

GPS Routes that match a guide on HAZ should be added directly to the guide page name. Custom GPS Routes that do not match a guide on site, even if slightly altered should be added as a "generic" then linked to appropriate guides if any.

If a route is not adding where you want it to then use "contact" at the bottom of the page to get help. Nothing on HAZ needs to be deleted and re-added to change a name.

Only GPS Routes set as an "Official Route" display on the homepage.
GPS Routes may be deleted up to 5 days**
Delete is available on your Routes tab.
A bold X to the right of the wrench icon displays when delete is an option. 
- not available if declared an "Official Route" or has received comments

** Routes should be reviewed before adding.
If you make a mistake naming the route then rename it, do NOT delete it. If you need help, contact the webmaster.
Several editing options are available in the upload screen before submiting. Several editing options are available after adding.

Track can be deleted/renamed and waypoints may be deleted after adding too.
Tap the Edit Icon to send a GPS Route to Route Editor. See example.
Guide authors, the webmaster and members of the GPS Admin team have the option to set/unset a (non-generic) route as an "Official Route". This option is found under the date/notes section.

- set Official Route

- unset Official Route
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