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Frequently Asked Questions
All content such as text and images posted on or to is a contribution to the community.
Look for +Add at the top of any page to contribute to the community.

Posting - Any order or combination works!
Easiest & suggested top-to-bottom as listed in +Add

1) Guide ( only as needed )
2) Route ( helpful if needed )
3) Triplog
4) Photoset
  • You can not post anything to a guide until it exists
  • If you have a GPS Route, posting before triplog/photoset ensures a correct date. If multiple trails are linked to the hike, they auto-transfer to the triplog.
  • Triplog before photoset is best. Ensures the date and name of photoset sync.
  • Photoset is always best last.
There is no wrong way, the above is suggested best practice.
All content such as text and images posted on or to is a contribution to the community. Content is subject to approval, removal, and reduced distribution.

Guides, photos and triplogs are the core content of the site.  When adding these consider it as an archive like an old printed newspaper.  The material is typically indexed on and off-site and referenced by many.  Time limits are imposed on deleting the core content to preserve the integrity of the site.  Please refrain from adding material you do not want accessible forever.  ie: while photos that include your boyfriend/girlfriend are acceptable you might think twice...
Members looking for company should use Partner Match, the Events forum or include a date in the date field option on a Wish (see Wish List).
The webmaster may be reached at
The purpose of HAZ is to archive details about hiking. Everyone that contributes within community guidelines gets an equal homepage opportunity. The homepage, nor anywhere onsite is weighted to promote best-of disproportionate vs all member posts.

HAZ does not sell user data or spam members. Our Route Scout App does not track or sell user data like corporate-driven apps. Route Scout does not have any third-party tracking or suggest hikes. HAZ does not send out marketing emails to anyone period. If you desire to use corporate-driven apps, enjoy. HAZ is not helping promote them in text or screenshots.

HAZ is a member-driven community that seeks to inspire all aspects of hiking: culture, fauna, flora, geology, etc. Aside from guide pages, most everything on HAZ was requested. Helpful Guides, GPS Routes, Triplogs & Photosets are welcome by all that contribute based on our guidelines.

Photos, Comments, Likes, Wish List, HAZ Forum, etc were all by request. If you landed on HAZ or morphed to primarily being a nuisance, please leave.
The entire United States is welcome. States surrounding Arizona are gaining in popularity on site. If you wish to add outside the United States, Canada or Mexico simply add as a generic triplog under the WW (World Wide) state setting. Several other modes of recreation are supported including climbing, canyoneering & mountain biking to name a few.
Use Find (left of center at the top of all pages) to find hikes.
  • Search - If you know the hike, try three letters from a few words
  • TrailDEX Filter - Select by parameters
  • Areas - List and map National Parks, National Forest, National Trails, Wilderness, etc
  • A to Z - Legacy alphabetical listing
Guides with Official Routes
Fire perimeters for many historic AZ fires are on HAZ. If a Guide has an Official Route that enters a fire perimeter there will be a flame icon/button. Tap the flame for a list of perimeters.
[ example ]

Guides without Official Routes
If the Guide does not have an Official Route, use MapDEX to research the area.
Plan > Map > zoom and center red crosshair to area > Options > Find Perimeters
Then drag the map around the hike vicinity to update based on the center red crosshair.

Suggest Missing Fire Perimeter
No guarantee but we will attempt to add requests.
Guide Page suggest via Help at bottom of page
MapDEX suggest via Help in the lower-right corner of map

Perimeters are in search on MapDEX.
Plan > Map > Search > Lone Fire
Plan > Map > Search > 2021 Fire
Deep Search
On the Home Page is the most robust search to drill down to data on-site.

HAZ Forum Search
Forum topic with granular options.

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