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Frequently Asked Questions
Pixel Trivia is primarily a learning tool to familiarize members with labels, photos, and guides. A skilled Hazopelli is efficient using search[1], deep search[2], and the label finder[3].

There are a few hints and no instructions. Difficulty increases with current and past success. The prize awarded is leaderboard recognition. Knowledge acquired is yours to keep. Stumbling upon a cool hike is a bonus! Only a two-year-old would pout about results or opportunity to score higher than another learner. Pixel Trivia is not fair, a fair is where you buy cotton candy.

Pixel Trivia (the game of love) automatically increases the difficulty and temporarily blocks access to power players on various puzzles to promote a balanced life.
Updated 2020-10-07
1) Search is Find at the top of all pages, with the exception of MapDEX.
  • MapDEX search field is at the top of the map.
2) Deep Search is on the homepage of HAZ.
  • Desktop is upper-left
  • Mobile is an option in the upper-right more menu
3) Label Finder resides under photos on individual photo pages.
  • Under the photo and above comments.
  • Also resides label category results. Found on the homepage Label menu > then select a category
  • Quick access in Pixel Trivia > tap magnifying-glass icon upper-right of puzzle in play

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