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Frequently Asked Questions

Most outdoor recreation-related photos are accepted. HAZ is rated PG-13. There are exceptions. If in doubt, ask via the help button at the bottom of any page.  HAZ reserves the right to remove any material on site without notice.

Look for + Add below thumbnail-sized photos in your photoset (thumbnail page).
Extremely poor quality. Photos with off-site web addresses or that HAZ deems to be luring viewers off-site will be deleted. HAZ reserves the right to remove any material on site without notice.
Digital photos include camera settings, time, and sometimes geolocation data in what is called the EXIF header. Processing software like Photoshop may not save EXIF if you create a new image and paste into it. If the EXIF data is left intact then it will be displayed to the lower right of the photo. Once a photo is uploaded the data can not be changed. HAZ calculates out the 35mm equivalence of data.

EXIF is enabled by default on all photosets. You may disable per photoset or all via Photoset Options.
The universal Jpeg format commonly seen as .jpg is most common. .png & .gif are accepted too
You decide!
Greater than 3 and less than 61 photos in a photoset display on the homepage new list until pushed out of the queue by new photosets. Under 4 and over 60 photo-photosets only list on the homepage for a limited time. Folks that invest time selecting/editing have long expressed frustration being drowned out by mini and mega photosets.

Exceptions to Above
  • User explicitly sets as hide one week
  • User has a history of large photoset unaccompanied by a detailed triplog

Full Recent List
Tap "New Photosets" for the full recent list of photosets. This list includes photosets the author has set as "hide one week".

Guide Pages
Photosets posted as guide-based or synced to a triplog with linked guides always post immediately on the Guide page. Occasional legacy users forget guide pages are the purpose and most viewed pages.
Enabled by default. Turn off per photoset or all via Photoset Options.

You are responsible for what you post. Polite and courteous is the best choice when interacting with members you disagree. Opposable reaction from others on controversial subjects such as but not limited to risky exposure, historic sites, images from drones in or near illegal areas, etcetera is typicaly higher than average. Soliciting negative reaction does not help the community.

Self incriminating yourself knowingly or unknowingly then expecting a safe harbor is unlikely.

You may delete comments on your photos up to two weeks.
You may block members from further viewing or commenting on your photos via the Ignore button in their profile.
The first photo in a photoset is the default feature photo. Use the tiny menu button above another to customize.
Options per photoset or for all photosets include.
  • caption likes
  • photo likes
  • comments
  • exif
  • tagged notes
These options are available on two screens...
Upload Screen

Photoset thumnail screen
Over 980px (width) x 700px (height) is welcome and automatically resized to fit 980x700.

The Original up to four times above size is available via the "original" link. Photos uploaded over 3920 x 2800 pixels are resized to an aspect ratio within 3920 x 2800.

Look for Original (an expand icon) to the lower right of the photo
- if resized the icon will be baby blue; clicking displays the original
- if not resized the expand icon will be gray
How to select photos in upload on Android and iPhone.
If photos are too big you may have issues. Simply upload less at a time.

The acceptable format is .jpg, be sure .jpg is the format you are uploading.

If you are still having issues please contact the webmaster.
Click +Add at the top of any page and select Photoset. Now you are in the photo upload panel. Either select a guide name or enter a generic name. Press the "Select" button to proceed. Now select photos from your device to upload. Repeat as needed. Please be patient during upload, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a several minutes depending on your internet connection and the number of photos selected. Wait for the screen to refresh between each batch. Pay attention to the updated status at the top of the screen.
A photoset is a group of photos added by one member for one trip.
Once you have uploaded all the photos for your photoset either click on the preview or finish button in the upload panel.
If you choose preview remember they are not live to the public until you click finish.

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