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Frequently Asked Questions
Geocode to a GPS Route is preferred!!!

The rare necessity to geocode photos by map. This old system is not intuitive nor will it be improved as Geocoding to a GPS Route is less prone to user error.

1) While viewing the photoset ( thumbnail page ) go into settings
Blue wrench icon to the right of the photoset name
2) click Gecode by Map on a desktop or laptop
very cumbersome on a mobile device without reading/grasping the full process
3) Drag the Green pin marker to the position you want the photo geocoded.
4) Tap the thumbnail photo of interest in the list-panel
left of the map on desktop, Orange tab on mobile
5) Geocode to Marker option should now be obvious
hint: tap Geocode to Marker button in preview above list
If you follow the order of adding guidelines you will understand best. (route 1st, triplog 2nd, photoset 3rd using the naming scheme).

The following help screens should get you underway...
     A) system recognizes you might have a match
     -- FYI If you added a route & photoset that are not matching... they are not named in the exact same manner.
     B) first step on thumbnail screen
     C) the fine details

Issue Photo & Route time is off by _ _ minutes.
1) Delete Geocodes
2) Re-Gecode utilizing Time Offset

Issue Route Scout records the time where you live, not where you hike. We know, it's a tough issue... the entire dev team is on it.
Click here to view general information. This feature is found when selecting a photoset name. You may change the status too. Look for the tiny pencil/edit icon in upper right of the photoset page (thumbnail page).
While viewing the photoset ( thumbnail page ) look for the settings icon next to the state abbreviation.
[ see example ]
While viewing the photoset ( thumbnail page ) click on the date to edit.
Look for drag order in photo upload.
[ see example ]
While viewing a full-sized photo, look for the settings icon in upper left. Individual photos may be rotated, geocoded, or deleted* for seven days after adding.
[ see example ]

* Unless the photo has received likes, comments, or labels
  • Individual photos only, photosets do not have a delete option, see Archive Integrity
Look for the green menu button in photo upload.
[ see example ]

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