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Frequently Asked Questions
HAZ is rated PG-13. Triplogs are to be used for logging actual trips. If utilizing our generic naming scheme, the name must clearly represent the trails or area hiked. The purpose of triplogs is to be helpful for others seeking details.

Suggested Details
Details of your adventure. Road conditions if high clearance or 4WD. Intriguing observations others might enjoy. Notable changes if previously hiked. Tread, signage, sketchy/confusing areas, Flora, fauna, hikers, etc observed.

Workout / Repetitive
Welcome if utilizing the hide or hide one week option. Turning off comments is highly suggested unless trail changes, new flora, fauna, or other helpful information about the trip is noted.

As the name suggests, Hike Arizona was created for hiking. Several dozen modes of activity have been added by request over the years. There are zero warnings for misuse. Use wisely, 99% have figured it out for decades and you can too. ie: A walk to the post office might be great for likes. However, the purpose of HAZ is not likes, the purpose is to provide helpful information. An often triplog contributing member, recovering from a rare hospital stay ascending stairs or walking the neighborhood, would be an example of an exception. If ever in doubt, ask first via the help button at the bottom of any page.

See Also
Acceptable Photos
Click here to view general information. This feature is found near the bottom of the triplog add/edit screen when in edit.
  • You may delete a Triplog within 14 days of adding
  • Tap the pencil edit icon lower right corner of triplog
  • IN EDIT delete is near lower-left corner [ example ]
  • You may edit a Triplog within 180 days of adding
  • Tap the pencil edit icon lower right corner of triplog
  • The limit is to preserve the community's Archive Integrity
  • Requests for admin to correct incorrect details are always welcome
    • excludes ticky tacky stats
    • excludes deleting and rewrites
Triplogs that enter private property or areas closed by the managing agency will be hidden on request.
If you are having trouble locating a hike think twice. Try the search box. A trail name may be used in lieu of a local popular name. Perhaps Mount, Mt, East, West and such precede the name or do not.
Robust Triplogs get the highest exposure listed on the top. Others are listed below, with the exception of really small worded entries.
Look for +Add at the top of any page, then select Triplog.
Offensive triplogs will be dealt with on an individual basis. Which may include a total ban from HAZ. If you are unsure it's recommended you don't +Add or ask the webmaster before adding.
There is a privacy option when adding. Check the box Check to Hide when adding. Then your Triplog is only viewable by you.
Details @ HAZ Guide #4
A triplog is a review of your hike or any PG-Rated outdoor sports activity. It may contain a journal, statistics and even private notes.
If you add to a guide listed in the A-Z index (preferred) it will be on that individual page.

If add under a Generic Name it will be on your profile page under the triplog tab. Generics will likely get lost in the mass of Triplogs unless you link guides. Triplogs automatically bind to photosets with a like name/date. Linked guides bind too.

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