Mapping for Garmin GPS Units
by nonot

Topographical Maps
20 ft, 100ft, 500ft contours
 • Download A 110MB
 • Download B 94MB
 • Download C 43MB
 • Download D 72MB
 • Download E 64MB
 • Download F 95MB
 • Download G 62MB
 • Download H 39MB
 • Download I 30MB
 • Download J 80MB
 • Download K 93MB
 • Download L 61MB
 • Download U1 115MB
 • Download U2A 75MB
 • Download U2B 45MB
Hydrology Data
Streams, Rivers, Springs & Lakes
 • Download AZ 41MB

Member contributed Routes
 • Download 0.47MB 2008-08-20
 • Download 7.60MB 2011-02-18 w/Roads
 • Download 6.21MB 2015 w/Roads

If you have feedback I would like to hear it, but please check the FAQ section below first!

Instructions for use
Download the various packages and unzip the contained Garmin map (*.img) files you wish to map.  Use a free program such as sendmap20 (use a search engine to find sendmap20) to compile it into a single GMAPSUPP.IMG file and load the GMAPSUPP.IMG file onto your GPS (USB Drive Letter:\Garmin\GMAPSUPP.IMG), or use your GPS's USB transfer capability (consult your GPS manual).   If you just want to view the maps on your computer, I recommend using a freeware program such as gpsMapEdit.
[ download sendmap20 for Windows ] 386kb
[ download cGPSmapper for Windows ] 10.7 mb
[ download gpsMapEdit for Windows ] 1.9 mb

Except for the trail map, these are large maps and will require lots of memory, a 2 GB or more expandable memory card is recommended if you want to use all of them at the same time (see below for current 1000 MB limit).  This will likely overwrite all map data other than the basemap.  Currently, sendmap20 only support up to 1000 MB of files.  If you combine all the files, they currently come out to a little more than that so you will have to choose which ones not to include.  Hopefully support for >1GB files will come out in later versions of sendmap20.

I have tested these maps on my Garmin Etrex Vista HCx GPS over many months now without incident, but I do not have any other maps I've bought.  The only issue I've had is that the last 500 MB takes a long time to complete over USB transfer (see FAQ on USB transfer).

These maps should work with other custom Garmin maps, but using sendmap in this manner will likely erase any other add-on maps you have purchased for your Garmin, I do not have a recommendation for how to make your GPS work with both at this time, as I am not familiar with Garmin maps for purchase
I recommend you use the default "normal" mapping detail when viewing these maps.  "more" and "most" levels tend to display too much, however you should adjust them according to the terrain and personal preferences.  The more you zoom in, the more detail you will see and this works best in most places at the normal detail level.

Legal Stuff and Hiking Safety
Author does not assume responsibility for accuracy of any map, or any consequences of use of this data, do not solely rely on this data for navigation, it is always best to bring a hard copy of any map when hiking.  All data was taken from publicly available sources, it was not stolen, only freeware tools were used in the compilation of this data, it is not to be retransmitted, redistributed, or sold by anyone.  I am not responsible for any damage or loss of information on your GPS as a result of using this data.  In summary, use this information at your own risk.

Note that all hydrology related data may not be accurate as Arizona streams and springs can be seasonal, so it would be best to get a water report before your trip, do not assume that because a water source is shown that it will have water when you get there.

Note that all trail related data may not be accurate or may be "off-trail" routes, so it would be best to carry a good hard copy map with you when you hike.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Does this work with GPS <XYZ>?
A: I believe it will work on all Garmin GPS's that have enough memory to support the maps.

Q: Will you be developing a version for Magellan GPS's?
A Maybe in the future if there is enough interest, but I do not have a Magellan GPS to test it on and do not know of a developer community who could provide me the information that I would need to convert the files at this time.

Q: Will it erase anything I have on my GPS now?
A: It could, depending on how you use the sendmap20 application.  I would strongly recommend you backup everything on your GPS before attempting to load these maps onto your GPS.

Q: Does my GPS have USB transfer capability?
A: I don't know, look through your manual.  My GPS has an "Interface Mode" setup in the configuration menu screen that can switch it into USB transfer mode.  Be sure the transfer actually completes before unplugging the USB cable or you will hose the data on the expandable memory card.  I have had problems with this in the past where Windows2000 stops showing the transfer like it is done, but it doesn't actually complete for 30 minutes, I did not encounter this yet problem with WindowsXP, good old Microsoft consistency!  I recommend you use the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature in Windows before unplugging the cable.

Q: Do I have to download everything?
A: No, download only the parts you want, if the zip file contains more than you need, only load the specific img's onto your GPS that you want.

Q: I copied the IMG files onto my GPS, but don't see anything.
A: Garmin GPS's have to use the gmapsupp.img file in the Garmin folder (USB Drive Letter:\Garmin\GMAPSUPP.IMG) and there can only be one of this file.  Either rename the 1 file you want to gmapsupp.img or use sendmap20 to compile all the img's you want into one gmapsupp.img file.

Q: I compiled ALL your img maps into one gmapsupp file but don't see anything.
A: Unfortunately all these files add up to just more than 1000 MB, sendmap20 cannot has problems with more than this limit at this time, so you will have to selectively choose which imgs you don't want to see to get below the 1000 MB limit.   I'd recommend getting rid of the topo section least applicable to where you hike, you could always load it later if you want to hike there!

Q: Why did you do this?
A: I felt the "for purchase" software was expensive and did not have detailed enough data.

Q: Are you doing any other areas of the country?
A: I am currently working on southern Utah in preparation of some hiking I want to do there.

Q: Your map for coordinates <XXX.XXX> N, <YYY.YYY> W are not accurate!!
A: Sorry, I am only formatting the data for the GPS to understand, I did not create it.  If it looks like there was an error the conversion, please send me a message.

Q: There was no water at <XXX.XXX> N, <YYY.YYY> W
A: I did not create the data, it may be a dried up source or the data may be inaccurate.  If it looks like there was an error in the conversion to the GPS, please send me a message.

Q: Sendmap20/gpsMapedit does not work on my computer, Linux, Mac, etc, etc!
A: I would recommend you review the instructions for the tool where you downloaded it from to see if it is compatible.  Please note that I am recommending freeware versions of sendmap20, with the 20 at the end, not "sendmap", and gpsMapEdit, with a gps at the beginning, not "mapedit".

Q: Can I take this data and sell it?
A: No, you can use this data for personal use only!

Q: Are you making any profit on this?
A: No, and I hope that before you buy from any company selling GPS topo maps you check the quality.  200 ft contours are outdated for the digital age!

Q: Do you work for Garmin?
A: No, there are internet developer communities that have developed the information and tools to do this, I simply used their published information in order to apply it to hiking.

Q: What are these "http:\cgpsmapper" things I see on my map?
A: They are an artifact of the freeware tool that I use.  They can be removed if you do research, but I decided to leave them in at this time in accordance with the default settings of the developer of the tool.

Q: All I see is almost a solid screen of lines!
A: I recommend you decrease your mapping detail when viewing this area of the state, you can do this through the menu options when looking at the map.

Q: A trail is not on your trail map!
A: If you have one you want me to add, post a GPS route to and I will attempt to include it in the next version of the trail map.

Q: Why are most trails set up as "International Date/Time zones"?
A: They show up much better on the Garmin GPS I have, Garmin does not have very good settings in my opinion for displaying trails tagged as hiking trails.

Q: How long did this take you?
A: It was a learning experience and came together over the course of about 7 months on and off from when I wanted to do this until I started releasing the first versions.

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