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what a fun break this was watching the trains; except for the screeching as it was braking or whatever. Havre, MT was a major hub along Hwy 2 for Great Northern Pacific Railway/Burlington Northern; it's what I grew up with.
BNSF has 11 system locomotive shops; one of these is at Havre, Mont., which helps keep the engines that power trains moving safely and efficiently, thus help ensuring that customers experience outstanding performance and consumers receive the goods they need. Many who work at the shop and in the terminal are among a long line of railroaders, with third-, fourth- and even fifth-generation employees working there.

More interesting facts about Great Northern Railway: The Great Northern was the only privately funded — and successfully built — transcontinental railroad in U.S. history. No federal land grants were used during its construction, unlike all other transcontinental railroads. The Great Northern also fell victim to the deadliest avalanche in U.S. history at the site of the defunct town of Wellington, Washington.

The town of Havre largely owes its existence – and its name – to BNSF predecessor Great Northern Railway (GN). In 1890, GN founder James J. Hill arrived in what was then the community of Bullhook Bottoms on the Montana plains, halfway between Seattle and St. Paul, Minn. Hill was convinced that this was the ideal location to build a locomotive shop. Within a few years, the area’s population was on the rise, and Hill asked the town’s founding fathers to come up with a more appealing name for the city.
Aug 30 2014
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