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Tatahatso Canyon
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Northeast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Canyoneering Apr 14 2012
Canyoneering15.50 Miles 4,000 AEG
Canyoneering15.50 Miles2 Days   4 Hrs      
4,000 ft AEG
Intermediate Canyoneering - Difficult or dangerous; Tech Climb; rope reqd; descent anchor; exit technical;
B - Up to light current; wading/swimming; possible wet/dry suit
VI - Two or more days
 no routes
1st trip
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Mark Y
Sorry about the photo bomb, it's really tough to weed thru 600 amAZingly beautiful photos! ;)

This canyon loop had been on the list for some time now and an early winter storm postponed this trip last year and another late snowstorm almost threatened this weekend as well, but we took the risk and drove up there anyways. :) It was cold & windy Friday night camping on the rim near Eminence Break and we got a light dusting of snow the next morning, but other than being a little chilly it wasn't that bad of weather that Saturday... From the TH, we backtracked along the road and then followed the break NE to a cairned ravine that dropped steeply down in the south fork of Tatahatso Canyon. It was rather loose and required a few class 4 downclimbs but we were down to the bouldery wash soon enough. :o Now to get to the lower narrows required loads & loads of down climbing, rock hopping, and weaving thru boulders. :sweat: Once at the narrows, we quickly suited up and began the challenging descent of this not often visited hidden gem. :D It was full of awkward short rappels into many cold pools with plenty of down climbing and rock hopping mixed in. The anchors are as interesting as usual in the GC yet solid from previous parties and careful rope management is required to prevent any coreshots or rope pull issues which we thankfully avoided. :) After an exhausting day of only covering 4 miles as the bird flies, we finally reached the Colorado River and found a great little patch of sand for us 4 to crash for the evening. The next morning we blew up our pool toys and prepared for the 7 mile float down the mighty Colorado River. We ran that Tatohtsu rapid for bonus points but bypassed a gnarly rapid about 1.5 miles down river but we ran all the other small rapids until reaching our takeout above President Harding rapid though one of our party was crazy enough to run that rapid as well. :y: We setup camp on another sandy beach overlooking that rapid and set all our wet gear to dry before heading up the lower Eminence Break trail with our canyoneering gear to drop into lower Tatahoysa Canyon. Last fall we did this canyon, but we made a slight navigational error and dropped into the less exciting north fork. :roll: This time we of course dropped into the amAZingly sweet south fork and really enjoyed those missed handful of rappels up to 140ft before the confluence. Further down canyon, we again enjoyed those sweet few rappels up to 150ft in the lower canyon with the last one overlooking the river and our camp from a high perch. :) Camping another night along the river was SO flipping sweet & relaxing and the next morning we slowly made our way up the steep yet shady Eminence Break trail. :sweat: Hooray for Tatas! (canyons that is) :y: :lol:
Throwing a Wendy
Yea, canyoneering is an extreme sport... EXTREMELY dramatic!!! =p

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