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Coronado Mesa
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Feb 23 2008
Hiking5.00 Miles 870 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles   4 Hrs      1.25 mph
870 ft AEG
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This is a variation of the Coronado mesa trip that Joe has taken. He started just off the FR 80 that goes to Horse mesa Dam. As he says the first right turn goes to a parking area and even a road (rough) that goes up the mesa a bit. His trip went from there over Coronado mesa to the edge of the Lower Fish Creek canyon. He then went out to some overlooks and back to the TH.

Our trip started at Tortilla TH and went about 5 miles ending at the Horse mesa road lot where Joe started. Part of our hike was below the Apache trail (SW of the road) and the rest above the Apache Trail (North of the road). All of the hike was off trail. We left the Tortilla TH and went west and down to parallel the Apache trail went down to an old jeep road (not well defined) for awhile and back up toward the highway, across the highway and directly out NE to the canyon edge. Wow! As many have said, if this canyon were in any other state it would be a national park! When you drive the Apache trail down Fish Creek hill and on toward Apache Lake, you miss this lower canyon, its sheer walls and deep side canyons.

The view from the several vantage points of that canyon is quite astounding. The route taken is not really very hard with just a few hills to climb but there is a place where you can climb some rocks out to a narrow ledge and look down, down, down, Lots of photos were taken but, like the Grand Canyon, trying to catch the depth and grandeur by film is impossible. I was disappointed at the photo results because it flattens cliffs and spires. Anyway one can catch the general beauty of this area.

The first part of the route shows many canyons, the gash for Tortilla Creek and some pretty wild looking terrain. Once you cross the highway and go up the mesa the overlooks are amazing. If you just would like to se the Fish Creek canyon from Coronado Mesa, go as Joe did. By parking some cars at Tortilla TH and the others at the Horse mesa site the hike is a nice off trail journey offering quite a diverse topography. Care must be taken at the canyon edges. Those drop offs are extreme. You would hardly bounce! I have tried to include a map as I am just starting to do some GPS tracking. Hope it gets included.
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