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The Best Hikes in Chattahoochie National Forest

16 Triplog Reviews in the Chattahoochie National Forest
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4.8 mi • 856 ft aeg
Great north Georgia hike in the Chattahoochee Forest through vibrant and moss covered woodlands. The trail parallels Dodd Creek and ultimately reaches Raven Cliff Falls, a 40 foot waterfall that tumbles down through a massive crack in the cliff face. Along the way there are several picturesque waterfalls and deep pools. During this hike the water flow was strong due to heavy rainfall in the weeks prior.
6 mi • 0 ft aeg
Now in Georgia for work :). Great State park. Waterfall is absolutely beautiful. Surprisingly park was not crowded at all. Good access to the falls for pretty much anybody. You can choose driving or hiking. Spent some time in the park and then did 6 mi hike on Appalachian approach trail.
13.51 mi • 3,696 ft aeg
Well, this was not necessarily the most stimulating trail but beautiful in its own way. Most of my research recommended taking the loop counterclockwise but I did the opposite to get the hard part out of the way. I'll take my elevation gain first and this one definitely gave me a good dose all in the first half (take a look at the route). This area is definitely lush and seemed to be full of wildlife (I could hear things scurrying and calling all day) but nothing really showed itself to me except for a turtle and a really angry squirrel that I somehow surprised. It also rained down acorns all day-- many coming so close to hitting me that I suspected an army of birds and tree rodents doing their best to keep me away. I guess my only real complaint with this trail was the extreme lack of diversity found in the 13+ miles. I also would have appreciated a couple of nice views since this hike involved three ridge-lines. The trees were too full to ever get a glimpse in the distance. Had I realized this, I would have done a side hike across Duncan Ridge and bagged Blood Mountain only adding a mile and a half. Maybe late fall or early winter would be a better time for this hike. I sound like I'm complaining, but it really was a nice day-- also probably a great trail to backpack. There's lots of great camp sites all along the trail.
13.29 mi • 1,839 ft aeg
This is a pleasant hike and a beautiful area to spend a day in. We didn't do the full shuttle since we were lacking a second car. We did an out and back from the south/eastern TH and turned around about 6.5 miles in. Lots of river crossings make Teva's or some type of water shoes necessary. I've never hiked that far in Teva's before and they were totally fine for this trail. The farther in you go, the deeper the water gets and only a couple of the crossings can be done by hopping across rocks but the water is cold and a perfect way to cool down those feet on the trip back. From TH to TH, there are supposedly 38 crossing and the final ones on the west side can apparently get to almost waist deep. At our turnaround point, the deepest we found were about knee height.

I'll definitely do an overnight here next time I'm in Georgia and post a hike description after I've done the whole trail. There are tons to beautiful campsites and the trail was totally dead. We saw one pair of backpackers the whole day. The only disappointment was the lack of wildlife. We saw lots of giant millipedes, butterflies, and hummingbirds but nothing else. Although, while driving back on the forest roads, we got a great view a very large and beautiful owl and also a wild turkey.
4 mi • 360 ft aeg
We spent a weekend in Dillard, GA to get to a higher elevation and at least 5 to 7 degrees cooler than our home base of Chattanooga, TN. You can't escape the humidity in the South no matter how far you drive!!! But it was a nice weekend trip. The bugs and spider webs on the trail made us long for our AZ hikes. We did the Tennessee rock trail and part of James Edmond.

I would recommend visiting in April/May to see the rhododendron in bloom. They are amazing to see at that elevation where they are more like trees than shrubs. With the heavy white and pink blooms on the branches arching over the trail, you feel like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty in a fairy-tale wooded forest.

I think we gained 5 pounds from eating at the Dillard House. Everything is grown nearby but then most of the vegetables are cooked in bacon fat - so you kind of lose the organic benefit!!! People book their summer vacations here year after year - big reunions and family get-togethers especially.
4.4 mi • 1,349 ft aeg
My husband (then boyfriend) and I spent a weekend in Atlanta visiting family and drove north to hike Blood Mountain and relax at Lake Winfield Scott. I think this was our first hike together outside of Birmingham.

At the top I heard my name called and turned to see someone I hadn't seen in a long time - a friend from Elementary School. What are the odds?

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