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15.94 mi • 2,854 ft aeg
I got an invite to join the 2 social misfits on a hike around Mazzy Peak. I met them at the the TH and we headed up everyone's favorite, Y Bar #44. I actually don't mind it as much as most, but to get the views on this one, you'll need to turn around. It's 5.75 miles and a 2300' climb to get to the Divide trail. It's rocky and steep in sections. We passed a couple of guys on mules on their way down. All 3 of us noted the Michelob Ultra Light drink holder attached to the cowboys saddle.

Now up on the Mazzy Divide/AZT we passed 3 different groups of women thru hikers, headed southbound doing the AZT.

I'd forgotten how good the views are on this section of the trail. Views west and the backside of Mazzy Peak.

After a lunch break, we headed down the Barnhardt Trail. With all the rain this monsoon season, this one is starting to get tight in sections again. I still never get tired of this trail. Going down is much nicer because you get to enjoys the views and geology more. The light and clouds enhanced it all.

A good hike with the misfits. Thanks for the invite Chums
3.25 mi • 1,415 ft aeg
T'was the grand reopening of Cholla. I used to love this trail, not so much anymore due to fall chances. It's only been closed for two years but it seems like forever based on the number of people that have asked "is Cholla open!". Figured I best show up to update the guide page and compare to the reopening of Echo and Pie. Also, hearing excitement for Cholla goes back decades before I even understood it was a hiking trail.

Arrived way too early but it was nice to do nothing for a couple hours... Lol So we had a line waiting, with one or two camera crews from news station(s) going back and forth filming the line as if that was exciting. Based on surrounding conversations one in three needed to pee and everyone hoped they planted more bushes nearby.

They let us in just before sunrise and we all met up a tenth of a mile later at the three-slot restroom. Expected more slots but boy howdy anything here is a huge improvement, it was way overdue.

Not really crowded, I expected three times the turnout. The trail is super well marked now with blue reflectors. If anyone gets lost they had no business being here in the first place.

It was a nice morning and I had planned on two laps but had enough and went to the promised land.
1.56 mi • 125 ft aeg
Just a quick evening hike with my favorite hiking buddy and my favorite youngest granddaughter!

There was a very light sprinkle during most of the hike. Not enough to be bothersome.

Who knew that a 3 year old with such a limited world experience could talk so much! Non-stop monologue from start to finish!

We hiked up the main road from Pima Canyon Trailhead for about 3/4ths of a mile, then back to the trailhead.

Thanks, Spencer, for inviting me to come along!
0.84 mi • 600 ft aeg
Thought I was doing okay. Made final turn at 12:25, which is 30-60 seconds faster than normal. Thought, " :pk: , if I really push, I have a chance to break 15:00!" As I approach the antenna gate touch sign, I wonder, "Should I be ready to click my watch as I touch it?" Decided not to. Touched sign. Looked at watch 15:31.57. By the time I clicked it, 15:32.03. "Darn, just missed setting best time because I wasted .46 seconds." Though, in honesty, probably best time as what are the odds my other best time was 15:32, but less than .03? Get home, look at my records, and I actually DID set my best time. It was 15:52, not 15:32. So, yeah, beat my best time by 20 seconds. 💪
4.8 mi • 2,500 ft aeg
Camelback & Piestewa
Figured if 4,000-ft over deadfall in blistering above-freezing temps is doable, I could do a slightly more strenuous hike than Piestewa.

The trailhead was loaded with college kids, so I skipped the 30-minute pre-hike stretch.
(I haven't stretched since 1984)

I saw Augustine coming, so I figured I better get moving because he's ridiculously fast bouncing off the sides. He was on his second lap down, when I was halfway down my first. One of the groups was hemming and hawing about his speed, I didn't say a word but they have no idea. He's one of the few I know that can crank out three-plus laps near 110°.

As much as I despise the footing, the whacky conversations are worthy. One lady was adamant about directing people. She was babbling on and on (what simply could have been straight up). Pretty sure she was directing them to the gold elevators at the Mirage.
13.93 mi • 2,076 ft aeg
Dobbins Lookout via Pima Canyon
The mornings are starting to cool off and feel a little more comfortable, though it was more humid today than it's been the past few weeks. I wanted to squeeze in a hike before work again this week and found a relatively open morning. Work meetings don't adjust with the sunrise, unfortunately, so I continue to start at the same time and end up hiking more miles in darkness as it gets later in the season. I think I was ~four miles in before the sun completely cleared the Superstitions on the eastern horizon.

With this being a weekday morning, it was predictably quiet on the trails, with only a handful of mountain bikers and a few more hikers near Dobbin's Lookout. I passed a rattlesnake on National Trail as the sun was coming up, and the only other memorable wildlife was an aggressive ground squirrel that I had to chase off a few times when I stopped for a quick snack break near Fat Man's Pass on the hike out...I felt like I was at the Grand Canyon. I'd never encountered begging ground squirrels at South Mountain, but apparently people feed them here, too.

Near the top of the Holbert spur, a few hundred feet from Dobbin's Lookout, I passed a wooden box sitting on top of a boulder on the trail. It had a picture of a cat on the side and must've been the cremated ashes of someone's pet. Why someone would intentionally leave it sitting out in the open on a busy trail, where it'll quickly be removed or destroyed by the elements remains a mystery. And if someone forgot it there by accident...why were they hiking with cat ashes in first place? That was a first...
8.31 mi • 1,873 ft aeg
Kiwanis-goat hill-telegraph
started up kiwanis around 0730
west on national
saw a ranger coming down goat hill as i went up
rarely see anyone on goat hill, or see rangers actually hiking
spent a few minutes up there, then returned on national
decided to get some extra credit mileage and elevation gain by going down telegraph pass
actually a nice combo
something different
south mountain got some rain last night :)
15.58 mi • 1,049 ft aeg
First time at MMRP. Parked at the Four Peaks Staging Area around 530am - enough light from full moon and predawn sun to keep the headlamp in the car. Started on Shallmo Wash trail, connected with Pemberton and headed clockwise, kept a controlled, slow pace around 13 mins/mile. A few runners passed me, I passed a few. There was some pleasant sprinkles along miles 4 & 5, a rainbow came out to play after that, and the sunrise was spectacular. Things got dreary after that - there's only so many times I could stare at the surrounding mountains while tripping over rocks and dodging mountain bikes. While the plan was to do a full 18, taking one of the Scenic Trails back to the lot, I walked most of mile 14 and quit after 15.5 or so, walking the rest of the way. Something something humidity and ankle or something.

4 weeks left to Whiskey Row!
8.31 mi • 1,710 ft aeg
Telegraph to Dobbins
Started up Telegraph Pass Trail with Daniela around 0745. A little warmer than expected, and not as many clouds as I was hoping we would have. Oh well. Headed east on National, then north on Holbert up to Dobbins Lookout. Saw a box containing the cremains of a cat from 2008 just below the lookout. Kind of a random place to leave Fluffy. Retraced our steps back to the start. Sunny and hot by the time we finished.
7.35 mi • 1,665 ft aeg
Lost-Pyramid loop
Cloudy enough to get this loop done without being too miserable. Up Lost Mine, east on National, side trip to Goat Hill, then down Pyramid. Lost Mine has been roughed up a bit from the recent rain, but nothing too bad. Only saw a few other people, all near the trailhead. Tried out a new pair of trailrunners—Saucony Excursion—they were nice, I liked them quite a bit.

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