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The Best Hikes of Sonoran Preserve - South

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6.11 mi • 1,316 ft aeg
Camino Campana Trail
Camino Campana Trail
Nice Sunday morning hike. Got started about 830 to enjoy a bit of warming. Parking lot was about 3/4 full, but it never felt too busy. Took the loop ccw with both peaks, just needed a few quick breaks. I took an extended break on top of western vista to enjoy the views. Only saw two bikes, but boy a bunch of dogs. All friendly encounters. I keep ramping up my hikes with no issues, so going to try and go a little bigger next time.
3.84 mi • 612 ft aeg
My Aunt Tibber did this trail last week and brought me along for this week for the beautiful wildlife. A nest with 3 baby owls (almost grown). We only saw 1 this week but her you tube had some great video from last week. The wildflowers were starting to die off in the 90 degree weather but I did get a couple fantastic shots. Some ups and downs on the trail but I managed to make it. (I am in recovery after hip issues the last couple years)

They were dying off but a handful of Beautiful colors still in bloom
6.31 mi • 1,031 ft aeg
Took the day off from work and decided to hit a trail to relax and get away for a bit. The Dixie Mountain Loop within the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve is a pretty easy hike... which is what I was looking for. I arrived early and got to see the sun come up over the hills and before the crowds started to show. I combined a few trails to make it a 6 mile hike. There are other trails spread through the preserve to add additional mileage is so desired. I work the trail in a counterclockwise motion and add a peak for an extra workout. As I got back to the trailhead the buses were starting to show up. Good timing and time to go get some breakfast!
5.52 mi • 1,050 ft aeg
After work run at the Sonoran South Preserve. Started from the Desert Vista TH. Went up Hawk Nest, CCW on Dixie Mountain Loop and then up and back on Western Vista and then continued CCW on Dixie to the Hawk and then back to the TH. Don't care too much for the Hawk Nest. A) because I have to do it all the time from this TH as it is the only entry trail at this TH and B) because I don't like jogging up hill "out of the gate". (Though it does seem to be getting easier). The Dixie Mountain Trail is a nice jogging trail. It has just enough elevation and flat sections to challenge and to give "breathers". It is a little rocky in sections. The Western Vista is a tough climb. It sure seems like more than 200 ft elevation gain. Fairly smooth for running but has some sharp inclines that can really sap me. Jogged the whole thing. But it was more about maintaining form and keeping the feet moving than about pace. Saw one hiker on the Vista and one biker on the Hawk, otherwise had the trails to myself. Surprised though, when I got back to the TH there were 6 cars there with about 9 hikers (in varying group sizes) getting ready to hike. Temps were high (108), but a strong steady wind kept things very nice.
6.15 mi • 114 ft aeg
After work run. Started from the Valley Vista TH. In on the Hawk Nest - Desert Tortoise - Valley Verde - and then clockwise on the Cactus Wren. Then took the northern segment of the Great Horned Owl back to the Verde Valley from which I retraced my track back to the TH. Nothing too exciting. Saw a couple of lizards and that was about it. Weather was perfect today. It was suppose to be 95, but it felt like 80 with the high clouds and breeze. Did this exact same run 2 years ago, with the same time :(
5.87 mi • 265 ft aeg
After work hike. Did this as an in - out hike. In on Hawks Nest, then Tortoise, Valle, Horned Owl and then up Union Peak. Took the most direct route to the peak and returned the same way. Modest amount of traffic out today including hikers, bikers and horsemen. Saw my snake this year. A little guy...not sure what kind. Jogged the whole route, though I certainly wasn't setting any records. Ankles and knees were on good behavior today which was a nice feeling.
5.15 mi • 1,047 ft aeg
Daughter and I planned 10 miles on the BCT (Boy Scout Loop), but with the weather and her not feeling the best we changed our plans to a short hike in the Sonoran Preserve instead. I'm glad we did as it got colder and windier as we went.

When we reached the Dixie Mountain Loop, we turned right and travelled counterclockwise.

We took the Dixie Summit Trail to the top of Dixie Mountain and spent a few minutes there while I found the Dixie Mark and the two Dixie Reference Marks, all in good condition.

From there we descended back to the loop, then continued around it. We were planning to go up the Western Vista Trail, decided to forego that spur trail once there. Daughter still wasn't feeling trail love and we continued the loop then back down the Hawk's Nest Trail to the trailhead.
3.3 mi • 710 ft aeg
Well this day did not start out well. Rowdy and I were heading to the McDowell Mountain to get in a hike and we hade nothing plan so I figured once we were there I would pick out hike. As we were passing underneath the 51 I had a blowout driver front tire.
My first mistake was trying to change tires. Those lug nuts are on so tight that I hurt my shoulder trying to get them lose. So I gave up and called roadside service which told it would be at least an hour. After it got change it was time to buy a new tire while we waited for that we just kind of checked out some shops along the way. And then on to REI check out a couple of Garmin and was surprised when I asked an employee where would I find men's hiking shorts and she pretty much said that they have hiking pants and only a couple of pair of shorts till next spring.

After that I took Rowdy over to Juan Jaimes for lunch and then home. We did get out a knocked off this short one which is better than nothing.
4.11 mi • 168 ft aeg
After work jog. In on the Hawk's Nest, made a right onto the Dixie Mine, and then took the Valle Verde Trail to its conclusion with the Great Horned Owl. I turned around there and then backtracked to the Desert Tortoise and took that back to the Hawk and then back to the car. A rather malformed loop. Weather was great though slightly warm for the year. Met several people on the Hawk's Nest but otherwise had the trails to myself.
6.22 mi • 974 ft aeg
[ youtube video ]

When I got to the trailhead I all most left. The place was packed today then I notice a large group coming down so we stayed.
I did talk to few of the people coming down and they were part of a group of 30+ people. After that we seen one couple that should have been doing Camelback. The lady was wearing a dress and flip-flops and neither one had any water with team.
The best part of the hike was a American Krestal.

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