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The Best Hikes of Usery Mountain Regional Park - Trails

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9.6 mi • 247 ft aeg
Between the heat and having to get some chores done, I opted to hike as Usery. I hadn't hiked the Crismon Wash Trail in several years, so I made sure to start off with that. I hiked a convoluted loop out to the end of the Ruidoso Trail and then back along the Channel Trail and other lower elevation trails in that area. Saw an odd looking lizard that was a bit larger than most others you normally see. Finished up in 4 hours and got on with the rest of the day's chores.
7.4 mi • 1,194 ft aeg
Pass Mountain Loop, sorta. I started off the Pass Mountain Trailhead on Usery Pass Road and hiked to the saddle and then went back the same way. 6 miles total.

The sunrise was nicer than expected. The temps were nice enough at dawn. Even when I finished up at 745am it wasn't too bad. I was testing out a new 28-300mm lens and took a bunch of photos at many different focal lengths.

I came across one hiker with a doggie and a nice smaller diamondback, other than that nothing else, except for the lizards and birds.
11.54 mi • 2,245 ft aeg
Took the loop CCW starting from Wind Babe trailhead. The trail was literally abuzz with bees and/or flies. Especially around the Palo Verde trees that were in bloom -- which was everywhere! But the critters didn't bother us so it was ok. Lots of saguaros on the legs following the fence lines heading south and then east. Nice view looking inward away from the fence. Views of houses and civilization beyond the fence.

It was a pleasant morning with a cooling breeze, and the trail was more or less level and easy walking. Once we turned north we were surrounded by pretty saguaro forest and the trail began climbing gently as we headed toward the mountains. Not a lot of people out on the trail which was nice. Finally we got to the mountain and the trail became a little steeper. Towards the top there was a shady spot and we cooled down and rested for a few minutes. Turns out we were just a few steps from the saddle.

After the saddle the train to the north of the pass felt very different. Not many saguaros along the trail, and much more brown and less green. The view from the saddle looking north was great! The trail was also easier to walk on -- not as rocky and level or slightly downhill. Saw some wild flowers and lots of lizards. I liked this section of the trail because there was wilderness in all directions (and it was an easy walk).

Eventually the trail headed south again back toward where we started. There were more people on this part as it was closer to the trailheads. Also had to dodge a couple mountain bikes.

When we got back to the start we decided to check out the Wind Cave. Legs were a little tired after the loop trail, but it's only a mile and a half so can't be too bad. And it wasn't, but now it was noon and getting warm. Rather than crawl on all fours I got out the trekking poles to make my legs take me up the hill. It really wasn't bad, but I worked up a sweat. There was a nice cool breeze which felt very refreshing in the shade of the Wind Cave. We also watched a couple of crows in an aerial dogfight with a hawk over the Wind Cave which was cool.

All in all a very enjoyable first hike on a very pretty area.

A few patches of wildflowers north of the pass.
7.4 mi • 1,194 ft aeg
Trying to squeeze in another hike before Father Time and the Rising Sun catch up with me. The trick is to bring lots of water and electrolytes and be done with your hike before 11 a.m. The problem is to remember to drink the water, drink it early and often before you think you really need it. Struck out on all these requirements on top of which there were only a few straggly ocotillo flowers, and a couple hedgehog cactus in bloom. Not even one brittlebush, no lupine, no poppies on the Pass Mtn. loop from the Meridian parking lot. Wonderful breezes, however; nice to see they’ve added all those rest benches, but the last two miles downhill even, at 88 degrees, proved to be extremely taxing on the older folks. There were plenty of hikers out today, even several starting out counter clockwise at 11 am. Hard to fathom. It’s an Edward Abbey desert out there; It endures our suffering with implacable indifference. The Meridian TH adds about .6 miles to the loop. As usual, Phil took the photos, even without a filter.

Some ocotillo, a few hedgehog cactus in bloom, nothing else.
9.58 mi • 2,957 ft aeg
Pass mtn ridgeline to Goldfields
After completing the pass mountain ridgeline on a previous run I decided to tack on a bit more fun filled miles. I couldn't find any routes posted on numerous websites that tied this multiple traverse together so I decided to set off and trail run the entire thing. I use the word run loosely as 5+ miles of this was more scrambling with some class 3-4 climbing mixed in. Some of the more rugged stuff could be avoided if you so choose and there is plenty of exposure for the adventurous types. Overall this would make a great day hike. Sorry, no pics as I didn't really stop and take any breaks. There were no flowers at the time.
4.85 mi • 95 ft aeg
Early morning run in the Usery. Started from the McKellips Rd. TH. Got on the trails just before 5am. Did a lasso involving the Levee and then clockwise on Moon Rock to Lost Sheep to Chain Fruit to Blevins and then briefly on Moon Rock to Levee and then back to TH. All trails were in great shape and well signed. There is a slight incline as you head south to north. Not that noticeable, but it makes for a nice return on the run. Didn't see anyone on the trails. Wildlife was nice. Saw several rabbits (Jack and Peter), a coyote and (surprisingly) a deer. Finished the lasso just as as the sun was cresting the Usery so temps were nice and cool.
6.04 mi • 0 ft aeg
Chain Fruit - Lost Sheep Trails
We started at the Buckhorn Campground, rode down to the Chain Fruit Trail (not yet in trail guide as the trail is only a month old), headed northwest toward the Lost Sheep Trail. We rode north on the Lost Sheep Trail out to the Nature Center and then back to the junction with Chain Fruit. We continued down Lost Sheep until we ran into Moon Rock Trail. We continued south on Moon Rock Trail until the trail turned around toward Blevins Trail. We headed north on Blevins Trail until it met back up with Chain Fruit. Returning on Chain Fruit, I took the wrong campground trail and ended up at the group campground. We turned around back to Chain Fruit, continuing until we reached the correct campground trail back to Buckhorn Campground.

Lost Sheep is a fun downhill trail from the Nature Center to Moon Rock. Moon Rock has turns with rocks that were more than my limited skill could handle without slowing down quite a bit. Blevins Trail was very sandy and a workout climbing back up to Chain Fruit in that sand. Chain Fruit is nicely packed. It was a pleasant climb with slight rolling dips along the way.
4 mi • 0 ft aeg
Blevins-Chain Fruit-Lost Sheep
Started at Area 10 and headed out west on Blevins Trail to Chain Fruit. Off Chain Fruit, we took the spur out and back to the Buckhorn Campground. Back at Chain Fruit, we continued north toward Lost Sheep Trail. We headed north on Lost Sheep toward the Nature Center. We interrupted a family photo shoot on the trail just outside the Nature Center. We turned back around and took Lost Sheep down to Moon Rock Trail. On Moon Rock, we headed east toward Blevins Trail. At Blevins, we headed north back to Area 10. Nice bike ride and first time on Chain Fruit, Lost Sheep, and Moon Rock.
7.6 mi • 1,194 ft aeg
Went on a run around Usery mountain. Arrived at the wind cave parking lot at 5:00 AM and was the first car. (Bathrooms by the way where very clean.)
Going around the trail counter clockwise the way up the mountain is very rocky and seems to be a bit more washed out due to the recent monsoons. I didn't run into any one else until near the saddle and then not again until halfway down (6:30am). The way down or the north side is pretty smooth and the trail is in good shape.
Due to all the recent rains the plants are very happy and I was surprised to find allot of green grass near the saddle on the north side. No sightings of 4 legged creatures other than a small mouse this time which is surprising as I often see mule deer when I visit in the early mornings.

This trail is always a great choice and has awesome morning views from the saddle looking out towards the salt river. There is also good views of the valley especially when dark if that's your thing.
5.64 mi • 305 ft aeg
Morning run in the Usery. Started from the TH at Signal Butte and McClelland. Did a CCW loop using Spillway - Meridian - Cats Peak - Blevins -Crimson Wash - Levee - and Signal Wash. Lot of trails not much distance. Almost no elevation with this run. Trails condition varied slightly going from compact dirt for most of the the trails to a "gravelly" wash (Crimson - not too bad) to a soft powdery dirt (Signal Wash - like running in sand :( ). No wildlife except for several rabbits. Didn't see a soul while I was out there.

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