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10.4 mi • 4,043 ft aeg
Definitely felt like fall for this. Browning continues, and the abundant yellow flowers are finishing up.

Additional heavy rain has wet the mountain again and things which had started to dry out are running with water again.

Copious bear scat all over the upper trail, and on the last bit of the Super Trail a woman was yelling, "go away bear" for at least 10 minutes, while standing in one spot. I never saw the bear, but he is active in the area for sure.

Very quiet with no almost no one else out, and as such it was peaceful. There was some species of hawk screech or serenading me, for the first hour of my hike down off the summit.

The creek continues to flow heavily near the trailhead, and some of last weeks storms were heavy enough that the road was briefly covered with a debris flow.
9 mi • 1,813 ft aeg
Last hike in the Chiricahuas. Lower elevation, so a little different flora and fauna.
Severe run off following the Horseshoe fire has changed the landscape near the creeks and wiped out the trails in places. We didn't complete our planned loop because of route finding issues, but it was still a very nice beautiful hike.
The purple flowers with yellow centers are going to seed. The seeds are similar to fox tail. They get into your clothing and drive you nuts. We removed many hundreds of them during and after hiking.
This hike is worth repeating now that we've had a chance to research the route.
Excellent first trip to this part of the Chiricahuas. Thanks to Randy and Kelly for helping put this together. :)
9 mi • 1,813 ft aeg
coffee and breakfast with randy while we packed up camp
randy suggested a loop for john and i to hike on our way out monday
turkey pen - rock creek - saulsbury
we set out on turkey pen trail around 0800
nice enough trail except for these little flowers that had thousands of seeds that stuck to our clothes
could have done without that
we saw several turkeys run across the trail - john should have a photo
navigating from a photo of randy's fifty year old map, i thought we had to go further north to hit rock creek, when we were already on it
could have just continued east to connect with saulsbury
there is a trail up a drainage where we were looking, but it has been destroyed by flooding
not the correct route anyway
we decided to retrace our steps back through the stickers
nice enough hike, but a little frustrating
would like to go back someday to complete the loop
nice country out there
again, saw no one else
lots to do from west turkey creek: more trails and different combinations
we'll be back!
13.5 mi • 4,227 ft aeg
Second day of our Chiricahua trip. Main goal was to hit the high point of the range, Chiricahua Peak, and add on extras as we had time and energy.
Salida Gulch Trail #95 - Bradshaw ...
Salida Gulch Trail #95 - Bradshaw Mountains - Prescott Arizona
We started with a short bushwhack from camp to the Mormon Ridge trail. As we gained elevation the views opened up and were fantastic.
After a bit we crossed a talus landslide area about a hundred yards wide. There were no cairns or obvious signs of a trail on the other side. Taking the best looking possibility proved to be wrong. An hour later and after half a mile of difficult bushwhacking, we finally found the trail again.
Once we got to the Crest Trail we made our way up to Chiricahua Peak. Views are limited from the top. On the way to Paint Rock, the views back towards the peak are impressive.
It took some route finding to get through Paint Rock, then it was on to Monte Vista Peak. We got rained on by our own little private cloud that followed us all the way from Paint Rock to Monte Vista Peak. We took a break under the porch of the cabin at Monte Vista until the rain slowed.
We decided to skip Johnson Peak on the descent since we were running behind schedule and it was still raining. The descent down Morse Canyon was on nice tread in big forest. Not overgrown like most of what we had been hiking on all day. Great way to end a tremendous hike. :)

Extreme above 8500 feet.
13.5 mi • 4,227 ft aeg
this looked like a solid loop with two peaks, right from sycamore campground
got going around 0800 or so after coffee and breakfast with randy
cut straight up the hill to mormon ridge
nice trail with good views, right up until where we lost the trail crossing an avalanche/rock field
took us a long time to find it again, with plenty of bushwhacking and climbing around on loose rock
"someone" forgot to import the pieces to this loop, which would have been helpful ](*,)
trail found, we continued to the crest trail, then north to the chiricahua peak trail
took a little break on the high point, then retraced our steps to chiricahua saddle
headed for monte vista peak, with another route finding adventure near paint rock
the crest trail was very overgrown and hard to find in places
lots of sharp raspberry bushes and other pointy vegetation
it would have been nice to have shin guards
got a few sprinkles and then some light rain
at the peak, went partway up the tower then took a break under the cabin overhang until it stopped raining
steep descent down turtle mountain and morse canyon trails, finishing with a road walk
enjoyed the loop and fun to do something new
was surprised at how little traffic the trails seem to get - we saw no one all day
my phone died on monte vista peak, so i used @dixieflyer's stats for the remaining mileage
0 mi • 0 ft aeg
West Turkey Creek-Chiricahua
I had been down to the area several times this summer to see the aftermath of some flood events, but had not camped yet. I received a PM from John that he and Kelly wanted to do some camping and hiking in southern Arizona and wanted ideas. I suggested West Turkey Creek because the stream was flowing strong and a network of trails radiates out to the upper reaches of the range. They liked the idea and invited me to join them, so heck yeah, got to camp in one of my favorite places for two nights and not be alone for a change! :D

Saturday after setting up camp we did a hike up to Mormon Spring and the old sawmill site. Missed it on the way up and hiked aways further up the canyon, where we encountered some serious trail rehab work. I was too tired to go much further, so while John and Kelly continued on up canyon for awhile, I backtracked to look for the sawmill site, which I found and waited there for them to return. :) I don't do much hiking anymore, so that was it for me this trip. The rest of my time was spent hanging around camp. :lol:

John and Kelly were going to do a big loop hike Sunday and wondered if I would get bored while they were gone. Not a chance...just being out there is good enough for me! :) There were a number of other campers Saturday, but they all left Sunday, so we had the campground to ourselves Sunday night. The last campers to leave had a problem though, a dead battery on their SUV. The way they were positioned in the park spot, I was unable to drive close enough to use the jumper cables to help them. So they tried to push the vehicle back out to the road, but the slope was too much, so I looked around for a way to drive down into the camping area and get close enough to get the job done. It took awhile, but I was finally to get close enough that we could use the cables. Success! :D It took a bit of effort to get my RAV back up on the campground road, as I was spinning in the wet dirt on the embankment, but after a couple tries I got it done. :sweat: Of course the FS crew showed up for their daily visit to check on things while I was down in the tent area, but they were glad I was able to help the folks out and spent some time raking away my tire tracks and placing a few more large rocks on the embankment where I had driven down. :lol: All part of the fun of camping. : wink :

After another great night of sleeping, I packed up my stuff in the morning and enjoyed a few cups of coffee, while John and Kelly headed off to do another hike before heading home. Thanks for the invite to join in on this adventure!

I kind of liked the pulsing culvert. :lol:

another great summer display fading away
3.9 mi • 1,050 ft aeg
john and randy arranged a camping/hiking weekend in the chiricahuas
west turkey creek area would be new to me, and it offered plenty of hiking options
randy found a great campsite for us
john and i rolled in around mid afternoon
set up camp, then randy wanted to do a short hike with us and show us some of the landmarks
we crossed the creek, then headed up mormon canyon
highlights included a hawk, a dam, a waterfall, an old sawmill and mormon spring
we didn't find the sawmill and spring on the way up, so john and i went a little further
randy had located the sawmill by the time we went back down, right near the wilderness sign
finished in the dark with one more creek crossing
good times! we hadn't hiked with randy since newman peak in 2015
3.9 mi • 1,050 ft aeg
We were looking for camping/hiking options in southern AZ. Who better to ask than rwstorm himself?
The Chiricahuas topped the list of possibilities. The West Turkey Creek area has lots of trails and camping opportunities, and was our choice.
Randy arrived before we did and had picked out a nice campsite along the creek. After we set up our tents, we all decided to venture up the Mormon Canyon trail to the old saw mill site and also check out Mormon Spring.
The concrete foundations from the mill were obscured by deadfall and we passed right by without noticing. After some more hiking uphill, Randy decided we had gone too far and started back down the trail. Kelly and I continued a ways up hill until we needed to return as sunset was approaching.
Randy was waiting for us at the mill site on our return. He also found Mormon Spring nearby.
By the time we got going again the sun had set and we had to finish the last bit of the hike in the dark. Interesting hike. Good times. Thanks for showing us around Randy. :)
3.23 mi • 1,843 ft aeg
The plan was to hit the summit, but the overgrowth is so thick I ended up off course. Where the trail took a bend, the most obvious looking route ended up being a game trail. After floundering around trying to find an alternate route and getting cliffed out, decided to play it safe and retreat.

Lots of activity on the ridge to the north. Kept seeing the DPS helicopter making multiple passes and saw firefighters on the ground waving around. Asked a friend on SARA what was going on, but said that rescue was being done by the local fire department.
5.9 mi • 1,100 ft aeg
Took Monday off so I drove out Sunday night to the Deer Creek TH in the Galiuro Wilderness to car camp and hike. I've hiked in the Galiuro's before (Ash Creek) but wanted to try the northern portion of the wilderness this time. Got to the TH at about 8:30, it was pitch black and I parked under a huge tree next to the only firepit I saw. There was a truck there with a horse trailer but no one in it. The knats and mosquitoes were horrible but were not around in the am with the cooler temps. Did not sleep that much, got woken up in the middle of the night as a rain shower came through which was surprising as there was not a cloud in the sky when I left, then a couple hours got woken up again by a pack of coyotes howling and screaming close to me. Got up at 5am with the sun not up yet, I started off. This area of the Galiuro's is covered in knee high grass, which did not make me feel that comfortable with the snakes out and the rocks the area was covered with. Followed a very faint trail across the first ridge then down into the first creek crossing which was dry. From there it was all up, up and up with the grass continuing. Bushwhacked over to Double Trough Spring then continued up to Mud Spring which was my stopping point. Relaxed in the shade at the spring and headed back down. Three cowboys on horseback arrived back at the TH right before me (that was the truck that was there). At some point I want to hike to Power's Garden, but it's definitely a backpack due to the distance and drive. No wildlife sightings and no cows at all on the trail or at Mud Spring.

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