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5.84 mi • 636 ft aeg
Wanted to get another hike in the Superstitions, so checked the weather last night looking at temps only getting up to 88 degrees, which is still warm for me, but figured I did it last Sunday so why not. Got up early and headed up 287 past the Haunted Canyon and Miles turn off's and turned onto the 305 by the old Horrell Ranch. No one else at the TH when I parked in the cat claw and started up the Cuff Button Trail. The Cuff Button Trail runs all the way to the Oak Flat area but with the temps today my goal was to visit the old corral. The old two track has washed away in many areas, especially in the beginning where I stayed in the creek bed (it was much sandier then I remember) however, a good portion of the trail still exists up on the benches next to the Creek. This trail sees very little use which has caused the cat claw to flourish in the area unfortunately. Took a couple breaks along the way up to the corral but eventually made it. Spent some time there paying the price with the catclaw forest surrounding it and headed back. The way back was hot AF! I thought last Sunday was warm, yeah no, it was a slow hike out today, stopping several times to hydrate and cool off as most of this hike is exposed in the sun. There was a slight breeze every so often that kind of helped but not really. Got back to the truck and the temp read 97 degrees, so much for only getting to 88! This area of the Superstitions has some of the coolest geology anywhere in the wilderness, but I am going to pause hiking in the Superstitions until the weather cools off, today was way over my comfort level.
5.5 mi • 600 ft aeg
I hadn't hiked in the Superstitions since April, but I had the itch so I bit the bullet and headed up to the Miles Ranch trailhead to hike down West Pinto. Got a late start so it was already 85 degrees when I started out. Started across the Miles grassland at a slow pace worried about encountering another rattler friend. Crossed Rock Creek (which was dry) and continued down Pinto Creek. The trail was good for just under the first mile before being overtaken by grass and brush so I stayed in the creek the rest of the way. Pinto Creek was dry until about a quarter mile past West Spring. I have always found flow here however, it was not much today, just barely enough to wet my towel. Continued on to Oak Flat, took a lunch break in the shade and started making my way back. The hike back was HOT and the 4Runner confirmed that showing 93 degrees. That temp is normally way out of my comfort zone but I really wanted to get back in the Supes so I pushed myself to get in 5.5 miles and it was totally worth it. There was a good amount of shade and I was blessed mother nature gave me a good breeze the whole time to help manage the heat. The summer rains have done wonders to this area. It is a jungle! The Sycamore's are growing like weeds and I only came across minimal cat claw (although I was in the creek most of the time). There were a couple of areas that had some minor downfall and rocks to maneuver around but nothing major. The worst area was just as Pinto Creek starts rounding the backside of Sawtooth Ridge. Major flash in that area recently that split the creek into two for a bit but again, nothing you can't get around. No signs of human tracks as expected but plenty of deer. Felt great to get back out into my favorite wilderness even with the hot temps.
3.5 mi • 320 ft aeg
It rained before my hike here. It also rained before my hike yesterday. I did not see rain in the forecast before each hike. Some Sonoran desert toads were out and lots of arthropods were crawling around. Nothing too unusual this morning. Also, there are lots of small camel spiders out. They are too fast and small to pick up and photograph.
4.5 mi • 320 ft aeg
I got a late start because eastbound 60 was closed near Power Rd due to an accident. Luckily, in August, snakes come to me like melted chocolate to a fat kid's face. And I reaped the sweet rewards this morning with a variety pack of 7 snakes (3 dbacks, 2 longnosed snakes, 1 gopher snake, and 1 coachwhip). I had to rush thru this hike, so I was not able to set up my photos properly.

Update: I'm at 423 snakes this year! 8)
4 mi • 400 ft aeg
With the summer blast furnace going, I wanted to get in a quick hike on Sunday morning. My original plan was to hike up on the cliffs near Canyon Lake and catch a sunrise. Driving up the Apache Trail, I noticed the really cool clouds over the mountain and not so many near the lake. So, I parked off McKellips Road and hiked to the Siphon Draw trail and waited for the color show.

The clouds and colors did manage to put on a nice show. I moved up Jacob's Trail a little. The clouds on the eastern horizon block the full experience, but it was a nice way to spend an early morning. Ironically, the colors were spectacular over near the lake.

I saw a couple hearty souls heading up the Siphon Draw. The Flatiron is "out of season" for me this time of year.

When the cloud cover took over about 7am, I finished up and hiked back to the truck.

A Sunday morning well spent.
3 mi • 650 ft aeg
I got to the trailhead around 9:15. 2 spots left. I don’t remember the painted lines last time I was here. Seems like less parking. 2 portapotties set up. Looks like there was a good Brittlebush bloom showing this year but most are toast now. A few Hedgehog blooms. Trail in pretty good shape. No bushes to push through either and pretty clean! Not as much water as I thought there would be . Two guys working on trail. Nice to be outside.
3.9 mi • 692 ft aeg
Heading east around 930am on the 60 I started to get poured on around Gold Canyon. I flipped a U-y and went to Lost Dutchman State park instead. Very few people out. Trail had gotten some rain but was still firm enough to not make a mess out of it. Temps 55 with wind was really nice. The foothills south of Treasure Loop had a sea of Brittlebush blooms! Albeit a little past their prime it was still a pretty nice showing. Some nice clouds out there today too. Although they did block Four Peaks and the Flatiron from view. Enjoyable outing!
2.77 mi • 569 ft aeg
Last minute hike with Guru and Mandie. Thanks Susan Harnage for the tip off....the brittle bush bloom was brilliant! Hiking up at sunset is beautiful ... wonderful light show on yhe cliffs and all the yellow blooms were glowing. A tad on warm side when we started but a cool breeze made it quite nice. Not too much traffic on trail made it a nice experience. Upper end if loop was a tad hard on my 15 yr old Golden girl but she did OK. Long views of 4peaks...little 4peaks and Goldfields make for stunning scenics. Great short loop trail for an evening hike!

Brittle bush was peaking, brilliant orange globe mallow, creosote on lower slopes....
17 mi • 1,972 ft aeg
2nd Water-Boulder-Calvary-Blk Mesa
Left First Water Trailhead on Wed at 11 AM & walked the length of Second Water Trail to Boulder Canyon Trail. Had some "fun" criss crossing the boulders in Boulder Creek. The trail is a little tricky to follow here but there are cairns on either side of the dry creek that were helpful. Hit Calvary Trail which starts with a climb. Camped at a great spot close to the intersection of Calvary and Dutchman's. Water was available nearby coming from White Rock Spring.

Day 2: started on a short stretch of Dutchman's to Bull Pass. Coming down off the Pass there are amazing views of Weaver's Needle. Took Black Mesa Trail to Second Water back to our car.

Mexican gold poppy, lupine, deer vetch, pink fairy duster, fleabane, Indian paintbrush
3.9 mi • 1,070 ft aeg
Hiking back to back weekends with (nearly) all my family is an odd occurrence so I was glad for the chance. I had not been out to the Siphon in twenty years and may have overestimated the resolve of my wife and kids. I mean, it is not Flatiron, how hard could it be?

The eight year old and I did fine but my wife and older daughter lacked proper footwear and, in the case of the latter, also a desire to be hiking this day. We all reached the draw but did so with mixed spirits (not the kind you drink) and so the stay there was brief. My younger daughter and I briefly tried 'sledding' down the face of the draw on my foam sleeping pad but had limited success.

In the end, we contented ourselves with filtering some water in a small pool in my Grayl bottle and enjoyed drinking Superstition snow melt direct from the source for the first time.

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