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The Best Hikes in Las Cruces BLM

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8.65 mi • 2,875 ft aeg
I drove all the way out to White Sands and changed my plans when the line of cars backed up to the highway. That and the bus loads of kids with saucer sleds running around the visitors center. So with the remaining daylight, I wanted to hike Baylor Peak. I went up the West side, which reminded me of Bell Pass, for the first 3.5 miles. Then it was up another 1300ft in just .8 miles on a faint path to the peak. I reached the top just before sundown and hurried back to the main trail with fleeting light. I'm really glad I went for it and didn't turn around at the saddle. This was a great day hike and fairly challenging.
2 mi • 550 ft aeg
My family camped at the Aquirre Springs Campground, just east of Las Cruces in Organ, New Mexico. It was close to dusk when my girls got the bug to explore the nearest hiking trail. This is a beautiful scenic route overlooking the valleys and desert below the Organ mountains. There were small patches of snow still nestled in the rocks near the top of the mountain and there was plenty of water run-off and streams to cross along the trail. We had to cut the hike short (turned around halfway) as twilight approached and my youngest daughter wasn't prepared to complete the entire loop. Beautiful piece of country.
8.6 mi • 2,845 ft aeg
I had a work trip out to El Paso and Las Cruces, great chance for a hike! I had done the Baylor Pass trail a few years ago and enjoyed it, but inclement weather kept me from getting in the peak as well. Rain threatened again this time, but it just stayed cloudy with a few scattered sprinkles. I parked at the west side trailhead about 4 in the afternoon to begin my adventure. The Baylor Pass trail is in really good condition, nice consistent elevation gain to the pass with nothing too steep. Great trail through Oaks and Sotols, very little bloom yet since it is a bit early in the year. The trail to the peak is a bit faint in spots, but pretty easy to follow until you get to the first false summit. From here, it is rock hopping and picking your way over to the peak. There is about 1300' of gain in 0.8 miles, so it is good and steep for sure. This route was completely non-technical, but there were some spots where it was helpful to use my hands to keep going. Definitely not a trail for those that have a fear of heights...I took a quick break up top, but the wind was howling. I was in my usual hiking gear, t-shirt and shorts, so I headed back down before getting too cold. Caught a great sunset on the way out, and there was a bunch of yellow evening Primrose that had opened up and bloomed by the time I got back to my car. Great hike if you are in the area!
7.5 mi • 2,875 ft aeg
Just got back from Baylor Peak. I like to hike it at least once a year. I prefer trails that I can do without needing full climbing gear, and although the the section from the pass to the peak is not easy, it doesn't require gear. It was just as dry and full of cactus as last year, and the views are still just as amazing.

From the parking lot to the pass, it's a really easy family hike, but once you make the turn north and begin heading up to the peak, it begins to demand a little more endurance and stamina.

I recommend plenty of water, snacks and a good hiking stick/pole.

Here's last year's trip up.
4 mi • 1,339 ft aeg
Terri's Friday Hike
Drove over and hiked the Pine Trees Loop in the BLM Campground on the East side of the Organ Mountains... guess I'll have to write up a description!

Terri, Leah, Nancy and Dave shared the day... nice outing.

Need to confirm AEG...

I'll post pics later... full album at: ... 4345988913
6.7 mi • 1,565 ft aeg
Decided to ring in the New Year someplace outside Arizona for the first time since 1978/79 (Midland, Texas). The Las Cruces and El Paso hiking meetup groups were offering this hike, so I joined in. There were about 25 people signed up, plus many others out on the trail enjoying the absolutely perfect day! I had wanted to hike this trail for quite some time, so this was the chance to do the western part of it. I will do the eastern part when I camp over at Aguirre Springs in a few months. Lots of fun seeing some new territory and talking with folks along the trail. :)
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7.5 mi • 2,875 ft aeg
I missed a hike up Big Baldy last week, but I still needed to go to Las Cruces to shop and I like to hike in the Organs. I had wanted to hike this again for a little while, and so I went with it.

The area is a bit healthier than last year, as all the monsoon rain produced a lot of growth. Today was also a lot nicer than last year, when cold winds were blowing me off the summit. I found the trail above the saddle a little more confusing this time. Often it dies out at odd spots. It was confusing even when descending.

Visibility was much better this time, but it still wasn't perfect. With the basin being so low and so close to El Paso, TX, my guess is that clear views of the Guadalupes are not common.

Some creature has made the summit cairn it's home, and is protecting it's investment with piles of cholla placed all over it. Aren't rodents fun! Finding a spot to sits is a bit harder with this, but what can you do?
6.92 mi • 1,774 ft aeg
Work took me to El Paso and Las Cruces, so once again a New Mexico hike started looking pretty nice... :D The Organ Mountains have a great profile from the interstate, but there are some nice lush areas in there to surprise you! I hiked from the west side trailhead over to the east side of the pass and back. I had thought about trying a scramble up to Baylor Peak, which certainly looks doable, but there was a pretty quick storm moving in from the east. I got to watch the White Sands Missle Base get pounded by some rain from my vantage, and I ended up getting caught in the fringe of the rain on the way out as it was. Great temps, I started out about 4:30 and it could not have been much higher than 82 degrees. Insect life everywhere, thankfully no gnats or mosquitoes, but I did see a few tarantulas, thousands of ant and beetles, butterflies, moths, even a wily centipede. I am always amazed to see such beautiful Sotols in habitat, and not turned into pineapples like are so common in the Phoenix landscape.
7.5 mi • 2,875 ft aeg
I really wanted to summit something in the Organ Mountains before winter set in. I was about a day too late for that, as it was cold, and extremely windy. I haven't had winds like today since one of my really windy Humphrey summits in the winter of 2011. It was hard to stand up at times on the ridge, but not the summit, and in the saddle it was gusting to well over 60 MPH. You know it is windy when you can't walk straight and have a hard time standing up.

A really nice summit, but just OK views due to the wind whipping up dust and the haze from the cold front. I could not see Sierra Blanca, but should have been able to as there was nothing in the way except dust. Also, I probably could have seen Guadalupe Peak, but I do not think I could due to dust. What seemed like it might have been Guadalupe, was probably some other lower peak further west of it.

I ran down some of the best sections of trail to make up time, as it was getting late. I caught a really lovely sunset from the old gate at the 1 mile mark, and was at my car well before it got dark.

I know it is early winter, but man is this a drab range. Brown, gray, and brown. Nothing seems green at all. The desert might get hot in summer, but the range is high, dry and cold. I've seen better vegetation at lower altitudes in dry parts of Arizona. I could tell this is not a true granite range, too. The rock has no large quartz crystals in it. For the area, is is about as close to granite as you can get.

Overall, the area felt a lot like the dry spots on the Fatman's Loop near Flagstaff, except with towering peaks just to the south. It was nice seeing some Arizona White Oaks on the trail. Other than those trees, this is not a lush hike at all. Maybe in August?
4.5 mi • 1,200 ft aeg
A very scenic loop hike on the northern side of the Organ Mountains east of Las Cruces. The trailhead is at Aguirre Spring Campground, not far from where I camped for two nights. Trailhead is at about 5700 feet and the high point of this one is around 6900 feet. I did the loop clockwise. As you get higher up great views of the Tularosa Basin and White Sands Missile Range are enjoyed, as well as the always impressive jagged ridgeline of the Organ Needles above you. These mountains experienced a pretty large fire last year, some of which burned through the hike area. On the return part of the loop a large firebreak was cut to keep the fire from spreading further northwest.

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