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The Best Hikes in Manti - LaSal National Forest

15 Triplog Reviews in the Manti - LaSal National Forest
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3 mi • 3,000 ft aeg
Climbed Mt Mellenthin. Beautiful day, and good elevation training. Thought I might try to bag Mt Peale as well, but I am not in good enough shape nor use to the high altitude, so I went down and did the Gold Basin area on the way back (separate triplog).

I consider myself very lucky to have shared the peak with some of the mountain goats.
5.5 mi • 2,750 ft aeg
I parked just east of La Sal Pass and hiked up to that and then utilized the common gully route to access Mount Peale. At 12,721', Peale has a very Humphrey like feel to it, wind shelter and everything. Just lacked humans. I hiked down a social trail to a two track numbered "4725", and took that to the La Sal Pass road. Cooked up diner and spent the night camped at roughly 10,000'. The color out here was great, and the trip was well worth the drive, which is only another hour round trip compared to Flagstaff. I highly recommend the La Sal mountains in late September.

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