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The Best Hikes in Coronado National Memorial National Park

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13.45 mi • 3,850 ft aeg
Pat Scott - Carr loop
 linda invited me to do this loop in the huachucas
we got going around 0715
cool temps in the lower elevations
comfort springs, hamburg, pat scott canyon to the crest trail
we hit both pat and patricia scott peaks :lol:
continued on the crest trail to carr peak trail
took a nice snack break on carr peak, then down to the campground
saw our first person after we had done the pat scott marked on the topo
her maps had the other peak as pat scott, so we went up that too
chatted with her a bit on carr, where we saw a half dozen other hikers
a few more people toward the finish
good breeze most of the day
water flowing in pat scott canyon
clouds building in the afternoon
nice views from the peaks and from the crest trail
love these sky island ranges :)
thanks for a great hike linda!
13.04 mi • 3,723 ft aeg
Pat Scott - Carr loop
 Today seemed like a good day for the Huachucas. Kelly and I started from Ramsey Vista Campground shortly after 0700 and headed down Comfort Springs Trail. Cool to start, which was nice.

Hopped onto Hamburg Trail for a minute, then onto Pat Scott Canyon Trail. Lots of water along the trail, with numerous water crossings—all easy. Some deadfall, but nothing too difficult. Finally topped out at the Crest Trail and headed north to what may or may not be Pat Scott Peak. Either way, it has some nice views.

Headed back south on Crest to what also may or may not be Pat Scott Peak on the other side of the junction. Different maps say different things. Steeper climb to this one, but not bad. We dubbed one Pat Scott and the other Patricia Scott. Regardless, we got the peak one way or another.

Once back on the Crest trail again, we headed south for a few miles. Pleasant hiking through the trees, with nice views on either side of the ridge. After Bear Saddle, the climb up to the junction with Carr Peak Trail was a bit warm.

Carr Peak Trail was much easier, with a side trip up to the peak. Had a snack up there and enjoyed the gathering clouds. Up until the peak, we had only seen one other hiker all day, a woman who was doing nearly the same loop as us. Saw a half dozen hikers at the peak, but we had the summit to ourselves most of the time.

The descent off Carr down to the campground is mostly easy with a moderate grade. One or two short sections of rocky trail, but felt like a breeze to finish out the loop. Fun day, and good to hike with Kelly again.

Still early, but saw a few flowers here and there.
22.3 mi • 5,084 ft aeg
 Well this was a tough hike. I missed Rowdy today but I’m glad I didn’t bring him. I couldn’t have carried enough water for him.
I was just s strange kind of hike for me as it was Saturday and we only met one hiker in all that mileage. Also we did see one coyote and one turkey and that was it for wildlife. Lots of illegal thrash all over the place and there quite a few trail cameras as well.
The temperature was great with the occasional strong winds.
I want to thank Pernell for the invite as I have always wanted to hike this section of the AZ trail and now it’s done.
I forgot my camera in my car so I took my pictures with my iPhone.
10.65 mi • 3,189 ft aeg
 First trip out of town in quite some time. Miller has been on the list for quite some time. Actually drove in from the west instead of coming in through Sierra Vista. The dirt/gravel road was in good shape. About 14 miles or so of that.

The trail for this is in great shape and the way it was built gradually takes you up and up and up. The first two miles puts you on top of a ridge and makes up the first 1k feet of gain. That two mile stretch is punctuated with caves that have been barred off and unfortunately a bit of trash. Not terrible but more than you would expect to see say in the Superstitions. It was interesting to be at that elevation and not see any trees for quite some time. There are spots with trees but they are few and far between.

The visibility wasn't fantastic on the peak, but it was still nice. The rest of the Huachuca range to your north, and Mexico to the south. The don wall is visible if you squint.

We ended up turning around on the descent in order to boost the elevation gain a bit.

I would like to come back to this range and start from the north, maybe pick up Carr and a few other points. Solid day out on the mountains.
51.6 mi • 8,140 ft aeg
 I was dropped off at Montezuma Pass on 3/31 with the goal of getting to Casa Blanca Canyon TH on 4/1 at 7pm. I started walking at 7:45am. 35 hours would be enough time for 52 miles, right?

The first 2 miles up to the juniper point reminded me why I go in from Miller Canyon for my Huachuca hiking if I can. Some blowdowns and snow between there and the Miller Peak turnoff. I've done Miller Peak several times, so I passed this time given the time constraints. About 3/4 of a mile of snow after Miller, and then a good stretch of mud.

Passed 2 thru-hikers, Bonnie and Clyde, at Bathtub Spring. The Crest Trail was scenic as always. A drainage just past the Ida Canyon trail junction had flowing water--never seen that before.

My memory from doing the whole AZT a decade ago was that Sunnyside was an immediate descent and quick stroll to the wilderness border. I award my memory half points. It's definitely a sharp drop, but a much longer walk along the canyon then I remembered. No complaints about that longer walk since there was flowing water from before the stone wall until the wilderness boundary. Very different than on my thru-hike (a few algae pools is all I recall seeing). I first passed another 2 thru-hikers, Regular Guy and Baby, in this stretch, and then we leap-frogged several times.

After the wilderness boundary, my memory was a long network of annoying dirt roads to get to Parker Canyon Lake TH. Zero points for my memory. I had no memory of Scotia Canyon, so I'm glad I did it again and got to enjoy it. Even with the controlled burns going on (a very good idea--so much fuel out there), it was a lovely walk. A bit of dirt roads (and a large, full-to-bursting windmill tank off to the left), and then I was at Parker Canyon Lake TH.

I met a couple there doing trail magic, and trail support for their daughter. They had all kinds of beverages and treats, but I limited myself to some water and a homemade snickers bar (although the canned iced coffee was so tempting). Very generous of them.

I made it to Parker Canyon (more flowing water) and then took a wrong turn down the creek to get some bonus miles. I figured out my error but decided to call it a day since there were good campsites and I knew any future campsites for the next few miles would be dry. I camped near another thru-hiker, Noah, but we didn't talk much. According to my old databook, I had done about 22 miles. Not a bad start.

I was rolling at 6am on 4/1. Perfect walking temperature before the sun was on me. My memory said AZT #2 was a never-ending series of hills, and it was correct this time. So many hills, and the climb to the high point was a hot one. A fast descent to the Canelo Hills TH, and AZT #2 was done. I had loaded up on water from Parker Canyon, but topped off a little from the TH cache.

I remembered the views along #3 being some of my favorite on the southern stretch of the trail, and they delivered again. Big sweeping views of grasslands + many mountains = perfect. It helped that all the grass and thorn brush had been thoroughly whacked away from the trail. Yay for trail crews.

I first passed an 83yo thru-hiker in this stretch (didn't get his name), and we leap-frogged for several hours. I hope I'm still out hiking like him at that age.

I remembered not being a big fan of the 4x4 road walking last time, but it was much improved this time by having water everywhere (to the point that some wash crossings were tricky). A totally different trail experience from a decade ago. People thru-hiking it this year are so lucky.

I stopped for more water at Red Bank Well. It no longer sprays out the side like it used to, but pressing the float on the trough worked. I probably could've made it to the end with what I had, but I didn't have the mileage numbers for the new trail stretch and decided to play it safe. Shortly after Red Bank, I saw a flock of 12 turkeys off to the side of the trail.

I left Red Bank around 2:30 and was feeling the time crunch, especially since I didn't know the exact distance to the end. I hit the sign where the old & new trail split, and was thrilled to discover it had zero mileage information on it (aside from a scale which was obviously inaccurate). I was also thrilled to discover the new trail appeared to have a bad case of the meanders.

Granted, I was trying to make miles, but I was less than impressed with the new stretch. Meandering, dry (a feat given all the water out there right now), and meandering. Not a section I'll feel the need to repeat soon.

I rolled into Casa Blanca Canyon TH at 6:45pm. I had enough time to rearrange my gear, drink some water, and then my ride was there at 7pm. About 30 miles in 13 hours for the second day, and 52 miles total in 35 hours. I can live with that.


--I was surprised how big the packs were on the thru-hikers I saw. My gear isn't particularly small, but I was super-ultralight in comparison. Even if I had gear for a longer thru instead of an overnight, I would've only had another 1.5 pounds or so.

--a nice amount of poppies in the stretch between Red Bank and the trail split, but no mariposa lilies yet.

--so much water, and much better signage than a decade ago. It felt like easy mode compared to the AZT I remember.
11.83 mi • 4,630 ft aeg
 My first time going up Miller Canyon trail. Quite the steep one. The gentle gain on the Crest Trail was a relief in comparison. Sunny and warm, but still a decent amount of ice/mud in the Crest Trail in places (which I'm sure was doubled by the storm a few days later).

I met a trio of women who were hiking the AZT (or at least a big chunk). One went up Miller Peak while the other two kept going. I know some people hike that way, but I've always found it odd to separate by big distances during the day. And the two who didn't head up to the peak missed out.
10.37 mi • 3,066 ft aeg
 Mike and I got a late start but still managed to get this hike done while hanging out in Bisbee. Wonderful views and the trail is in great condition and effortless to follow. Certainly a good amount of gain and so many "drop-offy" areas to pay attention to. Mike is in recovery mode from a freak bike crash the day while we were biking in Rincon Valley before that left him impaled on a barrel cactus and pinned in an ocitillo but you would not have known by watching him climb this mountain! The needles in his leg will eventually pop out! Great hike but freezing at the top! Glad we did it!
16.08 mi • 4,897 ft aeg
Lutz Miller Carr
 Met up with Chumley, JJ & Carrie for a fun hike in the Huachucas. Chumley, JJ & myself met in Chandler and made the drive down and picked up Carrie in Tucson. From there we made the drive to the Lutz Canyon TH and started hiking around mid-morning.

The Lutz Canyon Trail makes a steady and solid climb as it heads for the crest trail. It was a relatively cool day for mid June after some rain fell the previous day. Along the climb up we stopped to explore a mine shaft that was littered with garbage left by migrants. From there we grinded up the final mile to the Crest Trail where we took a short break. After that we continued on and topped out on Miller Peak. We took a short lunch break here and enjoyed the views.

After Miller we continued north along the Crest Trail and took another short break by Bathtub Spring. We debated our options and decided to head for Carr Peak and I'm glad we did. The short detour took about an hour and this is another quality peak with excellent views! After Carr, we returned to Bathtub Spring and headed down Miller Canyon. The top part of this trail had some downed trees but it didn't last for long. Overall, this trail is in good condition. We eventually connected onto the Hunter Trail and were soon back on road. Once we hit the road, Chumley called an Uber. It took a few minutes to arrive but was well worth the wait. Chumley retrieved JJ's jeep and then played roundup. After that it was back to Tucson for dinner and then back to Phoenix.

This was a really great hike with a fun group! I really enjoy the Huachucas and hope to make an annual return. It's a hearty drive from Phoenix but well worth the time. Thanks JJ for driving and thanks Chumley for organizing!

16.08 mi • 4,897 ft aeg
Lutz Miller Carr
 My first time in the Huahucas and this range exceeded my expectations! JJ, John, and Chumley picked me up in Tucson at 7:20 and we were on the trail at 9:02. The first ~4 miles up to the crest were a solid workout, especially with JJ setting the pace. Chloe, for one, was happy to reach the Crest Trail and be rewarded with lots of shade and a cool breeze. I was really impressed by the views from Miller Peak (I think I might actually prefer this peak to Wrightson! :o ). The next few miles between Miller and Carr were my favorite of the day: aspen grove, Bathtub Spring, big views of Miller and Carr along the crest, and even some early wildflowers. We didn't hang out on the top of Carr for long, as we still had ~9-10 miles to go. The hike down Miller Canyon and Hunter Canyon was pleasant and quick, except for the last mile or so when Chloe started feeling the heat and needed to take a few shade breaks.

Big thanks to @JuanJaimeiii for driving and @chumley for planning the route and saving us a couple miles of hot road walking! And thanks to y'all for introducing me to an awesome new spot so close to Tucson. I'll definitely be planning a return trip to see those wildflowers!
16.08 mi • 4,897 ft aeg
Lutz Miller Carr
 I got an invite to go along with Chulmley, 9L, and Carrie Jane on Saturday night. I didn't have anything concrete planned so a trip back to the Huachuca's sounded pretty good. I met John and Chums at a little after 6am in Chandler and we were off. We picked up Carrie Jane and her dog Chloe in Tucson off of Orange Grove (Nick's favorite) in Tucson. About 9am we started our hike up the Lutz Canyon Trail. It was a perfect day in terms of weather. It had rained just enough the day prior to cool things off and make the ground damp but not muddy. There are some old mining relics at about the 2.25 mile spot and then shortly thereafter there is a huge mine tunnel. It must go back 500-600 feet. Based on the truck loads of debris inside this was or still is a stop over point for migrant travel. Water bottles, blankets, discarded backpacks, and metal food cans litter the floor. If large garbage bags were used to clear it, it is hard to say how many loads it would take to remove all the debris. I would guess this was the last stopping point for several who made a long journey in hopes of finding a better life.

On we went after exploring for 10 to 15 minutes and before long we were up on the Crest Trail. From there our first destination was Miller Peak. The trail in the canyon and on top is in great shape so we made good time. The views into Mexico and of the surrounding area are always spectacular from Miller. We kicked back up top and Chumley revealed that Mexico had just beat Germany in the World Cup.

Onward to our next destination which would be Carr Peak. Carr also delivers great views and on this occasion the one looking back at Miller was especially good. The shadows from the clouds above gave it a cool and inviting look. Our stay on Carr wasn't as long as Miller however it was long enough to really enjoy it as well. Then we backtracked towards Bathtub Spring and then descended down Miller Canyon. This was my first time on this trail and it didn't disappoint. I think it is pretty hard to go wrong with anything in the Huachuca's. Finally we took the Hunter Canyon trail over to our exit point. From here we road walked for about a mile to where Chumley had an Uber pick him up and shuttle him the last 3.5 miles back to the Jeep. He returned to pick us all up and our enjoyable journey through the Huachuca's came to an end.

It was great seeing John and Chumley again and nice to finally meet Carrie Jane. Oh yeah and Chloe too! Good times!

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