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Isle Royale
So this backpack was a blast from the past. Ironically, I did not hike Isle Royale until I moved to AZ, despite living most of my life in Michigan. Although, anyone who lives in Michigan will agree that the Isle Royale might as well be Arizona, due to its remote location.

I posted the trip for three reasons, to gauge potential interest from HAZers for a return trip this summer and to give some of my family members in Michigan something more local to look at, as they live vicariously through my AZ trips :)I would like to do a portage trip of interior of island and the numerous lakes this summer. A lot is based on money and logistics, but I think I have logistics about the money part..sigh Lastly, I am bringing a little attention to the Winter Wolf Study 2014, its the longest standing predator prey relationship study in the world. However, it may be ending soon, as the island is down to six extremely inbred wolves. Long story shot, Moose swam to island, wolves crossed over on ice-bridge 50 years ago, wolves cant go home, but eat the heck out of moose things are great. No genetic diversity leads to weaker wolf with higher mortality, recently went from three packs to six wolves. Only hope is that cold weather this year will convince a rogue wolf to make ice-bridge journey and add genetic diversity to island, which saved population about twenty years ago. These ice-bridges are about a once in 50 year occurrence, so this may be the wolves' last shot, and also the moose. Why the moose as well you ask? Without wolves to keep their population down most biologists agree moose will literally eat themselves to death and the new fir buds they feed on will cease to exist within a matter of years. So an interesting debate is brewing in Michigan. Reintroduce genetic diversity to wolves through breeding, plant more wolves on island, or let nature run its course? Might be a good forum topic as more facts from this year's study are released, the study is great reading, they update every day or so, with detailed logs and pictures, its good reading for nerdy types, I don't think they have posted anything yet this year, but its really cool to follow. ... /135

This was my final backpack before returning to my old stomping grounds (Afghanistan) and I went with a good friend from high school. Luckily it wasn't my "last" hiking trip.

Details of trip are too fuzzy to recall now, but it was a great trip! Your typical warm 40 degree beautiful June days in really really northern Michigan with a just above freezing Lake Superior, great views of Canada, rescuing a woman who was a tad out of her element, good fishing, moose, wolf scat, tracks, an awesome catch and great times...

So I ask, who is coming with me summer 2014, maybe a little early to post on event I do intend to return this summer. I want to canoe, portage, hike and fish island, some real gems on this island, even the inland lakes will put most AZ bodies of water to shame, with depths over 180 feet for some lakes, and they don't have to stock the fish!

Finally, little known fact, Isle Royale is the least visited of National Parks in America, however, it has the highest percentage of return visits, I would like to contribute to this statistic.

Last cool fact, Isle Royale is home to the world's largest lake on an island, with an island within that lake, containing another island with a small lake on that island..if you were able to follow that :)

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