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The Best Hikes of 100 Hikes in AZ - 2007 Scott Warren

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10.6 mi • 2,329 ft aeg
Great summit and really unique trail. Luna wins the day for making it within 10’ of the summit. The first steep chute up she wasn’t having it, but I moved around to the East and found a way up that she could handle.

It’s a little brushy but nothing poking really. No one best way up or down but I think it would be hard to cliff out. I only found a single choke point that required just a little backtracking. I did get rained on for my final 2 miles in the trees. Plenty of afternoon lightening and thunder that was close to me after 11:30.

I was buzzed by a chopper for most of the final summit ascent. I found out on the way down that they are looking for someone who has been missing for 4 days.
15.94 mi • 2,854 ft aeg
I got an invite to join the 2 social misfits on a hike around Mazzy Peak. I met them at the the TH and we headed up everyone's favorite, Y Bar #44. I actually don't mind it as much as most, but to get the views on this one, you'll need to turn around. It's 5.75 miles and a 2300' climb to get to the Divide trail. It's rocky and steep in sections. We passed a couple of guys on mules on their way down. All 3 of us noted the Michelob Ultra Light drink holder attached to the cowboys saddle.

Now up on the Mazzy Divide/AZT we passed 3 different groups of women thru hikers, headed southbound doing the AZT.

I'd forgotten how good the views are on this section of the trail. Views west and the backside of Mazzy Peak.

After a lunch break, we headed down the Barnhardt Trail. With all the rain this monsoon season, this one is starting to get tight in sections again. I still never get tired of this trail. Going down is much nicer because you get to enjoys the views and geology more. The light and clouds enhanced it all.

A good hike with the misfits. Thanks for the invite Chums
2.2 mi • 828 ft aeg
Did a quick overnight in Prescott for a meeting and was looking for a place to escape for an hour while my wife had a work call this morning. Pulled this up and it was only 10 minutes from my hotel downtown.

The hike up is paved and a tad bit steeper than maybe North Mountain. Seems to be Prescott's workout hike. Saw a dirt trail leading off the main trail at the saddle and explored my options to summit the peak. Got about 90% of the way up, but I was wearing my old Solomon's which I have relegated to dog walking duty. Didn't have the grip to get up a few rocks and didn't want to get up something I couldn't get back down. Scooted back down and completed the loop.

Not a bad trail if visiting Prescott and you need an hour to kill.
11.35 mi • 2,910 ft aeg
Devised a loop off the map. Low & behold, the night before, I found Tibber had posted the same route 9 years ago. Dld it & away I went. Believe it is actually FR935 to the TH.

The old Heart trail was the highlight of the day. Sunset is more of a ridgeline climb. Then finally a short road to the peak. The elev. gained over 6 miles is quickly dumped down lookout. Fat mans is interesting. Beautiful temps & fall colors.
10.25 mi • 3,330 ft aeg
Got an early start on the trail and was sort of crowded for the first few miles. Once we got out of the tree line the crowds thinned substantially. The last mile and a half climb to the top was a slog as the wind and low temperature started to slow us down. Made it to the top and only stayed for 15 minutes or so to take some pictures and then head down. The hike down began to drag out but the weather was perfect so I was ok with it.
10.1 mi • 2,255 ft aeg
After a pleasant summer in Connecticut, I came back to Phoenix, but altogether too soon. This trip was hot! 61° when I left the car, but 84° when I got back.

As this is a well-known spot for playing in the creek, the parking lot + overflow has a huge capacity, but I was the only car when I headed out at 7 am. There is an outhouse at the trailhead. I did not see anyone until almost to The Crack, when one hiker almost caught up with me.

I stopped at The Crack, where I had a snack and refilled my water, then rock hopped across and continued up the hill to The Rim. Overnight camping is not allowed anywhere near The Crack; it is a 500 foot climb to the first allowed camping spot. It is a nice spot, but a long way from the play area. Signs at the trailhead threaten fines to anyone who ignores this restriction.

There is good signage all along this trail, but the funniest one I saw is just as you arrive at the Rim and exit the wilderness, “Trail difficult to find beyond this point.” Indeed, the trail abruptly disappears in the grass beyond the sign. No problem for me, though, as this was my planned turnaround point anyway. The meadow on the summit is beautiful and I spent an hour there.

It was getting hot by the time I got back down to the creek, so rather than rock hopping, I put on my wading shoes and forded up to knee deep. It felt soo good! There were several people around the Crack, but I didn’t stay around to socialize. The clouds were starting to build, and I could hear a few rumbles of thunder, but all the way back to the trailhead I met people still coming in, as late as 4 pm. Perhaps I am overly sensitive to the concept of flash flood, but I was glad to be back across the creek and on higher ground.

There was a mix of late season flowers.
16.27 mi • 5,074 ft aeg
Humphreys - Fremont Loop
Couldn't wait the few more weeks for fall and had to have a look for myself at the damage from the summer. Redrew a familiar loop to play within FS rules, avoiding lower Weatherford and Kachina east of the Spur Trail. The whole mountain is still green, except for upper IB, which is just starting to change. Might be back in a week or two; Inner Basin is staying open up from the Waterline junction.

Was hoping for a day of clouds what with the rain and the cool weather we've been having. Forecast called for fog early, and the plan was sealed. Ended up a near-perfect day. Humphreys 151 same as ever. Passed a half dozen groups from saddle and up, and then another half dozen from summit back to saddle. Lots of folks got up for a sunrise summit and missed out on the clouds.

I had upper Weatherford to myself, as well as everything from Humphreys Saddle to Kachina TH for that matter. Lots of traffic on 151 all day long. Low clouds and great visibility. The Ridge from Fremont Saddle was untouched. Clouds built around the summit as I climbed.

Fremont is the summit with the best view of the damage. From there it appeared that Doyle, Schultz Ridge, Fremont's E ridge to Doyle Saddle were burned entirely. The fire did an astonishingly thorough job. Weatherford Canyon below Doyle Saddle, and it's hard to say for sure, was burned about 95% through. The bottom near Schultz Tank seemed to be okay, but everything in between looked like Doyle's slopes apart from a patch or two. Schultz Peak looked similarly, with only a few areas spared.

After an hour, I headed down the SE ridge toward Kachina. That was burned except the highest reaches. In order to avoid the closure, I stuck to the S ridge which was rather clear and stable but very steep. Dense forest and good aspen stands lower down. Emptied into a meadow above Kachina and for the first time since the 2020 Snowbowl closure had that trail to myself.

Just starting in upper IB
7.59 mi • 734 ft aeg
The Crack at Wet Beaver
Beautiful day. It was ~80° when we started at 0930, got up to about 91°. One skinny snake on the trail. Spent about 3 hours at the Crack, relaxing, swimming, jumping, watching dogs run around, meeting people. Only about 5 other people when we got there, maybe 20 when we left. Water was cold at first but felt great. Explored further upstream - there were a couple other deep pools as well as a cave that went pretty deep and was full of bats. Picked up a few plastic bottles on the way out, but much less trash than other places I've been this summer.
4.8 mi • 2,500 ft aeg
Camelback & Piestewa
Figured if 4,000-ft over deadfall in blistering above-freezing temps is doable, I could do a slightly more strenuous hike than Piestewa.

The trailhead was loaded with college kids, so I skipped the 30-minute pre-hike stretch.
(I haven't stretched since 1984)

I saw Augustine coming, so I figured I better get moving because he's ridiculously fast bouncing off the sides. He was on his second lap down, when I was halfway down my first. One of the groups was hemming and hawing about his speed, I didn't say a word but they have no idea. He's one of the few I know that can crank out three-plus laps near 110°.

As much as I despise the footing, the whacky conversations are worthy. One lady was adamant about directing people. She was babbling on and on (what simply could have been straight up). Pretty sure she was directing them to the gold elevators at the Mirage.
12.2 mi • 500 ft aeg
Cave Creek Canyon
Several hikes/bird walks, and a couple of bike rides.
The weather was ideal and the creeks were flowing better than I've ever seen them.
Stayed at Sunny Flat, which was about half full - Stewart and Idlewilde only had one or two campers each.
Bird activity was relatively low - but I did see my first Elegant Trogon in over a year, and got pretty good photos. Lots of deer, a few javelinas and a couple of snakes rounded out the wildlife.

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