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The Best Hikes of Hualapai Mountain Park

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6.91 mi • 2,136 ft aeg
Following the Potato Patch Loop to the Hayden Trails, which included the Tipton Overlook and the dinosaur rock trails, we cut over to the road and from there it was only a short distance to the actual summit on the road. Nice hike, great weather. Oddly, it was cold and windy in Kingman, but not windy on the mountain. Somehow I had thought we'd spend a lot more time hiking on a road, but actually it's very little.

A HAZ member turned up for the hike!!: HikedUP

We could not figure out what the dinosaur is. Maybe it's a rock to the south that sort of looks like a Dino head?

I have to wonder if my GPS is off, because another hiker said his showed over 7 miles and 2500 or so AEG. Or maybe, his is off.

Practically zilch is left now. No aspen leaves. Some very faded oaks and shrubs.
7.85 mi • 2,277 ft aeg
Finally made it (almost) to the summit. At least I made it to the boulder next to the summit boulder. From this non-summit boulder I was able to stand up and have my head higher than the benchmark on the actual summit boulder, and take a photo of said benchmark. So, there. Not as spry as I once was, what can I say?

I posted it as a group thing at the last minute, and had one taker. It was nice to have company for a change. He talked my ear off, which at least kept me from being bored with myself, which often happens on solo hikes.

The weather was nice, but the views were slightly hazy--we could not see the San Francisco Peaks.

Anyway, good hike, hope to get up in the area a few more times as long as this dry weather holds, seeing as I'm wintering fairly close by.

Fall colors are pretty much gone now.
4.46 mi • 1,093 ft aeg
An errand day in Kingman allowed me time to do this loop. I'd forgotten there would be fall colors, so even though it was a weekday I saw probably 10 other hikers, which seemed kind of crowded. This is actually the best place to get up into some elevation near where I'm living.

I think of this mountain range as being like a "mini-Catalinas" due to the granite boulders, the long views, and the pines, spruce, aspens and firs.

I could just barely make out the Peaks from a viewpoint. Could easily see Bill Williams Mountain.

Aspen, Gambel oak, possibly walnut (bright yellow, but saw no nuts), maples, and a few shrubs.
6 mi • 1,000 ft aeg
I just followed the trails, passing the campsites,(no water comes out of spigot), and turned left, crossed the bridge and headed up. Great trail! My GPS is still in Oregon, so I estimated. My laptop died this morning, so can't post photos.

Important to note that the trail does not end where the park says it does. Hang a left, west, and search for it in the brush. It's steep, rocky,and brushy.It leads to an AMAZING flat area used for camping, with a view toward Kingman. Beyond that are the summit blocks, which are huge boulders.

Anyone who wants to go back there with me, let me know. I was hesitant to do the scramble to the summit alone. Would like company for that. If I go alone again I should have my GPS by then, and will post description and route to flat camp area.
12.74 mi • 4,222 ft aeg
Hualapai Super Loop
The Hualapais were our choice for a hike on the drive to Vegas. We weren't sure exactly which trails we would do up here besides Hualapai Peak, and it sort of turned into a "Well, that one is just one more mile...", and before we knew it, all three peaks were done and we had done a real hike for the day.

We headed up the east side of the Potato Patch Loop, then turned off towards Hualapai Peak. The road/trail almost to the summit is in great shape. The final scramble to the top was brushy in several spots, but a fun scramble. The winds were howling at the top, so we were only up there for a minute or two.

After getting back to Potato Patch, we continued west, then headed up to Hayden Summit. The road is good, but steep, and I felt like I was really dragging through this part. Hayden was interesting, and we climbed both sets of stairs to both high points. Walking on some of the plank pathways in the winds at the top was somewhat unnerving, and we were only up there for a minute. My knee was hurting a lot on the steep walk back down the road, so I switched the brace to the knee, and we headed up to Aspen.

It was a fairly easy walk to the Dean Overlook, then we scrambled up to Aspen. The winds didn't seem quite as bad at that point, so we spent a few minutes there, then headed back down and completed Potato Patch loop.

It was a great area, and was a lot more forested than I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. My kids would like the cabins up there, so that may be an idea for summer break.
12.3 mi • 4,296 ft aeg
Hualapai Super Loop
an excellent hike on the way to las vegas with linda
this area has been on my list for awhile
didn't realize we would be hitting all three peaks :)
also didn't realize we would be in pine trees the entire time
the entire park is beautiful
set out on potato patch loop, hitting hualapai peak first
a bit of a scramble to get to the summit
nice to get the mohave county high point
dropped back down to potato patch, going through the boy scout camp, then made the steep road walk to hayden peak
went up both sets of steps to be sure we had the high point
back down the road to the aspen peak trail
nice trail to the saddle, then off trail to the peak
great views of the other peaks from there
finished out potato patch loop
loved the park, and would enjoy camping or staying in one of the cabins sometime
very windy on sunday, making summit stays brief
great choice, linda, and a great start to the weekend!
4.8 mi • 1,273 ft aeg
I was camping in Kingman and this loop made a quick morning hike without disrupting my other plans for the day. Entrance fee into the park was $7 and worth every penny. Just stay on the paved road and follow the signs to the hiking trails. There's plenty of parking once you reach the locked gate. The trails were well marked and easy to follow. Great views along the route. Plenty of reflectors nailed to just about every tree. I would certainly return to hike some of the other trails in the park.
5.46 mi • 1,707 ft aeg
Aspen Peak was surprisingly awesome. The ponderosa forests and giant boulders that you pass through give this hike a really unique feel. The views are impressive and trail is well marked and easy to follow. The trail does technically end before the true summit. However, it is easy to see a social trail that continues up from the bench that marks the end of the maintained trail. The last scramble to the top was enjoyable. I would highly recommend this hike to anyone travelling on the 93 or the 40, looking for a break.
9 mi • 2,800 ft aeg
Off around 2:30PM, proceeding in a CCW fashion around the loop. The car said 64 degrees at the trailhead parking area. The tentative plan was to get Hayden and Aspen. Last time I was here, the gate on the road turned me around, but now I know better. Passed the road on this trip, not thinking it was the road. With all the camps and roads, this trail is confusing to me. Kept going for another 10 minutes or so on the loop, but it didn't feel right and I turned back. Came to the road and confirmed that was the way. Saw snow in the shaded portions up top, which almost turned me back. Not that I had to walk in it, but I am so over snow. Love the steps to the top, beautiful view, headed back down. Felt like a yo yo going down, weaving from one side to the other, but much faster than the ascent.

Got Aspen on the way back. That is a nice little trail. I didn't recall how small an area the actual top was. The water pump was on at the junction. Mileage and gain is a guesstimate. I will get hualapai peak next time.
12.5 mi • 4,188 ft aeg
Potato Patch Loop and AHH Peaks
Potato Patch Loop is in the 100 hikes book so I thought I'd give it a go. Hualapai peak is a county high point so I figured I'd throw it in as well. Some of the previous Hazer's made it 3 peaks so what the heck.
The Ranger station has a self pay station, if it's not open. They even had a little map :) . I hiked the loop counter clockwise. the trail is in great shape. As the loop goes I hit Aspen Peak first. Nice views. Second peak up was Hayden. I wasn't paying enough attention and wound up at Tipton Overlook by mistake. Hayden is pretty much all road. If your on a trail your probably going the wrong way. Hayden is the 1 with all the towers. Hualapai Peak was the last peak and the toughest summit. The hike is up a road also. The road gets more wore down as you top out but never worse then a good trail. I tried to summit on the east then south before I remembered I had a track loaded for this summit ](*,) Blood donated on those 2 attempts . The north side is the ticket. From there you take the road back to your Potato Patch Loop junction and finish your loop. Going this way even gives some north side shade. The trail even had a couple benches for breaks and a couple emergency storm shelters. I enjoyed this one. The aeg is tricky. I felt it more the next day. :) :y:

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