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12.73 mi • 2,329 ft aeg
Triple Arch and Peak 3141 via Black Glass Cyn
 We hadn't been to this part of the Goldfields in almost a year and decided to visit Triple Arch--I was there at the end of 2021, but TboneKathy didn't quite reach the arch that day. It seems like this one has gained in popularity lately, and I noticed that at some point, Willow Springs Trailhead changed to "Triple Arch Trailhead" on Google Maps, which made me think this could be on the fast track to turning into the Devil's Bridge of the Goldfields.

We started a little after 7AM, and there were two trucks in the lot with ATVs on trailers, but they left soon after we pulled up, and it was quiet after that. We followed Willow Spring Canyon Upper and Javelina Willow Springs Crossover in the early miles, and the spring bloom was still going strong--the Goldfields were golder than usual with yellow flowers all over the hillsides. The views near Helmet Rock with Golden Dome in the distance is always impressive in the morning sunlight. I noticed a random U.S. flag up on a cliff near Helmet Rock that I don't remember seeing last time.

We followed Rough 'N Ready Canyon toward Black Glass Canyon...there are some nice caves and tunnels along that stretch that we explored last time but didn't take the time go into today. We found there wasn't as much water as we expected in Black Glass Canyon--some of the photosets from last month had a lot of water and falls, which would've been nice to see, but drier meant fewer obstacles...and that I'd carried water shoes for nothing :).

[ youtube video ]

It was fun scrambling through the canyon, and there was just a trickle of water at a few of the falls areas. Someone did some serious brush clearing in there recently, which saved us some time and made the route a lot easier to follow--I remember pushing through lots of brush last time, but this time there was practically a trail tunneled through that made route finding unnecessary. After the canyon opened up again, we made our way up to the arch and enjoyed the views and ate a snack in the shade. As popular as this one seems to be getting, I was pleasantly surprised that we had it to ourselves.

We eventually made our way back to the creek bed and continued west. If we had time, I wanted to go up to Peak 3141...from a distance, it looked like a steep but straightforward approach without any major obstacles. It was initially easy hiking in the creek bed past Triple Arch but started to get very brushy after a few tenths of a mile. Turnaround time was approaching with ~ a mile left to the peak, and TboneKathy stayed behind while I took off for the top. I had a few brutal tangles with catclaw and brush in the creek bed before I got out and started the ascent up the east side of 3141.

Getting up there was what I expected from real obstacles and no exposure, just a steady climb, lots of brush (mostly free of thorns, fortunately), and some loose rock underfoot...and I managed to lose a glove on the way up. There was a false summit as I cleared the first "peak", which turned out to be a flat ridge before the final push to the top. I saw a deer running up to the peak, moving much faster than I was and making it look very easy. I reached the top covered in yellow pollen from all the flowers I'd pushed through. I placed a register at the peak, and the views were fantastic--Saguaro Lake, Weaver's Needle and the Superstitions, Four Peaks, Red Mountain, and Golden Dome just to the west. That one is still on my list, but there wasn't time to give it a shot today.

[ youtube video ]

I didn't spend long at the top and headed back down (and failed to find the lost glove), rejoined TboneKathy, and we returned through Black Glass Canyon. On the hike out, we took a different route via Willow Springs Canyon. The scenery was nice, but the trail itself wasn't anything special, just flat, sandy OHV roads most the way back. This was a fun one--Black Glass Canyon is one of my favorites in the Goldfields, and I was happy TboneKathy got to see the arch this time. And only saw one person all day--someone on a motorcycle when we were almost back to the parking lot...maybe Triple Arch isn't turning into Devil's Bridge quite yet...
1.55 mi • 445 ft aeg
 I had a longer hike in the eastern Supes worked up, but I had a party to attend later in the afternoon. Chris mentioned wanting to do a quick one in the Goldfields and we came up with a little loop covering some arches.

The air was crisp starting from the Hackamore Gate pre-dawn. No clouds, so it was a uneventful sunrise.
We opted to head to the Cyclops first and hiked up the a trail/wash area south of the Green Thumb. It was easy hiking along this area up to the FS1356. The Rock House Trail was a new one for me. A typical wash in the Goldfields. The hike up to the arch/window was a steep but short.

We hiked back the same way we came in and made our way to the Twin Arches "trail". The start of that was even harder than normal to find, but I've been here many times and knew the general direction. The cairned section on the other side of the wash was easy to follow, but it was the most over-grown I have ever seen it. So much vegetation out there right now.

The views up at the arches are really nice for sure. We made our way back to FS1356 and decided Top Hat and the Palo Verde Arch would be for another day as it was getting late.

A nice and easy 10 miler. Exercise, fresh air, sunshine and it's always good hiking with Chris. A good day out in the Goldfields.
10.56 mi • 1,248 ft aeg
 Had to move my weekend hike to Sunday, so I wanted to do something close to home. Andy came up with a plan to hit the Cyclops, Twin Arches, and the arch by Top Hat. We did the first 2 and by then it was getting close to lunch time so I was ready for a belly full of food and a power nap.

The Cyclops was interesting. I almost went up there 2 years ago when it was still the Mask, but it was August and super hot, so I wasn't up for it. The peak above it has some really nice views. On our way down we found the actual trail, which I didn't know even existed. it wasn't really a bad bushwhack on the way up, especially considering how overgrown things are now with all the recent rains.

We had trouble finding the trail to Twin Arches at first, and that's because there is no trail that makes it out to FR1356. Once you cross the deep wash, the trail becomes visible and is easier to follow the further you go up. I suppose that's just as well to keep the traffic down. The views up there were phenomenal. Looking out around and even the formations and lichens on the rocks up there are really nice. We got under the eastern arch, but I didn't like how the rocks at the top of it look really loose and like they could fall at any second. I stayed away while Andy tried to step up on the pile of rocks to look through it to the city below.

We tried to take the most direct route back but got off track on the horse trails. Just as well, added a a little extra mileage and that never hurts. the weather and scenery cooperated making it pleasant to spend a little extra time out there. I saved the arch on Top Hat for another day, plenty out there to explore still.
12.6 mi • 3,009 ft aeg
 It had been a little bit since Linda Ann and I had hiked together and years since I had been in the Goldfields, so she put together a nice 'flat' route for us yesterday. Started at the Bulldog Canyon Gate at 6am and hiked up the road for the initial part which was blah but was pretty quick. Then took the connector up to Dome Mountain. The trail started ascending gradually but got pretty steep the closer to the summit, but overall was in really great shape. Spent a few minutes on top of Dome, signed the register and headed back down to meetup with the connector that would take us up to peak 3134. Again, the there was a decently defined trail here along with cairns which made the going much easier. Found another register on top and after a few minutes we begin making our way over to 3089. This is where the trail ended; started with a steep bushwhack down to a saddle then up to peak 3089. From there the bushwhack continued down to a wash then a short bur fairly steep climb up to 3047. The views from all four of the peaks and the entire ridgeline were fantastic, well worth the effort. From the top of 3089 it was a slow bushwhack down and over to the Horse with No Name trail. Our original goal was to hike up to Top Hat, however, once we saw the Horse with No Name trail making it's way up a rock face we changed things up. Up and back down the Horse with No Name trail then over to Packsaddle with a quick stop at Cottonwood Spring, which was a cool setup. Continued on to the Rock House trail then over and up Blue Ridge before finally heading back to the TH. Finished with 12.6 miles with just over 3,000 AEG for the day hitting 4 peaks. Weather was a bit chilly to start, got a bit warm mid day but the wind and high clouds helped to keep the temps down. Thanks Linda for putting together this awesome route, there is definitely some additional hiking I want to do in the Goldfields.
3 mi • 460 ft aeg
 Petroglyphs no longer accessible. Shiny new barbed wire fence on shiny new poles prevents entry where trail Ys at yellow TRAIL ENDS 500 FEET sign. 10' in front of yellow sign, new giant white sign on fence says, in large black letters, NO TRESPASSING, etc. - violators will be prosecuted under state & federal law, with potential $2,000 fine. Pretty much makes the hike worthless since there are plenty of other trails with accessible glyphs in Superstitions, McDowells, South Mtn Park, et al.
7.91 mi • 784 ft aeg
 A nice hike though a little longer than advertised. We came in just under 8 miles on route scout and 7.75 on a Garmin watch. No detours except for a trip to the top of the oven.

The oven has a large limestone arrow on the ground to keep you from walking past it. And good thing, I might have even though I was looking for it.

As for the hike, 2/3rds of it are in “beach sand” washes. Quite the leg workout. The ridge line was spectacular and the hike back from water users to blue point was interesting. I never realized it was there in many trips down Bush hwy on bike and in cars.

Mexican Gold Poppies, Lupine, Wooly Daisy, Chuparosa (with lots of bees), Desert Globe Mallow
4.8 mi • 1,683 ft aeg
 I've been hiking in this area since last year and am beginning to branch out into more technical areas. One is Ironwood Ridge. Maybe I'm an out of shape wuss or something but I feel these trails need more accurate description. I've read the descriptions and they're all like 'I hiked over the ridge and enjoyed some great views.' Hello!? There are some real challenging bits to these trails! Scree, rock slides, drop offs. They are also not very well marked off the super popular areas. So here goes...
Started at Meridian trailhead just before 2pm. Easy walk north up to the eastern saddle, just east of peak 3004. At this point I went north towards Ironwood Ridge.
The first part of the ascent is steep but not bad. There are many routes up this area, leading to an outcropping of yellow rock. Take the path that goes to the right, not the left. The left pathway leads to a rocky outcropping but not to the top of the pinnacle. Taking the path to the right, acsend onto and over the yellow rock. This rock is very brittle and crumbly but you can walk up it pretty easily, following the natural flow of the rock in a switchback pattern.
After this there is a bit more trail like the trail below and you arrive at a smaller summit, with a flat place to chill, a big cairn and a tree. Heck you could camp here it's so flat and roomy.
From this spot to the top of the peak is actually a very well defined train that's more like a jagged staircase. Always check the rocks before you hand or foothold with them. Many I tested, even sizeable ones, came loose very easily. Climb the staircase and arrive at the top. Higher than peak 3004 and you can see 360 degrees, even east all the way to Flatiron peak. I started to go along the ridge just a bit to test it, not bad. Next time I'll probably go to the next peak or try to do the whole ridge.
The point is, this is a steep climb but not strictly technical. Take your time and small steps it's worth it. Pretty sick view for not a long hike. Highly recommended! :y:
3 mi • 460 ft aeg
 It has been about 15 years since I last hiked this loop, and the weather this morning provided a perfect opportunity to end that streak. Much of the trail was unchanged from what I had recalled, except for a few "signs" that remained somewhat meaningless. For example, as I passed out of the old trail adjacent to the highway abutment beneath Bush Highway, there now was a "fence" with a sign facing opposite my direction of travel, which read "No Parking". Continuing along the public right of way into the small community of Saguaro Lake Ranch, I was pleased to see that the meticulously maintained cabins were still a reminder of how hidden treasures can remain such. The roadway ends at the fence/gate of the Stewart Dam, but the trail almost seems to be "blocked" by a wooden slat fence. There were no signs indicating "private property" [which I totally respect] but the uphill trail appeared well traveled by foot and horse. As I continued along the trail until its exit onto Bush Highway I noted a few other signs, again facing travel from the opposite direction, which were unclear as to their meaning or intent. Again, there is no sign indicating the existence of the primary "petroglyph" rock-- and perhaps that is just as well, as much unlike the defacing that has taken place at sites like those along Hieroglpyphic Trail, these pictographs appear undamaged. My hiking buddy had suffered injury to his foot earlier last week, and so we opted to skip the Goldfield Oven, and shortly after crossing the highway we turned south to proceed down the wash back down to the conduits and through to our parked vehicles.

Despite the cold mornings, we noted some of the desert vegetation was already beginning to blossom.
10.74 mi • 1,947 ft aeg
Willow Creek to Horse with No Name
 Earlier this week we started out from the Willow Canyon Trailhead at milepost 204 on highway 88. Heading north to the wash we turned left and picked up the Little Chance Canyon Loop for approximately 2 miles. This a beautiful stretch of trail with lots of golden volcanic tuff formations.
Look for the lovely section of eroded tuff shown in the picture with text attached, at which point you keep to the left and go up the wash until you find another trail. This trail follows a wash for a while and opens on to clearing where you turn right and head up towards the saddle as shown in another picture with text.
The trail up to the saddle is very well maintained and at the saddle you have a lovely view of the valley and golden dome in the distance. Go down the small ravine at the left of saddle and follow this trail until you reach the jeep trail in the Cottonwood Wash. Turn left into the wash and follow it for about 0.6 of a mile where you go up out of the wash to right and pick up the Horse with No Name trail that winds up the side of the mountain. The trail is a bit rocky here but well-marked and leads some beautiful tuff formations near the top. The overlook is fantastic! I have a attached a pano showing the lovely view from 4 Peaks on the left over to Flat Iron in the Superstition Mountains on the right.
The walk down the back side of mountain is very picturesque. Much of the trail crosses the tuff making for comfortable walking on the descent. We stopped for lunch in the shade near the wash where some old buckets were set up for sitting comfort. If you have some extra time cross the wash to the north and pick up a short loop that provides some great views of Golden Dome.
There is a fantastic stand of saguaros along the loop leading back east. The trail is crossed by several washes so you need to keep an eye for cairns to keep on the trails and avoid the rocky steps in the main wash. When you reach the Cottonwood Wash turn to the right and follow the wash south until you reach for the turn off leading back up the saddle you came in on.
We were pretty tired by the time we completed this lasso loop but it was well worth.
13.53 mi • 1,196 ft aeg
Transgoldfield extravaganza
 Becky and I had previously covered most of the transgoldfield route while exploring other areas/loops. We were only missing a few small sections so we set off to do it all at once! Parked a car at the bulldog north gate and shuttled around to Willow Canyon. Got started right before sunrise and enjoyed the yellow glow as the sun came up. 😍 We made our way through the washes and trails and up to the saddle at the top of Rhyodacite just before 10am…..let the fun begin! Down Rhyodacite we went….through the bushes and over the rocks. Lots of type 3 fun! We had done a year prior as a loop from the high country but we hadn’t had time that day to check out all of the books and crannies this canyon has to offer. Checked out a few caves that happened to be well worth our while. Then came the dreaded March along salt river back to the car. All in all, a great day!

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