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The Best Hikes in Whiskeytown NRA National Park

14 Triplog Reviews in the Whiskeytown NRA National Park
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4.34 mi • 745 ft aeg
This is always a pretty hike that is well shaded that starts through an area that is almost jungle like. There are even some interesting vines that look tempting to swing across. After all the rain, there is lots of green and many trees are covered in moss. In some areas the ground is covered as well. I stopped to enjoy a quiet lake lagoon before turning around and heading back along the quiet trail--I didn't run into any other people along the way.
5.87 mi • 1,196 ft aeg
This was our second attempt to reach Boulder Creek Falls this year, and I'm happy to say that we made it this time! There are three major creek crossings that require walking through fast flowing water, and last time there was a bit too much to safely cross. The water was about up a little past my knees this time, so we were able to cross by carefully walking through. There was a running event going on with people running up to 50K to all the falls around Whiskeytown Lake, so we passed several runners during the hike--they would hardly slow down to cross the creeks! The falls are about as I remembered it from last year, but with more water. Overall it was a great hike, and I'm glad to have finally reached the falls this year.
3 mi • 800 ft aeg
The road to this hike is finally fully open again, marking the beginning of Waterfall Week at Whiskeytown NRA. Brandy Creek had whitewater rapids throughout almost the entire hike, which ended in several powerful cataracts and waterfalls. A wonderful time to hike this trail--any more water and the path around the falls would have been too flooded.
3.81 mi • 988 ft aeg
Back to Whiskeytown Falls again because the road to Brandy Creek Falls trail is still closed. The (small) parking lot was full, but the trail wasn't crowded at all. Quiet and peaceful, and we were the only ones there when arriving to the falls. This was the first time I got to see the falls with crashing flowing water, rather than a small trickle as it usually is. We ate lunch at the bench at the foot of the falls. I'm looking forward to visiting many waterfalls in the spring when they are largest from snow melt.
3.45 mi • 515 ft aeg
This was a very nice hike that is easy to get to in the winter. Follows mostly near to the lake, across several small canyons which had water flowing through. There are many benches along the way, and signs pointing out plant life. The hike was mostly quiet, didn't see too many other hikers. Each viewpoint had a bench by it, so we ate lunch near the end on a bench looking towards a quiet cove.
2.69 mi • 457 ft aeg
After all the rain here, the creeks were flowing with lots of water. This makes for beautiful scenery and full waterfalls, but unfortunately this also means river crossings are not as easy. We made it across the first crossing by crawling across a wet and slippery log, but unfortunately the next crossing looked even more difficult and we weren't prepared to walk across the creek. We turned around the way we came, enjoyed seeing the rivers, and took a short drive to the easily accessible Crystal Creek Falls [ description ] instead so we still got to see some fantastic falls.
6.47 mi • 1,275 ft aeg
Boulder Creek Falls Trail
The hike was gorgeous with perfect weather plenty of fall foliage along the entire trail. I came across chainfern and big leaf maple trees, among plenty of other plants (including poison oak). The waterfall was tucked away just off the main trail, and had a bench facing it where I ate lunch. On my hike back, I noticed hundreds of ladybugs--I must have walked right through them on my way there just before the first creek crossing.
3.87 mi • 938 ft aeg
There was a windy, sometimes narrow or steep, dirt road leading up to the trailhead which had parking and a bathroom. The trail itself started wide and there was a fork near the beginning, with the right path leading down to the creek. The left was the trail which follows the south side of the creek until reaching the lower and upper falls. There were several pools that looked inviting, but I knew they were freezing cold. The falls were gorgeous and there was plenty of area to explore since there were rocks in the creek between each smaller falls. I saw several people along the hike, but had the entire falls to myself about 8 minutes after I got there. It was a great hike to start up again, since I fell off some skates last week and couldn't hike last weekend.
9.18 mi • 2,272 ft aeg
Kanaka Peak Hike
It was a nice challenging hike for me, that offered a great view at the peak of Whiskeytown Lake and the surrounding area. There was an awesome shaded bench at the peak that I ate lunch at. It was a hot hike, and I would not recommend hiking it while it is so sunny and warm still. It'd make for a great hike in maybe October or November.

Some of the leaves on the trees were changing yellow, and others were red. It was nice to see, but most of the trees were still green. Unfortunately I added an extra mile each way and 500ft elevation by parking 1 mile from the trailhead since the guide stated the road was only for 4x4 vehicles. In reality, I could have easily driven up to the trailhead so I had to hike back an extra mile in the hot sun since there weren't many trees offering shade on the road.

All in all, it was a great hike to start getting back in shape for longer hikes. I enjoyed the elevation, and am ready for a lazy rest of the day.

A few yellow leaved trees, many yellow and red leaves on the ground
2.96 mi • 882 ft aeg
Hike to Whiskeytown Falls
It was a nice weekend hike, short but with some elevation change. The falls were relaxing and it was so much cooler by them than at the start of the trail. Most of the trail was shaded. The trail seems popular, and I didn't like seeing all the names carved into trees. There was no trash on the ground though, so that was nice. Definitely a good hike to see some nice falls.

I'm waiting for my full description to be approved for me to link to. I want to add many trail descriptions from northern CA, and am still figuring out the best way to do it.

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