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9.34 mi • 880 ft aeg
Headed out shortly after noon and really lucked out, with a nearby stormcloud blocking most of the sun during the outing. First 5 miles was textbook, took San Tan all the way down to Malpais south start, clocked a steady 12' pace and played leapfrog with a biker. Hit the wall while climbing out of the wash, later found out that my heart was between 170-180 for that first hour with the darn heat & humidity combo. Struggle bus from this point on, alternated between walking and running to the end, leg cramps were visibly twitching :sk: Was able to (very slowly) jog from the top of Hedgehog to the parking lot, just in time to drive to kid's school and 30s after they were released.

Trails were in great shape, as usual, no visible washout damage or anything.
5.61 mi • 465 ft aeg
Bike / run / bike. Philips TH was very empty when I arrived at 5pm, only 2 cars in the lot. Took Goldmine up to San Tan, then followed San Tan behind the hill in the middle of the park to Hedgehog to loop back. I like running back there, minimal city noise filters back. Only saw one biker along San Tan trail... until I finished Hedgehog, then there were... a hundred bikers? A huge group, lots of kids, had to be an after-school program or club. They were all careful to avoid my sweat-drenched trudge. Trails in good shape, only noticed additional loose sand from recent weather. While it was nice to get off the pavement for the weekly training runs, the humidity & sun bouncing off the hill along San Tan was tough to get through. Oh, and there's a lot of activity along Phillips road, cleared desert and a staging area for trees & cacti planting, likely for one of the many housing projects down here.
12.18 mi • 1,372 ft aeg
Breeze made the start chilly, from a parking lot only partially filled. Quickly warm up though on the trek up to the Goldmine saddle. First time seeing wildlife here as 4 coyotes crossed the trail in front of me on San Tan , too slow with taking a picture, they were making a big clamor in the nearby wash. For the entire hike until reaching the Dynamite trail saw more horses and riders than bikeriders. Took a look at another way to access rock peak instead of from San Tan Trail for future ideas Anticipating seeing wildflowers along here in a month with the rain and greenery present.
7.94 mi • 583 ft aeg
First observation 100 yards from Rock Peak TH (fee area - $7) was the deep sandy washed that would be a majority of the Rock Peak > San Tan > Malpais lasso loop - hiking is gonna be a little extra work today.
Made decent time through the wash noticing Rock Peak seemed totally doable and intriguing. Just past ST/RPW near a bench is a cool crested saguaro worth a quick break to admire. Next stop was the 2nd junction w/Malpais trail so I could loop back to closer RPW on ST. Seemed like 80% of Malpais was straight wash, especially on the second half closet to Malpais Hills which loom over the trail the entire hike along with great views of Rock Peak and Goldmine Mountain to the N.
Overall, Trail was super easy to follow with minimal AEG. I will say though... if you don’t like sandy washes, I wouldn’t recommend this hike.

Ocotillos, buckhorn cholla and Hedgehog cacti were blooming, but wildflowers were quickly dying off.
9.18 mi • 460 ft aeg
Early morning run in the SanTan. This is a long drive for me so I don't get out here much but when I do it's been a nice visit. Today was no exception. Got on the trail just after 5am. I wanted to hit the Malapais Trail so I put together a loop going CW starting with the San Tan Trail - HedgeHog - south on the San Tan - Malapais - north on the San Tan - and then Moonlight Trail back to the TH. All the trails were nice. Both the San Tan and Hedgehog were ideal jogging trails - compact dirt with mild elevation change. The Malapais Trail was more wash than I anticipated but in its own way still very nice. It gets you up close to the Malapais Hills, so you get some nice views of them. The Malapais wash is the dry, beach sand kind of wash so it is definitely more challenging to try to run in. On the plus side, the wash is more cooler in the early morning so it felt pretty nice while I was in there. The only times I wasn't dealing with the sand was when I was climbing hills and at the end of the Malapais. It's funny. Each time I climbed a hill I thought I was getting out of the wash/sand only to descend back into it on the other side. The hill climbs were all pretty minor, though the first was a more up and over, whereas the other two were more gradual and winding. The Moonlight Trail was the most "blah" of the trails, but it did get me back to the TH quickly. Trails were busier than I anticipated. Passed about 20 hikers/runners and 3 bikers (but no one on the Malapais). Wildlife was minimal again. A few rabbits and that was it.
9.94 mi • 1,166 ft aeg
Not the best trail for hiking when it’s this hot as very little shade. Started up goldmine trail from dynamite trail head as usual , an early start means hiking up the steep part with goldmine mountain blocking the sun. From the top good views of the Superstitions,air quality seemed worse at the end of the hike,Continuing on to the San tan trail near the headquarters and after that saw only one other hiker until near dynamite trail.Cut off a portion of the San tan by taking the hedgehog trail ,from the trail saddle good views of the San Tans ,can make out the Catalina’s in the haze. Lots of bees swarming around the blooming ironwoods but no problem for me,took a side trip and break to look around the prospect or mine area,not sure which it is as I did not go in, signs indicate the dig is closed. Always presumed it was the work of the “hermit miners” but not sure about that, should have visited their graves again which would have put me over 10 miles today.About 91 degrees at the finish, surprisingly 3 solo hikers just starting out at that time.
10.14 mi • 1,132 ft aeg
Nice day to get out, opted for a hike that only needs a light pack , water and snacks,due to annoying back problem when wearing the the heavier pack for more than 5 miles. Except for the steep portion of the goldmine trail this route is well suited for bikers and runners. Started at the dynamite trailhead ,took goldmine trail for the initial warm up, then San tan trail past the San tan trail head and around to the dynamite trail to finish up with the gentle downhill it provides back to the parking lot Fairly busy for a weekday I suppose due to the great weather, half dozen bikes and 1 horse with rider,plus about a dozen hikers and runners encountered.
9.92 mi • 1,181 ft aeg
Hiked from Dynamite trail head with Brittie and Jesse , hiked clockwise goldmine trail,San tan trail ,hedgehog trail,back to San tan and finishing on dynamite trail, Visited the hermit’s graves, the memorial at the park office which was being power washed by volunteers,the park office. Snacks were shared with a horse and water with fellow hikers. Temperatures were mild to warm with an intermittent breeze some clouds moved in the afternoon.Busy day on the trails, bikers go by dogs and kids too fast. Another nice hike on vegetation free trails.
11.17 mi • 1,196 ft aeg
Looking to do a change of pace from the more rugged superstition trails today. The county parks ,San Tan and Usury Mountain both provide easy to navigate vegetation free trails and deserve to be supported,if you go frequently consider an annual pass or a book of tickets. Accessed San Tan trail from the Goldmine trail and trail head, after the San Tan loop returned via Dynamite trail. The more remote southern section of the San Tan has distant views of Picacho Peak and the Catalinas and the Gila Indian reservation. Be prepared to have bikers come up on you on this trail, saw about 20 other hikers and half as many bikers on this mild and windy day.
11.1 mi • 1,305 ft aeg
Wanted a change of pace instead of the off trail hikes earlier in the week,ie. Pass Mt.ridgeline and hackberry mesa , decided to take the road trails in the park. Started with temp of. 31 degrees up goldmine trail which was a good warm up, then san tan trail,hedgehog ,back to san tan and then dynamite trail. Visited the hermits graves and then their old worksite. Shared the trails with runners,bikers and horse riders.Views on San Tan trail are enjoyable, good leg stretching hike.

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