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The Best Hikes in Lake Mead NRA National Park

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1.43 mi • 187 ft aeg
Last day in Laughlin, but still wanted to get a few hikes in. This trail was first on the list. It's about 20 minutes outside of of easy drive. Got there a little before 6am which turned out to be a good thing. The ranger was just opening up and wasn't quite ready for entrance fee payments and so they waved me through and said "next time." I found out later the entrance fee for a vehicle is $20 :o . Staying on the main road will take to the boat repair shop, which is conveniently labeled "boat repair." So there was no problem finding where the TH was. There was no designated place for parking, but there is quite a bit of open space behind the shop so I ended up parking next to a land-bound boat. The trail was short and sweet. At first I had to go through a few hills that offered tantalizing glimpses of the lake, before coming to a sandy section and the first cove-Ski Cove. Walking between a couple of dunes brought me to Davis Cove and what seemed to be the end of the trail. Short, easy hike. I was done in 30 minutes. If you are just coming here for the hike, I don't think it is worth a $20 dollar entrance fee, but if you plan on making a day of it and enjoying the water amenities, then it is probably a good investment. (Annual pass is $40). The animal life is really what made this hike enjoyable for me. In addition to ducks, rabbits and lizards, I saw a very healthy coyote and a couple of large vultures on the hillside.
3.24 mi • 445 ft aeg
Redstone Wander
Not sure if I had ever checked out the Redstone Loop Trail. Nice, quick little jaunt around a red sandstone outcropping.
Very suitable for young children or anyone not wanting to hike too far. Not too much up and down, and the trail maintains a surprisingly rock-free surface for the Mojave.

But, I needed to spend more time, as my car was serving as the sag vehicle for a 75 mi bike ride. So, after hiking the loop, I took off for some exploration of the area. Very nice with lots of arches and other features in each outcropping. A fun time!
6.7 mi • 1,135 ft aeg
This is a fairly easy hike to make at least going downhill. It will take roughly 2 hours to get to the hot springs pools. You park at HWY 93 a few miles south of Hoover Dam and hike down to the river. There are basically three routes to the springs. They vary by a few tenths of a mile. We like going over the "middle" route. It won't seem reasonable since you have to go up over a mountain ridge before dropping to river level. We have found though that this "middle" route is by far the easiest. The left option (closer to 93) runs you into some dry waterfalls (10-15 feet) and requires some cliff hugging in steep places. The last option is the right option (river side) is the longest and has you hiking in sandy washes a good part of the way. It wont seem correct, but take the middle fork if you can find it. Once at the spring, you'll find three or four pools. The top pool is quite hot, too hot for most to relax in. They get cooler as you move west toward the river. Culminating with the last pool being pretty cool (like bath water warm) and a long ladder to continue down the wash to get to the river. Hiking back up to you vehicle will tax you more than coming down. Not only are you going uphill now, but you will feel hike a lot more hiking in the sand. Finally, if you have enjoyed a few beers in the springs, it will also make hiking up more difficult. So, have fun, but be reasonable. On a side note, every time we have been there, we have met people who kayaked in from the Colorado River. Perhaps, this may be the easiest way to get to AZ Hot Spring. The river edge is probably only half a mile from the hot springs.
6.67 mi • 1,546 ft aeg
A pleasant day spent on an enjoyable canyon loop.

This loop is more a hike with some canyoneering thrown in, rather than straight canyoneering. However, the approach hike is an enjoyable jaunt up a different canyon, with some climbing, scrambling, and problem-solving. Upclimbing is normally not a large component of canyoneering, so that was a bonus.

Not suitable for summer, as you are constantly in the sun with little to no opportunity for even the slightest shade.
3.83 mi • 1,462 ft aeg
Quick hike our our way back to Phoenix. I figured Kelly would like this area, and it's a fun hike, so I was happy to hike this again after just being here two months ago.

Cool and breezy when we started. This one immediately starts climbing, and we made our way up the ridge. Took a break at the turn toward the west, hiked up the steep scree slope, then made the final scramble to the top. It's an easy walk across the top to the hightpoint, where the views are great.

The register was easy to find this time (I wasn't able to find it in February), so we signed it, then relaxed at the top and took a bunch of pictures. The skies were clear yesterday, so we had a nice view of Vegas and all the surrounding mountains.

Quick hike back down to the car, and we followed the wash for the last 3/4 mile instead of the ridge. Great way to finish out a fun trip!
3.85 mi • 1,454 ft aeg
great choice for a hike on the way home from las vegas
linda kindly took the time to stop near the dam so we could walk over the new bridge
cool to see the dam workings with the lake above
drove up a good dirt road to the trailhead, with another quick stop at the edge of lake mead
all new territory for me
fortification hill is more of a butte situated almost 1500 feet above
we took the ridgeline up
steep ascent right off, and even steeper from halfway until the base of the butte
a cool little scramble to get up on top
another half mile or so along the edge to get to the high point
this reminded us a little bit of table top
outstanding views from the summit
lake mead, las vegas, the snow-capped mountains to the west, and interesting geological features all around
spent a good 20 minutes up there admiring the scenery
a bit of a scree slide on the way down, but not bad
linda lent me one of her poles, which helped tremendously, and i would recommend taking one
we cut down to the wash on the way down
good to see the official trail, but i liked the views from the ridgeline better
another great choice, linda, and thanks for being willing to do it again so soon
i'm leaving out monday's main event
saving the best for last :)
13.99 mi • 909 ft aeg
We did this route as a day trip with a large group of friends. We worked with Desert River Kayak to obtain access to the put-in at the dam. The morning started out great, but by the early afternoon, we were taking on some pretty significant headwinds. The winds picked up to 25mph, with gusts up to 40mph, according to NOAA. Despite the weather, this is a really fun trip. It would be ideal to do this as an overnight and camp on one of the sandy beaches. This would allow more time to explore the many side canyons. That being said, Boy Scout Canyon was by far the most interesting and unique place we stopped. We avoided Goldstrike Canyon because there were so several boats already parked there, and I don't like waiting in line to hike...
I did make an exception for AZ hot spring, since everyone in my group wanted to see it.

It's getting close to that time of year when humans should avoid the Colorado Main Stem. It gets rather warm, even in April. However, the dam does tend to release more water to downstream users this time of year. And the cold water is a reprieve from the relentless sun.

Awesome trip. Not sure if I will do it again anytime soon. But I will definitely look for a way to get back in Boy Scout Canyon! :D
3.94 mi • 1,494 ft aeg
Since I always drive back from Vegas by myself, I like to squeeze in a short hike along the way. Fortification Hill was another one suggested to me by an employee, and this was quite an enjoyable hike. Just the drive to the trailhead made it worth the journey--the scenery is beautiful, and I saw several burros along the way.

As I started the hike, I decided to follow the ridgeline up. Again--very windy! Pretty easy, but definitely uphill, and the trail was easy to follow. When the trail turned sharply to the west, it got a lot steeper. Lots of loose rock in this section, poles were a help. I ditched the poles at the beginning of the climb, which is an easy class 3 for about 10 feet. Luckily, there was no wind where I had to climb, but I only got a break from it for a minute or two. After that, there is a little more scrambling, then the trail quickly reaches the top of the mesa. Once on top, it was an easy 1/2 mile walk west across the mesa to the highpoint.

I scared 4 bighorns along the top, they ran for a few seconds, then stopped to watch me. I passed by them, on my way up to the summit, which was super windy. I took a bunch of pictures, halfheartedly looked around for a register-none that I found-then headed back down. The bighorns were still watching me from the same place, I don't think they moved until I was off the top of the mesa. Again, the climb back down was shielded from the wind. I grabbed my poles, then headed down the steep slope, which was very slippery especially while fighting the wind. Once I was headed back south on the ridge, I decided to drop down to the wash on the west side of it (clearly marked by a cairn) to get out of the wind. It was an easy walk back to the car from that point.

This hike would be a great full-moon night hike in the spring or fall. It is very easy to follow, and the short climb is not difficult. You can see Vegas & Lake Mead from the summit, which would make for some incredible night pictures.

Update to the driving directions: From the highway, you take road 70 north 3.1 miles to the restrooms. At the restrooms, take a hard right onto 70C. There will be a sign after a few hundred feet. take 70C east for 2.5 miles. The road widens for parking, and there is a trailhead sign on your left. Despite what the signs say, if the road is dry, a sedan can make it to the trailhead with no problem.
6.7 mi • 1,135 ft aeg
Yet another very cool AZ place, worth stopping for if you're driving by. Did the loop, CCW. Several tiers of sandbags are in place below the springs, creating a series of pools up to waist deep.

There are lots of trails in the area - on the hike out I must have missed the primary trail and ended up in a canyon with two 20-foot dry falls to ascend, 4th class or maybe a move or two of easy 5th class.
6.86 mi • 1,421 ft aeg
Good hike, as always. Compared with the last time I was here, the portions along use trails are much more beaten in now, making it easier to find your way for those who are navigationally challenged ;) The views of Lake Mead and the whole valley are wonderful for so little work, but one downside to this hike is the complete lack of shade, so perhaps not the best choice for a hot day.

This year, I have been doing mostly canyoneering and running, so it was nice to finally just go on a hike! :y:

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