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The Best Hikes of Thunderbird Conservation Park

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4 mi • 27 ft aeg
After work jog. Did a lasso involving Flarlander starting from the 59th Ave. (west side) TH. Took Coachwhip over to the bridge and then CCW first on Arrowhead and then Flatlander. Used the crosswalk to connect to the Chuckwalla on the way back. Weather was great again! Surprised at the number of people on Arrowhead compared to the other trails. Encountered 19 hikers, 1 trail runner on that stretch alone compared to 2 for the rest of the trails.
6.02 mi • 1,103 ft aeg
Coach Whip
Couldn't get out of town this weekend so I hit up Thunderbird Conservation Park. Parked at Pinnacle Peak and then took Coach Whip to Ridgeline, to Sunrise then headed up the second mountain via Cholla Loop and back to the parking area.

Always a nice little hike but always busy. Even getting out before the sun was up there were people like myself out with flashlights. Lots of dogs as well.

2.26 mi • 475 ft aeg
Did the up and back on Arrowhead Point this morning with my Grand-Kiddos and nephew. Three, six and ten but they did it. So as you can imagine there were no speed records broke today. We didn't do the entire loop, simply made it to the flag on the summit then came down the same way. On the way down I ended up carrying the three year old most of the way, so I'm tempted to add a thirty pound pack in the info section, lol. Overall nice hike. Got out at sunrise so the temp was nice and the trail was as described probably a thousand times so I won't bother. But I enjoyed a great fathers day. I hope everyone else did as well.
6.1 mi • 1,029 ft aeg
Arrowhead Point H-2 - Cholla Loop H-3
Took off for a hike this morning, bright and early (4:30am), to catch the sunrise at Thunderbird Conversation Park. It's close so why not. Armed with my Nikon Camera, hoping to get some great pictures, and water I started up Arrowhead Point H-2 at 5:20. Right about the time the sun should have been breaking over the horizon. But no such luck. This is my first time hiking in over a year and the day I decide to go, it's overcast until after 7. Oh well. I didn't let that stop me.

Arrowhead trail is always a good hike. It's rocky, lots of loose rock, but it's not something that should deter your enjoyment of the hike. The first elevation is a great workout for the legs. Lots of high steps with sturdy rocks. The trail was clean, I didn't see a lot of trash like I have in the past. After about 15 minutes of continuous upward climb the trail levels out some, well a slight incline but after the leg workout it feels flat. I got some good pictures from this spot. The second elevation part comes up to the top of the mountain where the flag flies and you can rest. The view isn't spectacular, houses upon more houses, but it still nice to be on top. Many people stop here and return down the same trail. I continued down the backside where the trail becomes more rocky. Lots of loose rock. You can slip easily if you're not paying attention. This will take you to the pedestrian bridge that crosses over 59th ave and connects to Coach Whip. This will put you at right about 2 miles.

I took Coach Whip to Cholla Loop and started up the second mountain of the day. It was fairly steady on the west side and doesn't get to incline until the north side (about a mile in). Then the upward climb begins. The trail cuts back South and you begin to climb, but this is actually an easier climb than Arrowhead. I enjoyed this part and took many more pictures. From here you reach the top and another flag. It felt good to see it flying in the breeze on Memorial Weekend. Down this way was again rocky and there are many switchbacks. Next time I might start this way to come up those switchback to see if the gain is any different.

Cholla loop ends pretty much back at the parking lot and my app had told me I walked 4.8 miles. To finish up I decided to take a lap around the Flatlander Trail H-1a near the parking lot. It was very nice, soft and sandy. By the time I reach my car I was at 6.1 miles.

Overall a great hike, the overcast was nice, better then the heat, and there was a breeze the entire time. I had a great morning.
2.96 mi • 150 ft aeg
This was not on my radar, but a long day at work and a limited window steared me to the Thunderbird Trails. Started from the 75th Ave lot. Took the Ridgeline over to the Sunset Trail, hit the peak and then looped around the east to connect to the Coachwhip which I took west back to the TH. Unenevtful hike. Just glad to get out for a quick one. Parking and trails didn't seem busy, at first, but probably saw close to 20 people while I was out there. Temps were in the low 90's....very comfortable.
4.09 mi • 550 ft aeg
My go to trail when I'm short on time. After work jog. Got there a little after 4:30, so I missed the 100 degree temps. Did my clockwise loop from the first parking lot. Stretched the length a little by doing the loop and then going up to the second access point. Then had to use "use trails" to get back to the car. Weather wasn't too bad. Probably, because it was only 98 while I was out there. Saw 8 hikers and two rabbits.
2.15 mi • 27 ft aeg
Short, after jog. Extended the Flatlander a little bit by crossing at the stoplight and then taking the Zcoachwhip up to the bridge and then coming back down to connect to the Flatlander and completing the loop. This involved very little elevation gain, but added a mile to the loop. Nice to get back to back hikes in. Weather was nice snd the trails were crowded. Saw a few prairie dogs and some lizards.
7.13 mi • 1,447 ft aeg
Thunderbird Trifecta
Three summits, one afternoon, Thunderbird Park. In order: Cholla (1,823' el) 2:30 pm, Sunrise (1,650'), 4:05 pm, and Arrowhead (1,836') at 5:38 pm, via my GPS readings and my limited understanding of the peaks' names. Rested at Ramada 15 before going up to crowded Arrowhead. Reached Pinnacle Pk parking lot not long after sunset. Grateful for a nice day with SW breeze and steady steps on these rocky trails.
5.14 mi • 1,004 ft aeg
Thunderbird Park 2 Peaks
It wasn't that I didn't believe Larry the flagman when he told me several days ago atop North Mountain there was an American flag fluttering from now a third peak in Thunderbird Park. But I wanted to see for myself. Sure enough, there it was on "Sunrise Peak" above the amphitheater. If not the Seventh Wonder of the World, then the flag peaks are getting there. Several other peaks and prominences remain unflagged. And who's to say you can't plant flags at every turn along the trails? The possibilities are endless. Anyway, outside of that exciting adventure, it was an enjoyable little hike on an afternoon that turned chilly near sunset when the wind came up. Up to the big flag on Arrowhead Point, down and across the bridge and into the ramadas, then up and up to sunny rise. Many on the trails today.
2.87 mi • 150 ft aeg
Short after work jog. Wanted to get a loop in involving the Ridgeline. Started from the 67th Ave. parking lot. I took the Coach Whip to Ridgeline H-4b to Sunrise H-4 (where I hit the peak going CCW) and then continued on the Sunrise to the amphitheater where I took the road over to the Desert Iguana which I took back to my car. Sounds like a lot but I didn't even hit 3 miles. This officially completes this area :) . Not a huge fan of these trails but their convenience means I'll be back.

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