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12.18 mi • 1,372 ft aeg
Breeze made the start chilly, from a parking lot only partially filled. Quickly warm up though on the trek up to the Goldmine saddle. First time seeing wildlife here as 4 coyotes crossed the trail in front of me on San Tan , too slow with taking a picture, they were making a big clamor in the nearby wash. For the entire hike until reaching the Dynamite trail saw more horses and riders than bikeriders. Took a look at another way to access rock peak instead of from San Tan Trail for future ideas Anticipating seeing wildflowers along here in a month with the rain and greenery present.
11.1 mi • 1,305 ft aeg
Wanted a change of pace instead of the off trail hikes earlier in the week,ie. Pass Mt.ridgeline and hackberry mesa , decided to take the road trails in the park. Started with temp of. 31 degrees up goldmine trail which was a good warm up, then san tan trail,hedgehog ,back to san tan and then dynamite trail. Visited the hermits graves and then their old worksite. Shared the trails with runners,bikers and horse riders.Views on San Tan trail are enjoyable, good leg stretching hike.
9.98 mi • 1,349 ft aeg
Dynamite Goldmine SanTan Loop
First time in San Tan, but the last day of summer was a beautiful day for it! It took us about 40 minutes to drive to from our area of Gilbert, and we got a quick start once we arrived at the Goldmine trailhead. The parking lot was quite full when we got there (but was almost empty when we left!). We did the loop clockwise which was nice because we had shade for the only major short uphill climb. The rest of the way was relatively flat. The trail is wide, and we encountered lots of bikers. We saw one tiny Rattlesnake, who quickly skulked back into the shrubbery after warning us away. :) Nice hike!
11.2 mi • 896 ft aeg
Had time for a morning hike so kept it real close to reduce the drive time and allow more time outside. Actually saw more hikers and runners than bikers which was a pleasant surprise. With this hike I believe we have traveled all the trails in the park with the exception of .2 miles on the San Tan trail between the Hedgehog and Malpais Trails, which was an oversight on my part.
10.6 mi • 1,366 ft aeg
Dynamite Goldmine SanTan Loop
Things to do complicated my day. This was a suitable solution to put a few miles under my feet and test out my new AARPeepers. Gonna take some getting used to. Somebody is using the photoshop sharpen filter a little too much. :lol:

Surprisingly few flowers. The ocotillo are all leafed up and should be very nice in a few weeks when they bloom. Saw a nice dback that obviously hadn't had his coffee yet. Something about being awake in February I think. :doh:
4.65 mi • 750 ft aeg
Morning hike with my brother and nephew.
My brother picked the route that we took clockwise starting up the Goldmine trail, then across the San Tan trail, and finishing the loop with the Dynamite trail.
Cool trails, nice views from the top and with many very friendly others sharing the park along the way.
I rarely get to hike with family so this one was a solid -
:y: :D
8 mi • 166 ft aeg
Looking for some miles, thought about San Tan used to dune buggy in the area years ago and haven't been back since ( guess there is so much north and east of our home I just didn't think of it.) Got on HAZ and looked around San Tan and seen hikerdw's route and gave me just what i was looking for Except I should have started counter clockwise and got Goldmine out of the way 1st !!! I should start paying attention :o But it was a great hike, Malpais is tough on the legs, but gave me character, Coming up Goldmine after Dynamite was not what i was thinking about, but my poles and big rocks to rest on let me make it to the saddle. The rest of the hike was downhill and I could see the Flag so that uplifted my spirits, finished on Littleleaf to the trail head.
13.79 mi • 1,627 ft aeg
San Tan RP Outside Loop
I was oncall this week so had to stay within cell coverage so this regional park loop was the choice. Not a bad little loop hike, typical for a regional park hike I would say. Here is my short description of each trail we hiked.

Goldmine Trail: The most elevation change of all the trails. Double track for the majority of the trail. Nice views.

San Tan Trail: This trail seems to get a lot of traffic. A combination of single and double track. Very well groomed. The southeast section of the trail was my favorite.

Malpasis Trail: If you want any amount of solitude your hike has to include this trail. Good condition but you can tell it gets the least amount of foot/wheel/hoof traffic. At least half of the trail is through washes so expect loose conditions. Views are limited since you are hiking mostly in a wash. My favorite in the park.

Dynamite Trail: Very nice trail and seems to get a lot of traffic. Some nice gradual elevation change which provided some nice views.

This park is close to the house so I will definitely be back to finish the couple cross trails.
10.6 mi • 450 ft aeg
I did this hike clockwise. San Tan - Malpais - San Tan - Gold Mine - to start of San Tan. The San Tan seems to be routed out of the wash now. The Malpais is in a wash for over half the trail. The Gold Mine part of this loop is the easy part, not the mountain. The mileage I came up with was from the park map. The aeg was just a number I through out there. :D
9.5 mi • 900 ft aeg
Went South on San Tan Trail, then took the Malpais Trail and came back on Moonlight Trail. Mainly interested in getting a closer look at the Malpais hills. Moderately scenic in this area.

Got back to the car just as the storm moved in; driving home through it was pretty cool :D

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