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The Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon NP National Park

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8.12 mi • 1,549 ft aeg
On May 23, we stopped by Bryce Canyon on our way to Escalante. I wanted to do a hike that I had not yet done and which might also be somewhat less crowded, so I picked the Fairyland Loop Trail. My family wasn't really up for doing the loop though, so we did it as an out and back. I hiked with my wife and daughter for about 1.5 miles and then told my daughter that I was going to see what was "up around the next corner".

Well, it was awesome, so I continued up to the next corner, and the next, and the next, and so on until I had gone about 3.75 miles. I turned back and (eventually) rejoined them.

When I got back to the trailhead, I hiked a bit of the rim trail in the other direction to see what it was like. It's not nearly so awesome, though there were occasional views of the colorful canyon through the trees. I only did a little bit of it in the CCW direction, so cannot say what it's like further on.

I'd like to do the complete loop sometime since the section I did was really quite stunning.
7.5 mi • 1,600 ft aeg
second visit to bryce
started the day with a mile stroll through red canyon
easy to bypass but worth investigating
moved on to sunset point in the park
we did this figure eight last time, along with fairyland and bristlecone loops
picked this one to do again for the variety of trails and views, but fairyland is a good one, too
down queen's garden, the connector to peek-a-boo, up the two bridges part of navajo (saw wall street last time)
great hoodoo scenery and plenty of ups and downs on peek-a-boo
had a snack at inspiration point, scored a cool coffee cup at the visitors center and headed for escalante
stayed in a small cabin at escalante outfitters
they have a gear store and café with wifi, so we spent some time relaxing there
8.16 mi • 1,732 ft aeg
This is a great little loop and very convenient if you stay at the north campground. The trail is immaculate and the scenery unique and picturesque. It was a very cold morning, so we had the loop to ourselves for awhile, but the crowds started to slowly trickle in towards the end. There are plenty of great photo ops on this trail and I can't imagine too many people going away disappointed.
7.5 mi • 1,987 ft aeg
Bryce Figure 8 Combination
Started hike about 30 minutes before sunrise from the Sunset parking area. Took the Rim Trail over to Sunrise point which was already crowded with eager beavers looking to catch the morning rays. I caught the sunrise from below the rim on Queen's Garden trail. Took the side trip to see the Queen, but even with my rampant imagination, just saw a pile of rocks. Really didn't see any other hikers until I got on Peek-a-boo (should be Peek-a-horse-poop) trail. Lots of elevation gain and loss on this loop. After completing the loop I headed up the Wall Street side of Navajo Loop, which was absolutely fantastic. Once at the top I dropped down the other side of Navajo Loop to snap some pictures of Thor's Hammer. In my opinion, the best hike in the park. If you only have one day to hike Bryce Canyon, this is the one for you!
8.71 mi • 1,632 ft aeg
Spending a few days in Bryce Canyon National Park. Started the fun off with Fairyland loop. Parked at the Amphitheater and started on the Rim trail going clockwise. Started just before sunrise and took full advantage of the magic hour. Didn't see any other hikers until I got to Tower Bridge. Then there was a steady stream of hikers coming down from Sunrise Point. The best views were along the Rim Trail on top. Brisk 34 degree start to the day at 6AM. I was shedding layers after about 2.5 miles and was plenty hot on the last stretch from Tower Bridge back up to the Rim.
19.58 mi • 5,639 ft aeg
I started my trip off at Bryce Canyon. I scored a campsite in the North Campground and got myself situated. I would hike a variety of trails over two days in the park and then move on towards Zion. This is my first time in Bryce.
Superstition Wilderness Loop Hike
Superstition Wilderness Loop Hike

Navajo Loop / Peakaboo Loop
It was late morning by the time I started this multi-loop hike. I headed down the narrow wall section which I really enjoyed. The trail is in excellent condition as it switches down. All of the trails in the park were in amazing condition. I headed down and then detoured to the Peakaboo Loop. The trail makes a respectable climb and then loops around under Bryce Point. The views are just breathtaking. The formations are incredible and the hoodoos are plentiful. I continued on and took a variety of pics as I completed the loop and started heading for Sunrise Point. I made a quick stop at the Queens Garden and then made the final climb out.

Viewpoints & Misc
I spent the evening with a couple of quick stops at Inspiration Point and Bryce Point. There were lots of people out but it wasn't overly crowded. I also took a shower at the General Store ($3 for 8 minutes and then settled in for the evening in my camp.

Fairyland Loop
On day two, I walked right out of my camp and headed for the Fairlyland Loop. I was planning on doing a counter-clockwise loop and wanted to be done around noon. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this trail. I didn’t do any research. I just had GPS routes to follow. So I headed down and cruised to magnificent views that only got better. I continued down and took the short detour over to Tower Bridge which is an impressive formation. From there the trail makes a solid climb as it wraps its way to the NE towards Fairyland Canyon. This section blew me away. The formations are stunning and the colors are vibrant. Every turn brought a new perspective and I was in heaven. This stretch goes on for several miles and then I started my ascent back to the rim. Once up top I admired the section I just hiked through. It’s one of the most visually stunning sections of trail I’ve ever hiked! I would highly recommend! The rest of the hike along the rim was easy going as I looked down on the area I just hiked. A short time later I walked back into my camp to relax. I have a couple more hikes planned for the afternoon.

Mossy Cave
After taking my lunch in camp, I headed north and drove over to the Mossy Cave Trailhead. This is a short hike with a nice waterfall. There were several cars at the TH when I started hiking. The trail parallels a creek in Water Canyon. I walked over to the Mossy Cave which had a steady trickle of water pouring out. After that I headed over to the waterfall which is solid. It’s roughly 20 ft high and had a solid flow of water coming over. After admiring the waterfall I continued a bit up canyon and then turned around and made the hike out. I wanted to drive to the south end of the park and that would take some time.

Bristlecone Pine Loop
The drive to the south end of the park is very pleasant. It’s just under 20 miles with a variety of viewpoints along the way. I arrived and made a loop around the Bristlecone Pine Loop trail. The going is very easy and there are several viewpoints that look down on the valleys below. I was really glad I spent the time driving down here.

I would return to camp and spend one final night and then move on to NW Zion. I greatly enjoyed my time in Bryce and made good use of the time. This park is stunning and the hiking is easy going with incredible views. I highly recommend Bryce!
0.9 mi • 58 ft aeg
After skiing at Bryce, we continued east on UT15 to the Mossy Trail. The "creek" along this trail is the Tropic Irrigation Ditch, which is a pipeline that siphons water from the East Sevier River into a historically dry wash. So the waterfall flows perennially and by anthropogenic causes. However, it's still beautiful. And even more so when it is frozen.
4.67 mi • 0 ft aeg
It was white-out snowing as my sister and I drove from Mt. Carmel Junction to Bryce. There were two inches of snow on the ground by the time we arrived at the entry gate. Ten minutes later, we parked at the sunrise point TH and the snowfall ceased. Five minutes after that, the clouds broke. Fresh snow and sunshine at Bryce is glorious.

We skied from the Fairyland viewpoint to Bryce Point. Most of the trails had been well-worn in from from snow shoes and boots, but we did have some extended sections of fresh powder, as well. I highly recommend cross country skiing on the rim trail. There's some nice, gentle elevation changes and incredible views.

I had been to Bryce once before, but it was in the summer and super crowded. Never again. If you haven't visited Bryce in winter, move it up your list :)
4 mi • 1,436 ft aeg
This is just for the 2 miles of the "under the rim" hike, which take you to the Hat Shop. Not rating the hike, considering how little of the trail this represents. The hike is all relative - it's Bryce, so of course it's going to be amazing. But, make sure you spend your time doing the Queen's Garden/Navajo figure 8 loop before doing this hike. Do this hike for a view of the Grand Staircase, which seems to open up from this perspective compared to farther north in the park, but the actual Hat Shop feature is very anti-climatic. The hike to this point is straight down, straight up.
5.3 mi • 939 ft aeg
Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop UT
Bryce Canyon: One of the best hikes I've been on, the loop beginning at Sunrise Point and then immediately descending into the hoodoos via Queen's Garden Loop. In the late afternoon, the sun glowed off the hoodoos - incredible first impression of Bryce. The trail consists of many arched tunnels that escort you through the trail, sometimes serving as door ways to vastly different sceneries on the other side. At the bottom of the descent the trail bottoms out in a lightly wooded area encompassing a couple of washes, linking up with Navajo Trail.

Navajo Trail consists of several up and down switchbacks, offering initial glimpse and then wide views of the Twin Arches above. In this area the hoodoos are above and surrounded by the packed siltstone slopes. On a Monday, approaching dusk, we had the entire trail to ourselves and didn't see anyone on the entire Navajo Trail until Wall Street, near the switchbacks back up to Sunrise Point to complete the loop. (The irony of naming a several million year old geologic feature after Wall Street kills me inside.)

Great loop. Must do in Bryce, and not overly strenuous.

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