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The Best Hikes in Mount Rainier NP National Park

122 Triplog Reviews in the Mount Rainier NP National Park
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6.16 mi • 2,029 ft aeg
Beautiful day up on the mountain. Smoke wasn't too bad unless you were looking off to the southeast. Saw marmots, chipmunks, grouse and one bear! Fall colors are starting to arrive. A fair number of people on the trail today but still less crowded than a summer weekend. Just a short section of one lane traffic on SR706 but the wait was less than a minute each time. Parking at the main Paradise lot was still available when we arrived around 9:30AM. While fall colors may be coming out, it felt more like summer. Hot and dusty along the trail which has very few shady spots. But we'd do it again in a heartbeat.
9.4 mi • 2,797 ft aeg
Beautiful day up at Sunrise. Ran into construction delays on 410 but really only wait once, for maybe 10 minutes. On our way home after 4PM no construction was on-going. Saw some goats and tons of chipmunks today but no bears or marmots. Hiked up to third Burroughs and made a lasso loop by hanging a right at first Burroughs on our return. Just under 9.5 miles so it was definitely a good workout. A fair number of people out on the trail but it never felt crowded. Trail is dusty, dusty, dusty but otherwise in good shape. A nice breeze kept temps just about right and helped keep the bugs away.
5 mi • 900 ft aeg
I did this out and back on part of the Wonderland Trail leaving from my campsite in the Cougar Campground. The actual trailhead for the Carter Falls is just across the road from the campground. This part of the Wonderland Trail follows the Paradise River and is very pretty. I went up past the two falls and a ways beyond the Paradise group campground. The hike came in at 5.0 miles with 900 feet of AEG in 2 hours.
13.72 mi • 3,499 ft aeg
Hiked the Wonderland trail from Longmire to Indian Henry's Patrol Cabin. Smoky conditions kept the views hazy but also seemed to keep the crowds away, too. Saw three backpackers on their way out on my to the cabin but that was it. Three people over 7 miles inside the park -- a rarity. Saw more people on my way back but still I think the total number of people I saw was less than 20. Temps were nice. There was a cool breeze at Indian Henry's that chilled me after sweating on the hike up. Fall colors just starting to come out and berries are plentiful in the upper meadows. I did this hike 4 years ago and continued on to mirror lakes but it's either the years or the mileage as I didn't have it in me today. Will be feeling this long hike tomorrow I am sure but it was worth it!
9.49 mi • 1,870 ft aeg
Got an early start at the trailhead at 8AM. Passed two guys at the lake and then didn't see anybody until I headed back. Lots of bear scat in the meadows but alas no bears. Saw what looked to be elk or deer tracks as well. Scared some grouse up just before breaking into the meadows. I had done this hike once before but we turned left on the North Loop trail instead of right. Today I turned right and did the extra half mile to a great view point. Definitely worth the effort. Great views along this trail even if flower season is over. Bugs were buzzing around and I had put on bug spray at the car so I didn't get any bites. Maybe my scraggly beard scared them off. Was a very hot hike. Finished all 3 liters of my water along the hike. Road is in good condition. It's dusty but doable in any vehicle I think. Met lots of friendly people on the way back.
9.46 mi • 2,744 ft aeg
A little windy and cold this morning when I got my start just after 8AM. But the cooler weather kept the bugs away and made the hike up a little easier as there is no shade on this hike. Had the top of third Burroughs to myself for a few minutes, just me, a marmot and a pika. Didn't get the bluebird conditions I had hoped for but the Mountain was out. Took the Sunrise Rim trail on the way back to get some different scenery and plus it usually has fewer people (notice I didn't say "few people"). I think this the first time I haven't seen any goats at Burroughs. Wildflowers are just about gone -- not too many left at this stage after the hot, dry summer. All in all, another great day in the park.
7.92 mi • 1,980 ft aeg
Even though it was forecast to still be smoky in the park, we headed up from Seatlle anyway. Better to be in smoky Mt. Rainier National Park than in smoky Seattle. Trail is in great shape. We took the side trip on the Emmons Moraine Trail on the way up. I think that was a good idea because that section would have been even hotter on the return trip. Glacier Basin trail had more shade and more views than we expected. The views were a little hazy/smoky but still were good. Saw some goats across the river up near Glacier Basin. Lots of chipmunks looking for handouts up there as well.
5.72 mi • 2,379 ft aeg
Hadn't done this hike in 2 years. Falls were all roaring and didn't disappoint. Socked in with clouds in the morning but we got great pictures on the way back. Saw lots of pikas and people on the trail today. As we got to Van Trump Park it looked like the sun might burn off the clouds and we got some peek-a-boo glimpses of the mountain but then it seemed to take a turn for the worse and the clouds all decided to engulf the mountain. So while we missed out on great mountain views it was still a great day on the trail. Wildflowers are out in full force now, especially avalanche lilies. Bugs were a slight nuisance at Van Trump Park but we didn't have any problems after applying some bug spray.
9.9 mi • 1,851 ft aeg
We started at the Box Canyon trailhead and hike the Wonderland Trail to Martha Falls. Beautiful day and a lot less crowded than other park hikes. I was even surprised to get some mountain views in on this bluebird day. Martha Falls was spectacular, well worth the effort. As others noted, there is a washout not far from Martha Falls but if you take it slow it's totally do-able. First time hiking in this part of the park and it was better than I had thought. Completed the loop around the mountain on the drive home. It was a long day but very enjoyable.
7.99 mi • 3,330 ft aeg
A six peak day! Baker, Glacier, Adams, Rainier, St. Helens and Hood were all visible from the peak today. Gorgeous day. Get there early to climb before the heat really kicks in and the crowds converge. Two people at the top when we got there and one more arrived shortly thereafter. But there were at least 10 people there when we headed down after an early lunch. Two small snow fields to cross but they were not too difficult even though the snow was very slushy. We broke out microspikes but that was probably overkill and on the way back down we left them in our packs. Still a little early for wildflowers. Creeks were refreshingly ice cold and flowing good. We had done this hike almost 3 years to the day and seemed a little harder this time but maybe I'm just getting hold. About 5 hours round trip including a nice lunch at the top. Great views make this hike great bang for the buck!

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