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The Best Hikes in Mount Graham Study Area Wilderness

1,096 Triplog Reviews in the Mount Graham Study Area Wilderness
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5 mi • 300 ft aeg
Started by driving the entire Swift Trail to it's end.
Quickie hike out to Clark Peak, found many raspberries along #301
Then looped Riggs Lake along the Lakeshore Trail #340
We rescued a bird caught up in fishing line before heading out to our fishing spot.
Caught a limit of Rainbows in under 30 minutes!
Then another hike out to the overlook behind the lake.
Tried to add Jesus Babcock #321, but could not locate the trail (another Frye Fire casualty).
On the way out we tried to hike in on the west side of Chesley Flat. Yet another trail all but gone from the Frye fire. We managed to find the aspen hidden TH sign, but no established trail remains ... Chit!
Many white tails & Abert's squirrels were spotted. Also 2 turkey and 1 red tail hawk.
Amazing sunset sky on the drive back down the mountain followed by rain.
Solid day on the Big Island, Solid partner ... Thanks for taking me AS!
2 mi • 200 ft aeg
Nothing big just out enjoying all this mountain water!
Entered Jacobson at about the mid section and down to my secret waterfall.
Then a bit up Helldive Spring. Never even came close to the spring, tall grasses has the trail completely hidden.
I ended with the RTN where I was greeted with the evening's storm cells & a faint rainbow. Was heading up the road when I noticed the FS horses in the opposite direction up in the canyon. I can never pass up the horses so up the canyon I went at sunset. Reached and had a great interaction with the 8 of them before heading back down in the low light. It's always a little nerve racking hiking through the grasses wondering where them rattlesnakes are.
So beautiful up there with all the water & green!
3.5 mi • 500 ft aeg
Chad & Addie's annual mountain raspberry picking trip!
From Shannon CG, took the Arcadia trail out to about 1 mile and back.
Both our mason jars were full of sweets by the time we got back to Shannon :y:
We then drove back down the mountain and hiked to Cluff Dairy to check on apples & grapes.
Grapes are not even close to ready and the apple trees have already been picked almost clean, 2 apples left that we ate up on our hike back out.
Then a stop at Arcadia and hike down to Wet Canyon for some creek time.
RTM CG was the last mountain stop for a little R&R.
Roper Lake stop back in town to check water flow ended this fun day trip.
Wildlife - I think this was my first time ever spotting 2 endangered species in one day!
Mt Graham Red Squirrel up high & 2 Mexican Spotted Owls down low.

Substantial up high, moderate down low
2.5 mi • 200 ft aeg
Angle Orchard
Needed some hiking apples ...
Parked at Ladybug TH and hiked down to the orchard.
Wow, have never seen the orchard so green and full of apples & peaches!
It's always a beautiful hike through there and along the way I picked my Gala's, the only apples ready right now.
From the orchard I could hear water flowing down Jacobson Canyon so I added the first part of Ladybug Trail down to the creek. Sat by the creek, ate an apple then headed back up satisfied with my trip out.
Angle Orchard 1922-2022, 100 years!
2 mi • 150 ft aeg
It's been a great week of monsoon storms!
It's been hard getting an evening hike in before they hit.
Got up Jacobson to my favorite swimming hole and took the cold plunge as the first crackles of thunder rang overhead.
I added Goat Tank to the mix as light sprinkles fell.
Never made it down to the tank, way to bushwacky now.
Back at my vehicle I just chilled for sunset and stayed put for the evening's storms.
They hit from every direction tonight and I spent 2 hours photographing and enjoying the great light show!
5.12 mi • 401 ft aeg
Starting from the East side of the Grant Hill trailhead, I took FS road 4539 and 4541 doing basically a loop. My original plan was to take the old road all the way to the junction with the Mt Graham road, but this road was extremely overgrown at the highest elevations and was washed out completely in 3 or 4 different places. I needed to cross streams and climb steep eroded areas to get back onto the road. Overall, it was an enjoyable hike and I would have liked to complete the entire Cunningham loop, which I'll probably do another time.
0.8 mi • 240 ft aeg
My original goal on this day was to hike to Trap peak via the Round the Mountain trail, but it didn't work out as planned.

I drove to the end of FS road 508 which appeared to be the ending point of the "Round the Mountain" trail. There was an old wooden sign here that was probably 100 years old. Within the first 20 feet, there were several downed trees which basically turned this hike into a ridiculous bushwhack. I did see several pink ribbons so I know I was in the vicinity of what used to be a trail. I was able to travel about 0.5 miles and navigation didn't get any better. I realized it wasn't worth going any further, so I turned around. I didn't quite make it to the canyon which was East of the trailhead. That night I stayed at Shannon campground. I met a camper there named Mike who had done trail maintenance in various areas. He told me many of the trails around this area have not been maintained in 20 or 30 years. The camp host Joe said he hiked 2 or 3 miles of the "Round the Mountain" trail starting from the Swift trail and it was better maintained for the first 2 miles, but became hard to follow and thick after about the first 2 or 3 miles. I suppose if I ever want to hike Trap peak, I'd need to find a better route, perhaps starting from Frye Mesa reservoir or somewhere in Frye canyon.
5 mi • 829 ft aeg
It had been a couple weeks and I was itching to get some hiking in so I headed up to the Pinaleno's past the turnoff for Riggs Lake and parked at the Clark Peak TH. Never lost the trail but the first section has some Locust and a ton of raspberry bush hanging over the trail, not horrible (I wear shorts) just a couple minor scratches. About a half mile in, I came to an area that was full of raspberry's when I noticed a bear had spotted me and was running full steam downhill through the berry bushes, I guess I ruined his/her lunch. I decided to try to hike up Clark Peak (my mistake was trying it from the TH side) and found what I thought was the trail to the top. That trail soon disappeared and after a little bit of bushwhacking through some heavy brush, I gave up and headed back down to the regular trail. As I started down some switchbacks, I got a whiff of what I thought was a campfire and thought who the hell is having a campfire out here. About 100 yards down trail I came across the origin of the smell. A tree had been struck by lightning the night before, had caught fire, toppled over across the trail and was still burning. I dropped my pack and spent about 30 minutes clearing the brush around it, covering what I could with dirt and put all the water I had on it. The flames were gone, however, it still had some smoke. Now without water, I decided to cut my original goal short and only hike down to the fern valley and head back, which was fine. The elevation and high humidity made it a grind especially without water. I checked on it again on the way out (still just a bit of smoke) and stopped by the visitor center to report it. She had no phone, internet and the radio didn't work so I drove a few miles downhill, called 911 and a few minutes later the FS called me. I gave them the exact coordinates and he stated he was sending up a crew to check it out (they passed by me as I was heading down). Beautiful area with a ton of deer, a bear, no people and 63 degrees, can't beat that (just a little less humidity and no fires next time please). :lol:

Video of what I came across [ youtube video ] , [ youtube video ]
4.25 mi • 1,030 ft aeg
If you're looking for raspberries, you'll be interested in the upper Arcadia Trail right after it leaves the Shannon Campground. TONS of raspberries lining the trail, which is not overgrown at all. I spent almost 30 minutes stuffing myself with them, until I just didn't want anymore. Cane with fruit continues off and on to the summit. No bears, either.
Superstition Wilderness Loop Hike
Superstition Wilderness Loop Hike

With the excessive storm activity this summer, this hike is also ridiculously humid. However, it is cooler than hikes below 9,000'. Still, at 10,000' I was drenched. In summer, this might be the mountain's most pleasant easy to access hike.

Despite earlier reports, I was able to hike the trail with no difficulties related to down trees, as hikers have cut fresh paths around the down trees.
4 mi • 1,579 ft aeg
After a visit to the Angle Orchard it was time for a hike. By 11 AM it was way too humid to enjoy hiking from the Orchard to the summit, so I opted instead to hike from Turkey Flat. Still, way too humid to enjoy. I had the experience, and once was plenty. I also hiked to the Ladybug Saddle and met up with Mike and his friend Jacki, and then returned to the summit, and also continued a short distance down the Bear Canyon Trail, but it was just dense moist nearly tropical forest, so I turned back.

Storm cloud views were nice, though.

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